Attempts To Hide Negative Reviews About Their Phony Dating Site

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We've come across this type of thing before but we want our readers to be aware of what's going on with reviews on Google. Many times people find Dating Busters searching for dating reviews. Unscrupulous dating sites such as know this so what they are doing is a form of "online reputation management". Reputation management is when they hire an reputation management company (or they do it themselves) by trying to clean up their negative reviews on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Online reputation management involves trying to push down bad reviews of their fictitious dating service by posting fake info and reviews about their site .

How they do this is a variety of different methods including uploading videos to sites such as Vimeo, YouTube and also What they do is they upload videos that have no real information at all about their dating service but in the title and in the description of these videos that have phrases such as "Naughty Matches Review". This trick is used to try and get these videos on the first page of Google trying to push down any negative reviews and information regarding their bogus site.

You can take a look at the screen shot below of the fake search engine results of phony " reviews". The videos have no information about Naughty Matches reviews and discuss nothing about their computer-generated virtual profiles read section i.6 or their paid employees. None of this is revealed in the videos, why would it when they are trying to hide the truth about there fake hook-up site. Realistically the owners of Naughty Matches could better spend their time offering a real dating site instead of misleading people and trying to hide the truth from web users. They are involved in fraudulent activity and the only thing that they can do is try to get rid of real information that shines a spotlight on their fraudulent behavior. This is very shameful and disgusting. How these people can even look at themselves in the mirror after they know very well that they are deceiving thousands of users while making millions of dollars in profit from their shady deceitful dating site is very sad. Fake Reviews
(screen shot of fake reviews on Google.)

We've already done a review on and have proven with sufficient evidence that this website is not legitimate. On top of that there are video reviews showing the exact same thing that we have reported on. It's not a deep dark secret but the administrators of Naughty Matches want to make it a deep dark secret by hiding all the negative publicity about them pushing down real information on to the second or third page of Google. The problem is it that it just won't work. Regardless of their attempt to shut down the truth it won't happen. We are here to expose criminality, expose lies and fraud. Share this information far and wide and help us stop fake dating sites like this one from siphoning thousands of dollars from unsuspecting consumers.

If any of this is confusing to you were going to make it as easy as possible for you to understand. We will provide links to real reviews of showing how the website truly operates. You can click on those links and be taken directly to videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites that explain what's going on behind the scenes.
Their feeble attempt at hiding relevant information of their wrong doings simply won't work. In the day and age of the Internet it's nearly impossible to hide any negativity. They can try all they want but will not succeed in their efforts to stifle and silence legitimate reviews that show an honest perspective of their lies and deceptions.


Links To Real Reviews That Explain The Truth

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  • jerry says:

    yes total scam! how do i unsubscribe, was a little drunk when i signed up cant get unsubscribed

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