Doing Their Best To Rip You Off (We Can Prove It!)

 May, 09 - 2018   9 comments   ReviewsScams

We did a quick video to bring more attention to our review of (click here to read it). Ths is a fake dating site, not a real place to meet real women. We've outlined everything in this is extensive scam report. In the report we explain why the site is a scam such as their use of fake profiles that they actually admit to. On top of that the email messages we received 272 email messages are all from bots. Then we start show you some of the examples of the phony emails that we get from all these different women using fake profiles.

If you want to read our investigation with all the evidence we have on MysteryFlirt please click on this link.

You should watch the video below where we summarize everything from our written review. If you don't want to read the review you can watch the video, but we do suggest you read our written review because it will open your eyes to how fake Mystery Flirt is.

 Comments 9 comments

  • Greg long says:

    It’s a scam lads the  won’t give you answers to questions and never want to meet you just keep asking bullshit questions

  • yinyny says:

    Hello,  I have used a number ot these dating sites and they in my humble opinion cons / scams and the sooner action is taken to stop them the better. Are they being transmitted from overseas, who knows. I am pleased that you are making an effort to BLACK BALL them. Well done

  • H Green says:

    I heave be blocked and I don’t know whay with £20 in credit 

  • Donna says:

    These add started popping up on my mobile how do iIstop them?? ItsItthat secret mild thing? Please help it's doing my nut in!!!!!

  • Bill Swain says:

    twice bitten bullshitting sobs never again they don’t wanna give ya a no or email just its better to contact you thru this site cant some one shut these thiefs down damn it

  • aBLE says:


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