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Website Details:


  • 5 credits costs £7,99 enables you send 8 email messages (£1.00 per message).
  • 25 credits costs £37,99 enables you send 25 emails (£0.90 per message).
  • 50 credits costs £67.99 enables you send 50 emails (£0.80 per message).
  • 75 credits costs £95.99 enables you send 100 emails (£0.80 per message).
  • 300 credits costs £119.99 enables you send 300 emails (£0,73 per message).


Did you come here looking for an honest review of Well that’s exactly what you’re going to get. We’ve been doing reviews on for many, many years now. But what ceases to amaze us is that there’s always a new dating site out there built to deceive you. There is always a new dating fraud ready to take your money (if you’re not paying attention). Online dating has taking the world by storm and it’s the number one way in which people meet one another But unfortunately the scammers have followed suit, not only creating fake dating sites but they’ve also infiltrated dating apps as well.

We joined My Seductress, to evaluate the website and give you our honest opinion backed up with any proof and evidence of fraudulent behavior. You can read our full review below.

They Acknowledge That They Use Fake Profiles

Probably the most ridiculous thing that we always see when we do these investigations is that most of the time the website is openly telling you that their site is a scam (if you’re half paying attention). If you take a look at the screenshots that we provided below the first one circled in red it states that “I acknowledge that the website includes fantasy profiles created and operated by the website that may communicate with me for promotional and other offers”. Guys, This is on the front page of the website how people miss this is hard to understand. They’re simply not paying attention, they have their guard down and that’s when you get scammed. You always have to pay attention, you have to look at the terms and conditions!   
(Screenshot from the homepage where they admit that they use fake fantasy profiles.)

Here is another screenshot taken from the homepage where they tell us that’s the whole purpose of the website is to “enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and users and therefore partly contains fictitious profiles. Physical meetings aren’t possible with these fictitious profiles.” So what the hell does that tell you?! It tells you the website is fake and they use the sham profiles that they themselves create to send you fake chat conversations. The reason they send you these messages is they want to trick you into purchasing credits. And lastly they go onto mention that physically hooking up with these fake women is not possible, obviously!

(Screenshot from the homepage where they admit that fictitious profiles are used to send people chat conversations.)

On the bottom of every single page on the website there’s even more proof that the website is a scam.  At the bottom of  every single page on the website it states that “profiles are partly fictional, physical arrangements with these profiles isn’t possible”. Once again what does that tell you? It tells you that the profiles on this website are fictitious, fake! Physically hooking up and meeting with these fake profiles is impossible.

(Screenshot where they state that proof profiles are fake, physically meeting them is isn’t possible.)

We Got Over 100 Phony Email Messages!

Below we’ve included a screenshot showing that we received over 100 fictitious email messages on As the websites already has stated they use fake profiles to send people erotic chat conversations. And of course the reason they send these fake erotic messages is to get men to try and reply to the messages. But, just like every other fake dating site that we’ve reviewed you can’t actually communicate back or reply to any kind of emails or instant messages unless you purchase credits. This is the epicenter of the scam. They want you guys to buy credits so they can make the biggest profit possible. Essentially all they’re doing is scamming you by using a fake dating site in conjunction with fictitious profiles and computer-generated emails.
(Screenshot showing of the 100 phony email messages.)

Bogus Profile Photos Found On Other Sites

If you take a look up the various women below circled in red they proliferate this website. We could have listed more phony women but we didn’t want to make this investigation any longer so we decided just to add 4 but rest assured there are many more fictitious female profiles where that came from. As you can see we’ve also included links below each fake profile photo to show you where you can find that picture on other websites. Many of these photographs are stolen from adult image sites, some are even taken from escort sites.

(Screenshot of a phony profile using a stolen photo found on adult image sites.)


(Screenshot of a artificial profile using a photo found on adult porn website.)


(Screenshot of a phony profile page used to deceive us.)


(Screenshot of a bogus profile page used to rip us off.)


The Terms And Conditions Admit They Use Fake Women

We’ve included excerpts from the terms and conditions page specifically found in section 5.3 where they talk about the fact that they have the “right to send calls” through the profiles that they are creating, self-created profiles. They even tell us that these are fictitious profiles with which you can’t meet, no physical agreements are possible. We’ve given you all the evidence in this review and we think it proves with 100% certainty that is in fact a scam.

  • 5.3. Midsummer Online B.V. explicitly reserves the right to send calls on through self-created profiles. These are fictitious
    profiles with which no physical agreements are possible.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone:
  • Addresses: Midsummer Online B.V. Zutphenseweg 51 7418 AH Deventer, The Netherlands
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Billing Issues: [email protected]
  • Web Page: Contact Page
  • FYI,* charges appearing on your bankstatement will be by the name of “ * Midsummer +31854009964 NLD”.

Final Decision:

The moral of the story if it looks too good to be true there probably is. Everything is there for you in black and white to read, we’ve given you all the evidence possible. Now it’s your choice to made the right decision, that shouldn’t be very hard based on all the proof we’ve given you that this website is a sham.

They will do everything they can to mislead you, trick you and manipulate you into buying a membership. And don’t forget there are thousands of other fictitious hookup sites just like this one.  Always keep your eyes open, use common sense. These fraudulent dating sites use photographs of hot looking girls to sway you into joining their website.

We’ve written hundreds and hundreds of reviews, this is just a drop in the bucket. There are so many other bogus hookup sites ready to take your money it’s beyond belief.

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 41 comments

  • David sankey says:

    Please remove me off this kids read it.local seductions please remove my e mail address

  • Roland,M,Fryer-Kelsey, says:

    Hi I have been caught, I have been a widow for over 5 yrs, although I am very busy, it gets lonely for female company especially at night to have that warm body beside you, I saw this site, so checked it out and it looked good so put my details in and then when the pay page came up I stopped, but unknown to me having got my detail I then star to get messages, with in a couple of days I have over 1000 beautiful woman wanting to date me, so well maybe i get the cheap bundle, so messaged some woman who message back, I even ask for where they are not addresses but area nothing so I am getting a bit weary by then, I keep getting messages but not the right reply, just more questions so I have to reply using my credits, I like to think I am not easily scammed, but they got me and still no date,

    • Dave says:

      Your not the only one pal I thought that I would be ok but now I’ve used my credits I’m not going back

  • Jonathan says:

    There does not appear to be a single genuine ad on this site.
    Don’t waste your money unless it’s for the fun of reading the range and diversity of imagined scenarios on ‘offer’!

  • Web Wiz says:

    Being a digital marketer I can take a wild guess on how this site operates
    1. Match game – random matches. Engagement technique, aimed at hooking you up and keep on the site.
    2. Instantly after registration you start getting messages. Chat bots.
    3. Want to respond? Pay up. Then if you engage the real person may get involved to keep you chatting, possibly works on percent from each sale but that’s not relevant.

    The bottom line – this site is a scam, stay out. Hope this helps.

  • terry says:

    I fell for the scam on this site. I Thought that i was in touch with a real person, but then Started to wonder so I did bring this up on my profile.since doing this my profile has been removed yet I still get messages from them

  • Robert Ross says:

    Please remove me from this site and email

  • Robert Rossrobertross says:

    Please remove me from this site and email

  • ian Harrison says:

    Please remove me from this site immediately

  • Terry Waterman says:

    further to my last comment,I believe that they use three or more to reply to your messages, but they dont sing from the same song sheet.How can they, when you can send a message any time, day or night.Also don’t try getting in touch on there Email addresses they don’t exist.Also they will erase not only your profile but also all the messages you’ve sent, without warning.Use this dating site at your peril.!!!! if there is a hacker out there release a worm into this site.

  • Andy Thompson says:

    I Don’t understand why they can do this scam us like this when we paid genuinely pay for something an get nothing in return I have only spend £15 and I got same messages. I was talking to 1 from my town then her same picture came up as from Sheffield. Isn’t there any sites that aren’t scams I do checks like this and most adult sites for 1 thing seem to be nothing more then scams

  • kyle (puddlediver) says:

    don’t get caught out very often but I did on this site, but what makes things even worse and very sick is they took something I said about being disabled, which I am and then actually used 2 fake profiles and made one of them out to be in a wheelchair and the other with similar disabilities to me. fake profiles are one scum level but to go all the way down the route of making disabled profiles as well has got to be bordering on illegal as well as one of the worst ways to try and con people, even more so as people with disabilities struggle with any sort of normal dating etc.

  • Tonyd says:

    Please remove me from this site!!!

  • dween says:

    Please remove my profile from this site

  • Richard English says:

    I have been on the myseductress site for only a few days and have received over 100 contacts. I thought that the scam was that genuine girls were being paid to solicit messages from men – but your explanation also makes more sense. I did engage one lady in conversation and her replies were obviously genuine, so someone was reading my messages. The clincher for me was that she claimed not to be on any social media site which is why she could only use the seductress message facility. As she claims to be running her own IT company this is clearly rubbish. Steer well clear, folks.

  • RAY says:

    Total scam do NOT touch under any circumstances should be removed from the internet completely

  • Bloom says:

    I received one reply that was obviously designed for another mug. Also the English was often inconsistent; sometimes English English sometimes other. I assume someones shift had ended and been inappropriately replaced. I had said several years ago i.e. many years ago that I couldn’t possibly fancy anyone who would fancy me, and now find myself daft enough to be expecting to be meeting up for a ‘one off erotic encounter’ with a woman of outstanding beauty. I went out with a couple of women twenty plus years my junior when I was in my forties, but in my late seventies, bloody hell. My profile looks more like a charity add for some hospice movement rather than a sex date site. Before I realised my error, I had begun to think the women (?) were just doing sex talk. Now I rather suspect there was a group of men and women sat writing responses, and being highly amused.

    I do fear some women are also victims. One suggested we got of the site and resorted to a social media resource and another that we meet in pub nearby, naming the pub.

    Great erotic entertainment, while it lasted. I just wish I hadn’t purchased the second 50 credits, probably due to the second bottle of Cote du Rhone.

  • Robin Sebastian Keating says:

    Please cancel my account .take me off this site.

  • Peter C says:

    My,scam site,do not use spent over £600 in just 6weeks,all members are teasers,not one is genuine, each one 10 in total promised a meet ,then dumped me before they actually arranged one,or were not ready,why are they on the site.

  • phil says:

    I thought this site was strange because I received a reply the instant I sent my message They have just charged me for a50 credits when I requested 5 only £65 but deny everything say they have no knowledge of payment details but then stated I ordered 50 credits and that is what they have charged me for they are a set of cheating ,lying,thieving bastards ,don't touch them with a barge pole,

  • d1a9v6e6 says:

    Please can you remove me from this site  

  • Peter says:

    Thanks, guys. You've been a great help. Stung on another site of so many credits etc I resisted this one having in a weak moment given my details but never give your correct date of birth as there's always identity fraud, isn't there, of which these scumbags might take advantage. And sure enough, deluged with too good to be true messages, wasn't I, just. May I suggest a recognised conventional dating site which if things work out might lead to the required result and be genuine. 

  • John says:

    What a rip off 

  • Hitesh Tank says:

    Please remove me from the website of my seductress.

  • Simo Halcomb says:

    I agrree. An absolute rip off. How can these people be allowed to arry on???? They are even using photographs of professional porn stars!!!! Joke. For god's sake get rid before anybody else gets sucked in.

  • Del says:

    A bunch of cunts taking my money.

    I thought it was real, fucking bastards

  • Cesar says:

    Fucking fake. You never have a date. Endless chats only

  • Peter says:

    Well I got well & truely taken in. I spent a small fortune talking in principal to 3 girls. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When I pleaded with them to e-mail or phone me, they always said I feel more safe on here. One of the girls claimed to have a degree, but all of them there written English wasn't great. I was talking to 6 girls when I left, I warned them I was leaving as I had stopped getting messages on the site, I gave them my contact details & not one has bothered to reply. Stay well clear you'll save a fortune & a lot of heartache,

  • derek says:

    i have been talking to this woman for the last 3 weeks on and off she said that her name is wendy from benbecula i have spent a small fortune but now i think that her profile is fake as she said that she had to go to her local tesco store in benbecula and when she came back online i said to her where is the tesco store she said on the high street i said to her are you real or fake as i pointed out to her that benbecula has no high street or a tesco store i said to her i have been living right near benbecula for the past 25 years and now she has blocked me this shown you that is a fake dating site

  • peter says:

    i think some of these profiles have been stolen or used from other dating sites as i was going through profiles of women on this site and i have came across 2 that i think might be fake as these 2 women have accounts with but with its the same pictures but are using different names and ages is this site stealing profiles from other dating sites or are both sites operated by the same company

  • peter says:

    i think this profile TwistingNipple8 is fake as she claims to live id fife scotland but in her profile picture there is a pick up 4×4 in the background with a white number plate on the front and all cars vans and 4×4.s in the uk the white plate is at the rear and i think that this is another fake profile

  • PETER R says: is a total scam even there own admins are telling people to stay away from this site and for a admin who is employed by to say this there is something very wrong with this site

  • peter says: is 100 percent fake and this info came directly from one of the admins and they should know as they work at the heart of the company

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