LonelyAnd.sexy Reviewed And Exposed For The Use Of Fake Bots And Photos Of Adult Stars

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Website Details:

LonelyAnd.sexy home page


  • £6.90 GBP for a 7 day.
  • £29.90 GBP for a monthly membership.
  • £49.00 for a 3 month membership.
  • £69 GBP for a 6 month membership.
  • £99 GBP for a 1 year membership.


  • Online Members: See which members are online right now.
  • Search: Find women according to age, location, distance.
  • Meeting: This section of the site enables you to choose a time to meet, location, what you want to do  (drinks, concert, dancing)
  • Photo Album: View photos of members of the site.
  • Vote: Vote for the hottest photos on the site.
  • Secret Garden:


www.LonelyAnd.sexy might seem like a great place to hook up with lonely and sexy women but from our investigation this review tells us otherwise. Read the full report below to learn how this site operates.

Automated Bots Sending Us Fake Emails

It seems like not a day goes by without a new dating scam popping up. LonelyAnd.sexy is yet another scam to be aware of. A huge red flag and tell tale sign that a dating site is a scam is when you start getting email messages within a few minutes of registering on the site as a free member. That's exactly what happened to us today. Within minutes after registering we already started getting emails from interested women. And since we've been through this scenario many, many times in the past we knew exactly what it was all about. This website uses automated software that has been programmed to send members of their dating service email messages. These email messages look as if they have been sent to you from a variety of different female members on the site. But unfortunately it's all a hoax. Every single email that we received was sent from a computer, NOT a real female member. You can see from the evidence below circled in yellow we need to click "to get full access" which means we need to upgrade to a paid membership in order to read any emails from other members on this site. It's all a scam to get your money.

LonelyAnd.sexy upgrade

Fake Female Member Profiles Found On Porn Sites

Here we have evidence that the female profiles on this site are fake. We are showing you just 3 profiles that we came across that are fabricated and their profile pictures have been stolen or copied from the adult porno sites that they have been found on. We have provided direct links to the locations where those fake member profile photos are found on adult porno sites.

Logically the only people who benefit from these fake profiles are either going to be Nigerian scammers or the people who operate the dating site because they are the ones sending automated messages that appear to be coming from hot looking girls. You make the judgment, all the evidence is there for you to look at.

(This exact image being use as a member profile on LonelyAnd.sexy is found on numerous porn sites listed below.)

  • https://whatboyswant.com/picture/babe/1340204/bigthumb
  • http://img20.imagetwist.com/th/06741/8lzpt3rtsdzk.jpg

(This exact image being use as a member profile on LonelyAnd.sexy is found on numerous porn sites listed below.)

  • http://img207.imagevenue.com/loc497/th_510780444_110_123_497lo.jpg
  • http://s5d4.turboimagehost.com/t/21693836_gb_5.jpg


(This exact image being use as a member profile on LonelyAnd.sexy is found on numerous porn sites listed below.)

  • http://www.drsnysvet.cz/amaterske-cubky-2/
  • http://thumbnails108.imagebam.com/40484/5f23bc404833373.jpg
  • http://amateurblogs.eroprofile.com/free_galleries/2011/32923/tn_c6KvbNeXVz.jpg
  • http://thumbnails23.imagebam.com/5656/d876e756557555.gif
  • http://img222.imagevenue.com/loc958/th_34269_157211931_123_958lo.jpg

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 164 Rue Emile Dury, 1410 Waterloo Brussels
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns381.mycyberhosting.com, ns.mycyberhosting.com

Contact Information:

  • Phone: 34.93244400
  • Addresses: Apartado Postal 5031 08080 Barcelona Sucursal 1 Espana
  • Email:

Final Decision:

The evidence speaks for itself, they have been caught using fake female profiles with photographs that have been copied or stolen from porno sites. And on top of that the automated bots that make it seem like you're getting email messages is also another reason to avoid this site like the plague. It is not a legit dating site.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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