Locals For Tinder App Is Trying To Scam People Using Smart Phones

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App Details:
Locals For Tinder

Locals For Tinder App


While sifting through the apps in the Google Play Store we came across "Locals For Tinder". You would think that "Locals For Tinder" would be somehow related to the original Tinder dating app but that's actually not the case. These app developers chose the name "Locals For Tinder" specifically because of the popularity of the Tinder app in the Play Store. That's probably a smart move because they get a lot more downloads that way. But the dating app itself is not a legit app to interact with people. Read the full review below.

Locals For Tinder App Redirect You To MegaHookup.com

After doing a bunch of reviews on various dating apps games we have noticed that they are all using the same type of strategy. This strategy is as follows they get their dating app approved by the Play Store and then they are available for download. Once you install and start registering on the dating app (in this particular case) you get redirected to MegaHookup.com. Mega Hookup is well known to us, we have the exposed this notorious dating scam in the past for a multitude of fraudulent actions. Many of the apps are redirecting mobile phone users to the exact same dating scam sites that we have already reviewed and exposed.
So it seems like the scammers are jumping on to the mobile app scene and ripping people off right on their smartphones. As technology improves so do the way scammers operate. In this particular case they just created a twist on their usual scam. Now they're using dating apps to redirect people to the mobile versions of the dating scam they have been running for the past few years.


"Love Stars" (Fake Profiles) Used To Rip People Off

MegaHookup.com's mobile version makes you agree to the terms and conditions as well as their privacy policy and their use of something called "Love Stars". Now for those who don't know MegaHookup.com utilizes fictitious profiles created by the staff of their company. These fake profiles are called "Love Stars". "Love Stars" are used to make it seem like the site has thousands of real women when in fact there are less than 1% real females on the site. On top of that their "Love Stars" also includes the use of automated email messages as well as fake automated instant messages. All of these different tactics are used to get free members into upgrading to paid subscriptions to their fraudulent online dating service. We suggest you read the terms and conditions for "Love Stars".

MegaHookup Charges You $118.43 Without Your Knowledge

MegaHookup.com is full of deceptions. Some of the deceptions that use include claiming their site is 100% free but then ask for your credit card information to verify your over 18. This game has been going on for many years. Now with smartphones exploding onto the scene they are using mobile sites to trick people into giving up your credit card information to supposedly verified they're over 18, while claiming the site is completely free. If any free dating site asks for your credit card information they are all are obviously not going to be free. In this particular case you actually end up getting charged $118.43 per month if you give these crooks your credit card info. You can take a look at the evidence below where we took a screenshot of our mobile screen to show you the charges.

credit card charges

Locals For Tinder App Info:

  • Downloads: 50,000 – 100,000

Locals For Tinder Contact Information :

MegaHookup.com Contact Information :

Final Decision:

The "Locals For Tinder" app is a total scam. The worst part is that they redirect you to MegaHookup.com which is probably one of the most notorious dating scams online still running today. For that reason we suggest you stay away from this app and obviously do not use MegaHookup.com.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • joseph says:

    Thanks fot the info i myself emailed them WHY u need my card if its free as i dont have a card in the first place: Of course no answer was the reply .how do u know who is real :Thanks oce again

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