Learn The Best Alternatives To Using Providers On RubRatings.com

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With the closure of websites such as BackPage.com (seized by the FBI), Craigslist personal ads / erotic section, CityVibe.com and many other sites that have been a resource for people looking for providers anytime I ask yourself which website is next? This made us stop and think as to why even bother visiting these websites like RubRatings.com to begin with. If the end result is always needing to find a new source to find providers why bother in the first place? From there I asked myself a question, are there better alternatives than spending your hard-earned money to buy time with expensive providers? This can easily equal a monthly mortgage payment (if you're doing this on a regular basis). If you combine that with many of the drawbacks to using these sites such as first of all bait and switch where the women will use images in their ads of when they were younger and prettier you really start to wonder if it's all worth it. On top of that there's also the problems with law enforcement, sting operations, you getting arrested for being involved in something illegal. So why bother even doing anything illegal to begin with in the first place? It's a lose/lose situation. Are there other solutions besides using these type of websites? And the answer of course is yes there is always a solution and in this case I would think a much better and safer solution.

My solution is to not use or visit providers or any of their websites including Rub Ratings. Instead of wasting all your time, your money, worrying about getting arrested, ripped off, lie to etc you could use all that energy into trying to me regular women looking for casual encounters, (NOT providers).

As my video explains there are much better alternatives than RubRatings.com that don't require you to spend thousands of dollars per year (or per month) to hook up with women. And the great thing about hookup sites is that you're not dealing with someone who does this as a profession. They're not shagging thousands of guys per year. They don't just see you as a paycheck. And since these are regular females on a hook-up site they are genuinely interested in meeting you and only you. This is not their business. They are not pretending to be interested in you (GFE). This is a real girlfriend experience because they have no reason to pretend to like you, the women on the casual sex sites ACTUALLY like you!

Personally I would rather hook up with a regular female who wants to hook up because she's attracted to me not because someone is paying her. Since there are websites that can get you hooked up with local women then I think it's a win-win situation for everyone involved especially us!

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