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  • £44.99 to buy a 45 message pack to this site.
  • £79.99 to buy a 90 message pack to this site.


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With so many fake dating sites, using hundreds of phony profiles and thousands of websites vying for your attention you really need to do your homework before you start paying for any dating site. Today's focus is on GrannySexContacts.com and if it's a fake dating service or an honest dating site to meet real grannies. For this investigation we registered as a free member  and started sneaking around and seeing if we could uncover any deceptive business tactics, automated bots ( a software program that does automated tasks) or anything else to prove that this was not a legit dating site. You can read our full review on GrannySexContacts.com below.

Our Profile Is Blank, Why Are We Getting Emails And Flirts?

One of the very first indicators that you're dealing with an illegitimate dating site is when you start getting large amounts of email messages shortly after joining. With over 200 sites that we reviewed this is a common denominator with fake dating services that are nothing but scams. With GrannySexContacts.com that didn't happen. We didn't even receive one single email. That might sound like a bad thing but what that tells us is that we're dealing with a legit dating site. When a dating site is bogus they will use their computer bots to send their members fictitious email messages. We've come across the same scenario time and time again but luckily in this situation it never happened.

GrannySexContacts passed this part of the test, they don't send fictitious computer generated email messages to their free members.

And a quick read of their terms and conditions page we found no proof of them sending out pretend emails. Most dating sites that are involved in creating faux emails will actually discuss this in the terms and conditions, that wasn't the case with GrannySexContacts.com only proving even further that this is a real granny dating site.

Virtual Profiles Using Photos Copied From Other Sites

To identify fictitious profiles on dating sites we use a few different methods. The first method is a software program that helps us to identify if the profile pictures are stolen or copied from other websites and then used to make bogus profile pages. With this software program it will list all of the different links across the internet were the exact same profile photo is located. If the site is fictitious 9 times out of 10 these fake profile photos will be found on amateur porno sites.

Our research on the profile pictures came back clean. None of photos were found to be linked amateur porno sites. This only goes to prove even further that we're dealing with legitimate profiles on this site.

The Truth Is Found In The Terms And Conditions

And we also took the time to read the terms and conditions page where usually fictitious dating service will explain that they use fictitious profiles for their marketing. Granny Sex Contacts doesn't talk about creating fictitious profiles or using photographs to make bogus profile pages. It seems from our own research and investigating they're actually telling the truth. We've gone through all of the terms and conditions on GrannySexContacts.com and no where do they discuss or admit to creating fictitious profiles. They don't talk about hiring third party contractors or using employees to chat with you and interact with you (to trick people into buying a monthly membership). On top of that then they don't mention anything about using computer bots to send contrived email messages. None of it is discussed. And just from our own investigating we know they are telling us the truth. From the looks of it Granny Sex Contacts is a legitimate dating service.

If a website is fake 9 times out of 10 their own terms page will prove they're a scam. This never happened with GrannySexContacts.com which is a very good sign that they are not involved in trying to dupe and scam people.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester, M1 4BT
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  • Addresses: 5827 Corner of Graduate Crescent & Bachelor Avenue, Belize City, Belize. Trinity Holdings Limited
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  • Web Page: Contact Page

Final Decision:

Every indicator shows that GrannySexContacts.com is a real dating site. We didn't get any emails, the terms and conditions came back clean not discussing anything about creating fictitious profiles and the profile pictures seeing legitimate. All that being said you still need to keep your guard up because all it takes is one fake profile to trick you into upgrading or giving money to a romance scammer located in Nigeria. And many times it's not the website trying to scam you it's romance scammers creating fake profiles. Always use common sense and don't take things for granted. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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 Comments 62 comments

  • Ipse senex says:

    Until you start chatting to a persona – seems not to matter how long or what type of relationship you think you've developed, try suggesting either meeting up or switching to something like e-mail to save you both money – then you'll get every excuse under the Sun.

    Don't expect them to tell you much either. They ask the questions, distracting you if you try pressing for details from them.

    Do yourself a favour – SAVE YOUR MONEY.

    • Generalquarters says:

      I totally agree with the comment above. I came off the site for a few years, then when I returned the ladies I previously chatted to all remembered me and all said that it had been four months since they last saw me. Out of the seven I contacted again, five of them did not even notice that it had been years not months.

      None of the seem to want to meet for coffee let alone what they say they are here for. They will tell you anything they need to to keep you buying message credits and that's it.

      • peter says:

        They always say it’s too early to meet when you suggest meeting up for a coffee or a drink. What’s the best way to get to know someone? Face to face meeting! 

        If I wanted to meet someone it was going for a drink, a meal or the pictures, never sent a message!


      • David Ludlow says:

        Yes I totally agree with the comments above

    • Able2please says:

      Totally agree. I suspect the site emulates profiles and pics from other sites, and pays the "women" a commission for every message they encourage you to respond to. Out of 50 "women" who were supposedly looking for action, every one deflected when a coffee meet was suggested, saying they're not quite ready yet but lets keep chatying until I am ready. Its a total scam same as localgrannysex.com

    • Dave says:

      Notice how if you e.mail several profiles you get answers all at roughly the same time.  That is because the person answering works through all of your messages answering them one after another, regardless of which profile you have responded to. Notice how the style of English and content is so similar, regardless of the profile answering.  I did not find one genuine profile and can only conclude that Dating Busters is also fake if it recommends this site…..

    • Drewy says:

      Yea it’s a big con the same women have been on there for years I don’t no anybody who has ever met anybody on there

    • Teddy Bear says:

      All of the comments here are right, I’ve used a couple of ‘adult’ sites and the genuine profiles will nearly all accept chatting on Kik pretty quickly. No one from this site would use Kik despite it being free and the site charging for expensive messages.

    • Ronnie La Bonnie says:

      True that. Same as the U.S version. “ I din’t feel comfortable leaving this site or I have been stalked once. Fake, fake, fake!

  • johnty says:

    Can endorse all of the above. The site is a scam and everyone sings from the same songsheet. This becomes very apparent quite quickly. Don't waste your money like I did. Wish I looked for a review first and found this b4.

  • Ray says:

    As above wish I found this site earlier Also two contacts in same erea seem to be the same person with replies very simlar .Do not wish to use web site too. to check you out. as above give very little details about themselves when given the choice of conacting by email or proving this a not a true site get rather nasty trying again to get yuou to reply. Not working any more also many other site with simlar headings same contacts

  • David says:

    I have to agree with all the comments above . Yes in all the 20 or so women I have messaged they have promised the earth and would love to get deeply involved in a loving relationship . However then as soon as you try to bring up the chance of actually meeting up with them then they are trying to bring in every excuse that we either haven't been chatting long enough ( even after 12 months in a couple of instances ) or they are supposedly too nervous or they are even too busy . What the heck are they doing on this site if they are supposedly too busy to bother or too nervous .   

    • Aussie says:

      This is Aussie, I totally agree with the above comments after my experience with "localgrannies.com". They respond with needing more time, I hardly know you, closer than ever, nervous, not comfortable yet, don't like you putting me under pressure – after 46 messages to the same lady with 90% of the information been provided by me and only limited general information from her, my conclusion is she will never phone, email or meet me as whoever is messaging me is a paid overseas employee paid for the number of messages she keeps males responding to. Same experience whether asking to meet after 1, 5, 10 or whatever number of messages, they all of a sudden become shy even though some profiles show explicit photos and/or comments. Well O have got the message, localgrannies is a scam and no more paid messages from me. 

      • Aussie 2 says:

        Totally agree with comments. Doesn't matter how long u message once it comes to try and arrange a meeting " they run for the hills". Wish i had thought of this as my business would be sailing the Bahamas now with real women.

  • swukchap says:

    Agree with everything said above, profile pictures taken from porn sites complete reluctance to give anything away about who ' where or what they do, cost me a tenner to top up credits just to find someone feeding me a line.

    This is fraud plain and simple but proving it would be very difficult

  • Ian Dann says:

    Im starting to agree with the other comments as soon as you ask to meet for a meal or coffee always so.e excuse that they are not ready to meet till they know you more the whole spill seems to me they get payed to keep you chatting never intending to see you to find out if your comparable.  

  • Mickey says:

    The report above about grannysexcontacts.com ends by saying it is a genuine site…. I checked this out myself…. I randomly chose 8 ladies scattered around the uk… Each responded favourably… Each ignored my request to continue via email and just continued to ask short questions… I answered their questions and again asked them to continue via email, which had been provided to all… Again this was ignored in their replies, they only asked another short question…. I replied saying that it was too expensive to converse on the site……. every one of them replied with "I don't know you and I prefer to continue via the site" the reason given was it made them feel safe and how if I were genuine I would understand"….. This last response from all of them was word for word the same….. So with reference to the above report on it being a genuine site, all I can say is the only way to test a site is to actually use it and spend money to get at the truth…. In my opinion it is a fake, money making site only.


    • Timm says:

      Goodness me, I could have written this comment myself! Absolutely spot on. You’ve said it all, I’m also convinced it’s a total con. What interests me is how they are getting away with using the pictures of people? Does no one ever catch them out and complain to the police or whatever? Have you also noticed that any pictures that are ‘dated’, are usually from around 10 – 15 years ago. Why has dating busters not reviewed their summary of this company? Is Dating Busters also a scam?

  • Rudi says:

    I’d agree with the other comments here, on Local Granny Sex I’ve messaged a dozen or so suggesting we text or email and a very common phrase is “I’m not comfortable with that until I know more about you, lets chat on here” so It seems a scam

  • Geordon says:

    I could not help feeling that I was chatting to just one person. If I suugested meeting some many of the women wanted to keep cahating to get to KNOW me better. Surely that would be betterserve having a coffee.  DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY

  • Nigel says:

    Spot on everybody. This is an out and out Scam site! Lonely old Muggins here also suggested texting or emailing to save both of us money on at least five occasions. Despite the apparent,"need for speed" suggested in the initial contact message from the "Ladies", once the magic word text was mentioned, the answer was always the same,  they all felt the need to "chat" more and didn't feel  "Comfortable" . Hey Ho! Once bitten, twice shy, eh! Never again on there. By the way, if anyone has found a genuine site ( Ha ha!) please let us all know. 

    Good Hunting! 



  • TOM says:


  • Dave the rave says:

    Just registered on the site. Have recieved 4 messages in 2 days from 'interested' ladies. All generic and clearly designed to get me to stump up to reply. I read the above reviews and thanks to all for the warnings. I thought it looked like a pay your money for no product site so wont be joining to message anyone. All the masseages are probably from an employee in an office in Manchester. 

  • Joe W says:

    Granny’s for sex is a complete scam, I bought 7 messages and messaged 3 girls who sent me messages. They all responded within a minute of each other. They all said they wanted to get to know me on the site. I sent a 2nd round of messages telling them to text me . I said if you aren’t comfortable block my number. All 3 said no. This site is total bullshit!!!!!

  • David Bannister says:

    ITS a total scam, 1 woman said she paid to reply, as if, does anyone know what the women get? whats the deal.

  • mickey says:

    This Site is a Total Scam and i am considering passing it on to my Freind who is an Investagive Reporter so that he can Expose this Site for the Scam that it is .

  • Robert says:

    This place is a total scam I experienced it sooner I wanted to see if it was real and nope I’m too quick I’m demanding whatever it was it wasn’t real 

    DO NOT BUY CREDITS !!!!! Grannies meet . Com scammers to the max 

  • Grant says:




    don’t waste your money. 

    • Neil Clifford says:

      All write the same way and say they do not feel safe leaving the site like nervous vergins. All the texts they send are short and don’t say much.And they get angry and say they feel like they are being rushed no matter how long you text them

  • Sucker says:

    Paid a few hundred bucks to find out. “You’re the man for me” was a typical answer, which drew me in. Casualgranny.com is a sister site with all the same people. Here we have women in their seventies carrying on like they are nymphomaniacs  

    Begs the question: Is there any legit site?  

  • Gollie says:

    I wish I’d have read these comments before throwing my hard earned cash at this site, same as all above, they all want your cock but won’t entertain a meet nor swapping to private communications…. 



  • Mackdavid says:

    Yeah wish I could have read the reviews 1st it’s a total scam I lost my hard earned money . Guys all dating sites are shit

  • Phil says:

    Just want to mirror the views of the others it is definitely a scam site. Don’t be taken in by the pictures of the women who appear to be normal they are fakes.

  • David says:

    Yes I agree, no matter how long you chat with them for, once you ask to meet them, they say, I would rather continue chatting on here, its safer, which begs the question what are they on this site for

  • Peter Hauser says:

    I wish I had read all this before, I must have been stupid because all of the above has happened to me, I have 2 credits left I’ll give her one last chance

  • Gino says:

    I am Gino have been taken for a bit out $6000 you would think I would have realised long before  good by my month wort of pay pack. All scam discasting please autorities put them into jail. 

    • Gino. says:

      Hi why do the  authority allow this scamming isn't it simple to  shut thair lines  OFF. and bury them into a cage in the jail. Or wnhy allow them to connect to the internet before being certified. Company Authorities wake up. 

  • Mack says:

    Yes I have been talking for 4 months all I get the excuse .I am not ready this site is really fake and it should remove them 

  • robin says:

    Its a complete scam I passed a brand new e-mail address[ set up to make it safe for her] to a so called local lady and immediatly the sites webpage appeared on it its a very good way of getting through some money

  • Randy says:

    Granny’s for sex is a complete scam, I bought 7 messages and messaged 2 girls who sent me messages. They all responded within a minute of each other. They all said they wanted to get to know me on the site. I sent a 2nd round of messages telling them to text me . I said if you aren’t comfortable block my number. All  said no. This site is a clever trick

  • Granny Friend says:

    Agree with all of the above. Scam site. Stay away and hope you don't discover this too late

  • Mike says:

    Hi I agree it's a total scam you msg someone you get a (reply?} In a few seconds does this mean that are sat at there pc all the time I Don't thing so it's a scam scam scam I have passed details to police/ UK gov department dealing with internet scams

  • geo says:

    I agree, be careful with your money and forget your charm ,…Think again…

  • geo says:

     A Thank you to this site for allowing us to air our mistakes …..

  • Paul says:

    Yes I totally agree scam rip-off I was talking to two women for 3-months all the excuses not to meet cost me over £1.000 should be ashamed of yourselfs.

  • Charlie says:

    I totally agree. The moment you suggest meeting up then the so called “women” give every excuse under the earth. I just a video on a porn site with one of the women on this website.
    I was totally scammed by this site. They should not be allowed to get away with what they did. Is it possible to report them?
    They should be referred to trading standards

  • John says:

    Like above I wish I had checked this out before losing at lot of money on xxxsexcontacts and ukquicksex. Stay well away from these I feel such a silly mug.

  • John says:

    Of course guys these sites maybe legit. They have ladies that range from amazing to below average. It maybe we are to optimistic with our choice of Lady as we maybe below average ourselves and they get a better offer.
    These sites are so easy to use as the credit come from your phone direct and no need for cards.
    Like to here from someone who has had success but don’t suppose they will be here complaining.

  • Annon says:

    I removed the blur that covers the text to see that its just a bunch of random letters of different sizes to make it look like a sentence

  • Andrew Mosschenko says:

    Despite there being no hard evidence that the site is a scam the experiences of men who have used it would indeed seem to indicate that it is yet another rip-off. The fact that someone who has had a face to face meeting with a woman from the site is as rare as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster points to a site consisting entirely of fictional profiles. Although I have communicated with women who seemed to be genuine profiles there are plenty on there that are obviously fake. I have been messaged by attractive women, despite the fact that I have no photo on my profile and not a huge amount of detail, and they frequently return to view my profile which seems highly unlikely. I would say at the very least that the majority of profiles on here are false and possibly all of them. With the lockdown meets have been off the agenda but now that the situation is easing I suspect the excuses will start to flow as to why they don’t want to meet yet proving that even the ones that sound like genuine women are also fake. I won’t be buying any more message credits when mine are gone.

  • Terry says:

    Iv been on this website for about two and half years now and iv been talking to this one woman who says that she likes me and when I sed about going for a meal she puts up all the excuses so she don’t see me , I look at her profile picture quite a lot but she hardly looks at mine and iv also sed that I’m going to stop sending any messages for two or three week’s but she doesn’t seem to bothered about it at all and that makes me think that this granny sex contact is a sam and it a cost me a lot of money for nuffing

  • David says:

    Yes I totally agree with the comments above

  • Trucker 20 says:

    I was writing to a lady by the name of Dinha .To start of we could not meet because of her nerves giving her gip then it was can i have more time before we meet up. It was because she had a bad time with one of her other men friends and that put her off meeting up with someone new. Yes it was just one big scam. And i was the old fool that i believe her that we will go to bed soon. Believed her what a mug I must have been. By the way she lives in Grangemouth

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