JustMilfs.com Being Used To Bait People Into Joining JustMilfDates.com

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Website Details:


JustMilfs.com is a website used to send visitors over to JustMilfDates.com. Both websites are connected to one another and the ultimate goal here is to make money from people who are gullible enough to purchase a membership on JustMilfDates. We will explain everything in this review so you understand how the whole process works so you can stay safe and avoid these scams.

What's Going On With JustMilfs.com & JustMilfDates.com?

When you first land on JustMilfs.com you'll see images of attractive looking milfs with no clothes on. On the webpage it statess there is seven milfs nearby that have requested hookups in the last 2 hours. From there you need to click on view milfs and then you are sent to the secondary page where you need to answer the questions. At the end of it they congratulate you and supposedly give you "free unlimited access" (not true). All you need to do is enter your email address and then you end up registered on JustMilfs.com. Unfortunately there's a lot more to the story than what's going on here first of all the women are topless on the front page of JustMilfs.com. These females aren't actually looking to hook up with anyone. The photographs have been copied or stolen from adult image sites and then used to deceive people into believing that these mature women are in your community and ready to hook up with you. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address and join JustMilfDates.com. This is all a trick to get your email address so then of course they can start sending you emails

The Phony Milf Profiles

One sure you enter your e-mail address in the email box your are automatically redirected to JustMilfDates.com. From there you need to register on Just Milf Dates in order to get access to the members area, where you can start searching for local women.

The problem with all of this is that it's just an ILLUSION. It's all a mirage, and a massive deception to manipulate you and trick you into believing that you can hook up with local milfs after you join their site.

Once again NOTHING is real on the site. The profiles of the mature women are in fact created by the websites own staff! The women in the profiles are very attractive but what's the point of wasting your time looking at them when you know that it's all rigged? All the images have been taken from amateur porn site and the staff that operate it are responsible for creating hundreds of phony dating profiles. When you land on the site you see so many women that want to hook up with you and they're all located in your community how is it possible? All of this is made possible because the computer programming.

JustMilfDates Is The Center Of The Scam

Like we've already said everything is fake on JustMilfDates. Not only are the milf profiles created by the site's staff but there's other deceptions and lies that you need to be aware of.

When you join JustMilfDates.com it won't take very long for you to start getting instant messages and emails from local women. Don't get tricked into believing this is legitimate. The reality of what's going on is much different. What's really happening is that Just Milf Dates is using high tech computer software that can imitate how a real person would email you. The software programs have been designed to send you emails that appear to be coming from real local women. Don't fall for it! Computer software programs not local women are responsible for sending you chat messages and emailing you. The biggest part of this fraud is that you need to buy a membership so you can interact with the women on this site. But remember the female profiles are created by the site, they're not legitimate!

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Final Decision:

Run in the other direction from both of these sites. Scams come in many shapes and forms and now we have entered the digital age and cons using websites that appear to be legitimate dating services are everywhere. We've done hundreds of reviews and this is just a drop in the bucket of how many dating scams that we uncover on a daily basis. You have been warned!

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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