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  • 45 credits will cost you $30.00.
  • 85 credits will cost you $50.00.
  • 180 credits will cost you $99.00.
  • 300 credits will cost you $149.00.
  • 550 credits will cost you $250.00.
  • 1250 credits will cost you $499.00.

Overview is a Russian bride website. There are many, many dating sites that cater to Western men looking to meet and marry women from the Ukraine and from Russia. From our due diligence and deep investigations we've never actually come across a Russian mail-order bride that we thought was completely legitimate. We give every site that we review the benefit of the doubt before investigating them and that's what we're doing with Veronika Love. If you want to know the truth about what's happening with this website and if it's a real place to interact with legitimate women from Russia and the Ukraine please keep reading below.

Why Do Western Men Fall For The Hype On These Russian Datiing Sites?

We have to tell you the whole idea of Russian dating services to us is beyond ridiculous. Every time we visit one of these Russian mail-order bride sites, every single time the women are stunning. Females that have a rating of 9 out of 10. Why is it that all is Western men think that somehow they have a good shot at sweeping them off their feet and eventually marrying these beautiful women. Somehow they have this fantasy and idea that women from this part of the world are dying to meet Western men to give them a better life. .

Let's be 100% honest, If you're a guy in your 50s, you're losing your hair and you're overweight what makes you think that a hot-looking Russian blond is going to drop everything in Moscow and move to the United States to live in you in a small town in Iowa?

We're just giving you a nice big fat dose of common sense (not to common in most people) so you don't get scammed and don't waste time on all these different Russian dating services.

An Empty Profile

As part of our investigation we joined We created a profile and then logged into the members area. One of the things we didn't do was not to upload any pictures to our profile page and we didn't fill out any of the personal information. You would think that since our profile is empty then there would be no reason for any women to contact us. What woman would waste their time sending instant messages and chat requests to a profile that doesn't have any pictures in it? You would think that we would get very few (if any) emails or chat messages. We certainly wouldn't bother emailing any girl who didn't have a picture in her profile.
(Screenshot of our profile page used for this investigation.)

But a strange thing, maybe not so strange happened. For some reason it didn't matter that our profile page was void of any information or photographs because email messages came in at a very fast rate. The women emailing us weren't just average-looking women, these were 9 out of 10 model type females. The kind of girls that you would look at two or three times and look back at if you were walking down the street past them. Every single female that sent us a message was a complete knockout, amazing beautiful females.

We've included screenshots of some of the email messages we received that have the profile pictures of the women as well as the subject line of the emails. We want to include this as evidence showing you how ridiculous this website is.

If you take a look at the first email message it's from a girl named Victoria. We've never spoken to Victoria before but on the subject line it says "Sweet,I want to be with you let's try? We've never emailed this female ever but she wants "to be with us" why would a girl who's never talked to us "want to be with us"? Personally we don't believe these are real females messaging us, we think that the emails are either computer-generated messages or there is someone who's being paid to send us these messages. These are not just regular women located in the Ukraine and Russia sitting there typing love messages to us.

This next email is from a very attractive female called Olga and the subject of her email message is "My body and my soul stops when I see you!". We had to really laugh at this one because like we've already stated we never uploaded any pictures in our profile so how can her soul stop when she sees our profile picture when we don't even have a picture in the profile! This is a slap in the face of anyone who has common sense, it's beyond stupid how fake all of this is.

 The next email messages from a blond named Ivanna writing us telling us "It's time to swim, so take clothes off and jump in.". Once again we never spoken to Ivanna before but somehow she's discussing taking off her clothes and jumping in. It' doesn't make much sense. But what does make sense is that when you try to read the actual message  not just the subject line you're automatically  asked to purchase credits on the site. Could it be that the website is sending us computer-generated email messages to deceive us into buying credits?

A brown haired girl called Nelia says "when I saw you something happened to me strange and very pleasant". Once again we need to reiterate the fact that the dating profile we are using for this investigation doesn't have any pictures in it! How exactly could Nelia have seen our profile when there's nothing to see? Once again we're just trying to prove to you just how absurd and fake these email messages are. We must stress we think the reason these emails sound the way they do is to lure ignorant lonely Western men into believing these girls want to build a relationship with them. But in order for you to build a relationship you need to be able to communicate with these women. The only way to communicate with them is to buy credits on the website!

Chat Messages Keep Popping Up On Our Screen

Chat messages keep popping up on our screen. You can take a look at one of the chat messages that was sent to us while we were logged onto the site. When you click on "start chat now" unfortunately you can't start chatting unless of course you buy credits. If you look at the picture of this girl named Anna she looks like a model. Why would she go out of her way to start a chat with a person who doesn't have a picture in his profile? It just doesn't make any sense. But it makes perfect sense once you realize that you have to pay money to chat with her. We don't see a point in purchasing credits to see a hot looking girl who you can never meet in person. That's not the point of joining This is one of many chat message we received.  

(Screen shot of just one of the chat messages that we received.)

Negative Reviews From Any VeronikaLove Members

Below we've included screenshots from reviews that we found online. These reviews will give you even a better understanding of what other people think and feel about VeronikaLove.

The first review gave Veronika Love a 1 out of 5 rating.. This reviewer says he "communicated for several months with a couple of women". This guy even took a trip to the Ukraine and neither one of these women met him.This is something we've come across many times reading online reviews from these various Russian mail-order bride sites. Men spending thousands of dollars buying credits talking to these different women and even purchasing airline tickets to meet them. When they get off the plane in the Ukraine or Russia there is no woman there to meet them at the airport!  They've just gotten scammed out of thousands of dollars and then on top of that even wasted more money and time flying halfway across the world only to realize that it was all a lie to begin with.

(Screenshot of a review from angry web user.)

 This second reviewer says that "all these Russian dating sites are total scams". He says "it doesn't matter if you use, LadaDate,com,, etc you always have to pay to send notes to women or pay to chat they are all scams. They are all frauds! The women are paid to talk to you! They will tell you they love you they they want to marry you anything to keep you sucked in. Their lies are weak but they all play the scam well." In the end these type of sites are built on sucking you in and conning you into purchasing more and more credits.

(Screenshot of a review from angry web user.)

This last reviewer states that "in the last 3 months he has spent about $3,000 on the website and several trips to Ukrainian cities". Not only has he wasted money but lots of time as well only to be let down in the end. Once again this is a very common problem, you waste money and if you fall hard enough you actually purchase airline tickets to meet these women who never even existed in the first place! angry

(Screenshot of a review from angry web user.)

Do You Really Think You Can Meet These Women In Person?

Below we've included a screenshot showing you some of the female members on Veronika Love. Take a close look at those women and tell me if you see any that are ugly. Every single girl on her looks like a model. The only time we ever see this many beautiful women is on fake dating sites and in porn movies.

(Screenshot of female members that we think are fake profiles.)

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Final Decision:

Personally we don't trust we've seen with our own eyes as well as the reviews that we read from web users who have been duped on this site we would never suggest using this website to anyone.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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