Is A Legit Site Or A Scam? We Investigated OurTime & Here’s Our Report

 Apr, 16 - 2018   13 comments   Reviews

Website Details:


  • 1 month will cost you $29.96.
  • 6 months will cost you $90.00.

Overview is connected to many different dating services. These sites include,,, and also one of the most popular dating sites called Our Time is not just a regular hookup site that we normally investigate. This is a mainstream dating service for mature individuals seeking to find someone special to share their life with. But as always just because it's a mainstream dating site doesn't mean it's legitimate, it could be a scam. Read the full investigation below.

You Can't View Any Emails Unless You Upgrade

One thing we noticed right off the bat is that you can't read or even see the subject lines of any part of any email messages that you receive until you upgrade and buy a membership on this website. We're not saying there's anything wrong with that, we're just pointing out the fact that you need to buy a membership in order to read the emails. Many times in the past with other fake dating sites that we reviewed they have used this tactic, sending multiple email messages but if you wanted to try to read them or reply to them you needed to purchase a membership. By no means however are we saying that is a scam or that it's fake.

This Site Uses Test Profiles

Fake profiles are a big problem in the adult dating industry. We've covered this topic hundreds of times in the reviews that we've done. Digging through the terms and conditions page of we found something that we think you should be aware of in section 16 of the terms. They discuss something called "test profiles". They are admitting to creating test profiles for the purposes of testing the functionality of their dating site and to improve service quality for their members. We believe that these tests profiles aren't used in a malevolent manner. We don't think they're creating these tests profiles to scam you based on the experience that we have with this dating service. Unlike other profiles the test profles seem to be used for legitimate testing purposes and not to create an army of fictitious profiles to scam you.

Reviews From OurTime Users

Below we've included screenshots from web users who have joined Our Time. We've included these reviews just so we can give you a more balanced investigation.

The first reviewer says beware of fake profiles. He says that he chatted with five different people which all turned out to be fake. He said he's very upset to think when the profiles you thought were real but aren't.

These fake profiles are not created by the site, these are romance scammers who join the site and then initiate conversations with you and eventually will ask you for money for various reasons all of which are lies. Once again the website is not responsible for creating these fictitious profiles these are romance scammers who do this for a living. They work out of boiler rooms usually located in Nigeria or Ghana Africa and send fake messages and try to lure lonely people into sending them money.

Romance scamming is a billion dollar industry as outlined in this Huffington Post article. The article talks about how the scammers sit at computers overseas hunting for their prey on social networks as well as dating sites. Romance scams are the number one financial loss of all internet-related criminal activity according to FBI reports. the losses from these romance scammers is over 230 million dollars!

This review from an angry web user states that the website actually has escorts on it. He said he was hit up 25 times over a five-hour time frame. He goes on to state that he was given a phone number that it was built directly into the fake profile. He gave OurTime a 1 out of 5 star rating.

This review talks about unauthorized charges that were billed to his account. He states it's easy for that for them to initiate unauthorized charges because you cannot simply indicate that you're not interested in the additional perks and there's no button to dismiss this prompt.

  This reviewer rates it as one of the worst experiences in his life. He goes on to state that he received many flirts and messages right from the start, they seemed encouraging and fun but after only a few weeks she realized they were scammers. She goes on to say that they were saying the exact same words in that email messages that was she was receiving from these five profiles which tuned out to be different romance scammers.

This review states that is not worth it, giving it a 1 out of 5 star rating. The reviewer says that Our Time has got to be one of the worst sites he's ever experienced. He goes on to state that his account was hacked, something that we've heard from numerous reviews.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: P.o. Box 25458, Dallas, TX, 75225, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,,,,,,

Contact Information :

  • Customer phone number: (214) 576-3272
  • Addresses: 8750 North Central Expressway, Suite 1400 Dallas, Texas 75231
  • Email:
  • Web Page: Contact Page

Final Decision:

We don't think that is a traditional fake dating site where the dating service is responsible for creating fake profiles and sending people computer-generated messages. Our time has its own problems from the looks of it with romance scammers who joined the site pretending to be legitimate people looking for relationships. In the end romance scammers ask you for money while building up your trust., that being said we strongly suggest if you plan on using our time to keep your guard up and of course and never give your money to anyone just because you met them on a dating service.

Search For Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 13 comments

  • MR JD says:

    I don’t understand why there isn’t a crackdown on ROMANCE SCAMMERS on REAL DATING SITES. I was romance  scammed but didn’t lose any money cause my bank recognized fraud and stepped in immediately. A lady that sounded manly on phone, tried stealing an account and wanted to put it into my account then transfer it to a separate account. I wouldn’t do it. Everything the “ lady “ said for days talking online sounded so good to me. It was a real  3-4 star date site. The person even told me it was illegal to do but kept trying to convince me to do it. Other Romance scammers will carry on for days even weeks about loving and meeting, to earn your trust then suddenly need money for a sick /dying relative or things in customs. I have a lonely heart but cmon Nigerian and west African TURDS, get a REAL JOB please.  TY DATING BUSTERS for the reviews , you saved me a lot of money and grief. 

  • MRJD says:

    I’ve met a few nice women Face to face in person (not FaceTiming )off of Ourtime, BBPEOPLEMEET, plenty of fish(POF) and even OBC( online booty call). Unfortunately some women were not exactly who they said they were in profiles or had older photos. There are going to be some scammers trying to make a buck even on the good websites. Keep up the good work employees and Thank you. MR JIMmr  

  • Allen Epperson aka Vuedoop says:

    I have been on Simpleflirts for a month now with no success. All I get are requests for me to chat with them on site which is $5.00 for 3 credits which in turn can mean 3 questions. I am very sad that I have not found a real person here. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS SITE.

  • Susan says:

    I was scammed on OurTime. It was an extremely painful experience. In the end it was easy for me to plug in the online man’s online profile photo into tin and discovered the fraud. Our time failed to do that at the start and on top of that they have overcharged me 4 times in three week period. When I reported the scam they did nothing.

  • Derrick Callahan says:

    ourtime a total scam!

  • JS says:

    I was a non-paying member for a couple of months just to check it out. I had approx 174 hits on my profile and several ‘likes’ so I thought I’d give it a shot and pay for 1 month of access. Mistake. All I get now are fake profiles from women that claim to be in my age range where the photos show people at least half the age and from cities and states 2000 miles away.
    I should have known better…but no more. NOT recommended.

  • Darlene.Jeans says:


  • Cynthia Kidrick says:

    I believe AI sends the member/user fake messages leading you to believe the “like” is interested! AI sent to one of my “like” multiple messages that I did NOT send making the “member” look desperate! I am canceling my auto pay!

  • lori says:

    I just signed up for Our time and paid for 3 months via PayPal. As soon as I did that, I was unable to even access the site on my phone, laptop, or computer. I have to end a claim with PayPal to get my money back. Anyone else have this problem? The site is not down because I keep getting msgs, but can’t reply to them.

  • Toni Elis says:

    Don’t sign up! It is without a doubt a scam! I actually called out a man I was talking to as a scammer – and while he didn’t admit it – his reply said everything -we went from planning to meet – to him, once I called him out and told him I had no money , back- tracking – he was all love and care – but disappeared overnight never to be heard of again! I then did the same with 2 other men (just to ensure I was not just SAD COW – BEING SCAMMED BY A HALF HANDSOME MAN – – with the same outcome! Avoid like the plague!!! A clever scam – they must be making a fortune! Don’t buy into it!

  • Mary says:

    Thank you for all the useful information. I have been looking for a few months but have not paid for any memberships. I am a widow and would like to find someone that is real to share my life with. Thank you for the reviews. Does anyone know a site that is real?

  • Sharon says:

    After one week, I canceled my 6-month subscription to OUR TIME. They did not prorate a refund and did not email me the confirmation that I canceled. There are some fakes on there. I told one guy years ago I worked for a private investigator. After he heard that he never chatted with me again. We had a lot in common. The other men always wanted a phone number. I never gave it out because they can find your address and other info such as relatives if you give out your phone number. Beware!

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