Is InMessage App A Scam? We Get To The Bottom Of It In This Review

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InMessage is a dating app that enables you to chat and talk to people who are registered on Instagram or Facebook. You can send them private messages as long as they are registered members on either of those social networks. Dating Busters all about exposing dating scams. Is this a scam? Read the full review below to find out what's really going on behind the scenes of InMessage.

The "Nearby" Feature Shows Me People Thousands Of Miles Away

This is not part of any scam but when we used the "nearb"y feature that's supposed to show you women nearby women there was a problem. Feamles popped as being "nearby" all the way from California which is thousands of miles away from we're located. Once again this isn't a scam but what's going on here? Why are we being shown women that are thousands of miles away when I'm specifically using the "nearby" section of the site so it should be showing women near me. This is either a very big flaw, or there's not enough women in our city. Either way this makes it hard to use the app. If we can't find women located near us what's the point of using the app?

Romance Scammers On InMessage

What's the dating sites that we review they always seem to have phony profiles that have been created by the websites own staff. In this particular situation it doesn't seem like InMessage is creating their own phony profiles but that doesn't mean that there aren't fake women on the site. You can take a look at the screenshots we provided of just two of the profiles that we've come across that we think aren't real. Of course they could be real members but common sense should prevail and tell you that the chances of these being real members of the site are slim-to-none. Why would women such as these with big fake breasts need to download this dating app to meet guys? The chances of that are very unlikely. What is more likely to be happening is that romance scammers are creating bogus profiles on this dating app to lure men into connecting with them. Once you start chatting with these phony women chances are they will eventually be asking you for money because that's what romance scammers always do. They use images of attractive looking women to lure horny men into contacting them. From there they build up a fake online relationship chatting back and forth trying to make you believe that they're in love with you and they want to meet you. But as always they will eventually ask you for money for whatever lie they come up with.

(Screenshot of most likely a fake profile.)

(Screenshot of most likely a fake profile.)

Real Review From An InMessage User

One review from an InMessage user calls out InMessage for being "full of prostitutes and fake profiles looking for business money". And that definitely could be a problem. Many times prostitutes will create dating profiles to get business from lonely guys looking for conpanionship and quick hookups.

(screenshot of real review from an InMessage user.)

Contact Information For InMessage App:

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  • Addresses: Bright Way Tower, No.33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Just because you need to connect your Facebook account or an Instagram account in order to verify you're a real person it doesn't mean the dating profiles are real. How long does it take you to create an Instagram account and upload photos of a hot blonde and pretend to be her? Always be aware on any dating app or dating site because there's always scammers and people trying to prey on you.

Do we think that InMessage is a fake dating app or a scam? No! The app has its flaws but it's not a scam. With hundreds of other dating apps in the Google Play Store and Apple Store we personally won't bother to use this app anymore. In fact we're going to uninstall it from our phone.

Search For Females

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • B hervey says:

    Please stop sending e mail to [email protected]

  • Manuel Davila says:

    [email protected] looking forward to meeting all the lady's

  • john says:

    Looking forward to it and I hope it's real

  • Ernest says:

    please i want to know if it works on PC System??

  • kairaeve says:

    i want a man who can take care of me

    • Kevin lodowski says:

      My friend I have no problem with getting woman on here and there really horny. Bear. I live in crownsville MD and I get lots of women from here now I can help that I am very handsome good luck with it and God bless you

  • Andrew Scott says:

    Block Nathan on inmessage

  • bigM says:

    The reviews of this app on the playstore are all fake. The women are really men with photos. They chat with you and then lead you to "Hangouts" where the dirty business takes place. This could be requests for money, stalking, and constant messages to communicate with you. Don't waste your time and run fast in the other direction. Google Play Store is endangering the public safety of the Google Community by allowing this app.

  • williams says:

    do we have horny woman on these site

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