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Website Details:


  • 20 credits costs €12.
  • 60 credits costs €33.
  • 120 credits costs €60.
  • 250 credits costs €112.
  • 350 credits costs €140.
  • 500 credits costs €199.
  • 750 credits costs €299.


  • My Letters: The My Letters section of the site shows you email messages from other members of the website. You need to purchase credits to reply to any emails you receive in the My Letters section.
  • My Likes: The My Likes page shows you which women have liked your profile and also which profiles you have liked.
  • My Invites: The My Invites section of the site shows you chat invitations from female members.
  • My Favorites The Favorites section shows you which women who have added to your favorites list.
  • Credits: The Credits section enables you to purchase credits so you can communicate with members on the website, to read or send letters and also to get the contact information of female members.

Overview is another one of those is another one of those Russian / Ukrainian dating sites that claims and makes you believe that you can find Russian and Ukrainian women who you can marry, bring back to the United States and live happily ever after. We've investigated many of these so-called Russian bride websites and all of them to date have been nothing but scams used to persuade and trick you into buying credits. Is this what GoDateNow is all about, or is this a legitimate Russian mail-order bride website? If you want to know the truth about what's going on all you need to do is keep reading. We went undercover to see what was really happening with this website. We wanted to know if we could actually interact and find legitimate Russians and Ukrainians that were willing to meet Western men for love, romance and marriage. Everything has been documented and you can read the full investigation below.

Learn Why Getting 135 Emails From Russian & Ukraine Women Shows This Site Is A Scam

If you look at the screenshot below circled in red you will see that we received 135 "letters". A "letter" is nothing more than a term used by the website for e-mail messages that you receive. Unfortunately from our investigation we've come to the conclusion that all 135 emails are not only fictitious but they want us to pay to reply to the bogus letters we received.

Most men who join GoDateNow are completely clueless to what's going on behind the curtain. If most guys got 135 different emails they would be jumping up and down with joy. We on the other hand know what's really going on here. We've been in this game for many years exposing dating site frauds. For us to see that Go Date Now is trying to pull a fast one on us is very easy. First of all you need to ask yourself why is it that women on are the ones pursuing the men? Why did 135 different females email us? In normal society it's the man that pursue the women but on this dating service for some amazing reason it's the other way around. Are there no men in Russia and the Ukraine?  Are the women in those 2 countries so desperate that they will email any man or is there something more sinister going on here?  We don't believe for a single minute that a 135 different women sent us email messages, we know for a fact that it's all scam.

(Screen shot of the 135 emails sent to us.)

Why do we think it's a scam? You can take a look at the evidence we've included of 3 screenshots of 3 different women who sent us emails. Take a close look at them and ask yourself why would such beautiful women email some random guy on These females look like models. They are easily a 9 out of 10. We know the truth about why we're getting bombarded with messages. The reason we're getting these letters is because it costs us to reply to any emails we received.It will cost us 7 credits to send a letter on this website. To reply to just one email message it will cost us roughly € 4 euros (7 credits). Remember that we received 135 different email messages! To reply to every single email will cost us € 540 euros! Are you beginning to understand why this website is sending people email messages? It's a very elaborate con job used to mislead and rip off lonely Western by making them believe that they're getting email letters from beautiful Russian and Ukrainian females. The women who emailed us are essentially models, why on earth would they need to join a website such as this one to meet any man?! It's ludicrous. All of this is a scheme to swindle Western men who are seeking long-term relationships and marriage with women in the Ukraine and Russia.

For the record what we believe is going on is that is using sophisticated computer software programs called bots (a software application that runs automated tasks). These bot programs are designed to send people phony automated email messages that look like they've been sent from women on their dating site. On top of that we also believe they're using paid employees or 3rd party contractors to send people email messages. This is a common tactic amongst fictitious bogus Russian bride websites. How else can you explain the 135 emails we received? It makes absolutely no sense until you realize that bots are most likely responsible for sending us the emails. angry

(Do you really think this female sent us emails wanting to get to know us better?)

( Why would Alina email us? She looks like a model.)

(This is screenshot of a girl named Lubov who emailed us. Unfortunately we don't believe that she sent us an email message we think it's all fake.)

Phony Chat Invitations Used To Con People Into Buying Credits

We took a screenshot of the chat invitations that we received. In order to chat with anybody on this website you need to purchase credits. What are the chances that these are real Russian women that want to meet us? We think these "invitations" are completely fake using automated software bots to swindle people into purchasing credits so the website owners can make money off of your ignorance.

(Screenshot of the phony chat invitations.)

Why Would 135 Women Email Someone Who Has An Empty Profile?

You can take a look at the screenshot that we provided as evidence. This is a screenshot of our empty profile page. We've never uploaded any photographs to our profile and we've only filled out 15% of our profile. Essentially our profile is blank so why then did 135 different Russian and Ukrainian women decide to email us. Are women really that desperate in Russia and the Ukraine that they would just email any guy who has no picture in his profile and no information available?

As we've already mentioned we think computer bots and paid employees are behind this whole scheme to manipulate us into purchasing credits to email these fictitious women back.

(Screen shot of our profile. )

Do You Think These Women Are Legitimate Members Of

Here is even more evidence that really makes you question the validity and legitimacy of GoDateNow. We've included a screenshot of the online members gallery of the website. As we've already mentioned we think all these photographs are models. We believe these models are being paid to use their photos to make fake profiles on the website. It's beyond ridiculous that every single girl on GoDateNow looks like a supermodel. It makes absolutely no sense until you realize that all of this is a deception.

( This is a screenshot of the members gallery, do you really think that these women need to join Go Date Now to meet men?)

Real Online Reviews From Angry Members

Below we've included screenshots from real members that are angry and disgruntled at how this website operates. We found these reviews while searching online for our own investigation.

 The first review from a man named Steve states that "so many women on use pre-recorded videos". One of the options on the site enables you to go on webcam with women but Steve tells us that "these are not live videos they have been pre-recorded" and you need to pay to see these women on webcam even though it's not even live. In the review Steve mentions that "so many women use pre-recorded videos for chats, it's obvious to see that they are pre-recorded".

(Screenshot review from member Steve.)

This is another review from a man called David Thompson. He calls it the worst online dating site. He claims that " purchases member accounts from other websites and agencies". He also claims that "these dating profiles are false, the user's lie and they even demand gifts from you such as iPhones in order to meet them". David goes on to state that "you will pay a lot of money for nothing".

(Screenshot review from member David.)

William states that "this website is a complete scam". He says that "the website is basically set up so the women get a cut from the money you spend to write or chat with them. If you want a fantasy and by all means spend your money here but if you want a real women to find and date or even marry you will not find it here". Then he states that he "spent the time and money to meet several women but not only was their contact information incorrect" but he also went to Kiev (largest city in the Ukraine) and he found out that "these females simply didn't exist". William literally flew to the Ukraine to meet some of these were in person and they never even existed, let that sink in for a minute! no

(Screenshot review from member William.)

Another review from a man called Rob Joseph states that " and another website called are exactly the same website and are both scams". He gave a 1 out of 5 rating and says that "both web sites use the same female profiles even though they claim the sites are not connected with each other".

(Screenshot review from member Rob.)

The Terms And Conditions The Best Place To Find The Truth

In the terms and conditions page using very convoluted terminology and language the website confesses that they have "partners" that are independent of the website that from what they tell us could be fake. You can read the paragraph below which is very difficult to understand (on purpose we might add). This paragraph explains that the website understands that there are fictitious profiles on the website operated by their so-called "independent partners". The question you need to ask yourself is why is a dating site using profiles from anyone? You would assume that all the dating profiles have been created by men or women and not by 3rd party agents etc.. You can go to section #11 of the site or read the paragrapghs below.

  1. Sono has a number of Partners who are independent partners which are grant them access to Platform by registering them on the Platform (“Registered Users”).
  2. We accept such Registered Users performing our own verification of provided information for their profile accounts, but these verification methods shall not be presumed exceptional and error-free, thus we shall not bear any responsibility for the correctness or authenticity of information available in Registered Users profiles.
  3. Under no circumstances, we shall be liable or responsible for the willful or negligent acts and/or omissions of any Partner or any of its respective employees, agents, servants or representatives including, without limitation, their failure to verify information provided by and about any Registered User or Member.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 665 Third Street #207, San Francisco, CA, 94107, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information:

Final Decision:

You can make your own decision. We're here just to point out the facts and let you decide what you want to do. It's not rocket science to see what's really going on here. It's not just our opinion but as you've seen we've included reviews from other unhappy members of the website in their own words.

Search For Females

If you want to search for real women, then look at these legitimate dating sites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 11 comments

  • BILL REDFORS says:

    all the textings are done by a few men,sitting in niygeria ,philipines ,or other women. indeed you are romantically chatting with a stong ,aiygerian man and think that it is the beautiful pics you have seen.please awake,awake awake

  • Aa says:

    Do you really need to be told this site is a scam. Beautiful women with DD are dying to meet you. Come on man!

  • dcguy says:

    The link on this article to the so-called "legitimate dating sites" is just to a two voyeur cam websites with women exposing themselves for money or populated by "working women".  It is for those solely looking for a cheap thrill and hookup.  So even reviews bashing other scam sites tell you that they have legitimate sites that are dubious.  Better to just go to a bar or pub.

  • Gavin says:

    To be brutally honest I have not had a problem with GDN!! They did everything they promised! These are points to consider: 1) The ratio of women to men is the highest in the world in that region. 2) Those women are not as beautiful as they are in those pics! Some are very ugly without the lights, photoshop, etc. 3) The wording and English is inconsistent between them, some are clearly smarter than others. 3) The women approach the site and the site management provide everything including photo shoots. 4) Everything is free for the girls so they are encouraged to seduce men they like. 5) The men pay to respond, min 15 letters to get the girls details. 6) GDN makes money that way and the girls get what they want. It doesn’t always work out on both sides, language is a big problem! I have spoken with some of them personally, YES personally! Two speak English okay the other three couldn’t utter a word in English. We no longer talk on GDN we exchanged emails, Facebook, phone numbers and the are all real!!! The conversations don’t change but we have to do our own translations. This entire article is not fair and based on what they believe to be common sense. Get one to send you a regular pic without the photoshopping and lights, background, etc. Some are just downright ghastly!! Very few that you may get lucky with. I even had one refuse to release her details until she was absolutely comfortable with me!! Finally I’m planning on a full on relationship with one of them and she is on board with it. GDN has nothing to do with us on this. Do your own research too guys!!!

    • TAGIT says:

      Dreamer working on the site i reckon. Your investigation is totally correct. I have spoken directly with females who deleted their profile once they realised their details were being used to steal money from naive men. Avoiding like covid-19 is my advice.

  • Claudio Barbato says:

    I have recently contact the fraud squad in Uk because the report i have of Godatenow last location is in Scotland, Edinburgh they confirm if they have sufficient evidence they will sent a fraud squad to investigate them  !

  • Charles Staples says:

    I must admit after almost three years i have been suspicious for a long time i have spent a fortune some women actually write and warn me she is false but they are afraid to say names or be specific there is no doubt they pay women to write and for their profiles but i have talked to some on phone seem ok but some just block calls and dont answer i believe there are a few that are sincere but it is impossible to know i would like to sue them but location is set up to protect this i am sure it is a fantasy to be sure

  • BOB BELDEN says:


  • Rob Joseph says:

    Godatenow and Godatefast update on scammer dating site for Russian and Ukrainian women is ‘absolutely’ still fake. I did an initial review in December 2017 and have checked the site of and on the last few years. I have found several women whose images appear on these websites on Facebook and Instagram. I have communicated directly with at least four of them that know nothing about the dating pages and were quite shocked when I sent chat conversations and nude pictures sent to me by the fake people representing themselves as them.
    The images and videos are real, but how they get them is the real question. One woman I showed sexual chats and naked pictures from the site had no idea and the suggestion was that likely they were hacked from their devices or sold by unscrupulous photographers. That could be one of the explanations for sure. The woman I communicated with contacted the website administration and had the fake profile removed. I have alerted some of the women who have also had their images and fake profiles removed. Of the dozen or so women I communicated with in 2017-18 have all had their profiles deleted.
    There also might be a bigger scam with women selling their images, video content and even shooting fake video chats that are represented as live and knowingly allow those images to be used for profit. Live chat videos are recorded, and if you watch long enough you will see that they are not reactive to you and the video appears to be on a loop. You can ask them the show you a tattoo or wave at you and they immediately cut you off.
    I paid for letters all the way to the end and requested the contact information as I was promised and the fake profiles decline. I got one number that I did call and even though I was in live chat at the time, she did not pick up. I asked to sky or facetime and was told that the government was blocking services or some other fake excuses. I have Ukraine friends on Facebook and Instagram and there does not seem to be any problems there.
    I have appeared on Dateline, Inside Edition, CNN and Fox as a investigator. I currently appear on Court TV 2-3 times a week as a law enforcement and public corruption expert.

    Rob Joseph

  • "ManOnFire" says:

    I had an 18 month relationship with a fake model profile named Anastasia.25% of the models are named will notice most of the thousands of profiles occupations are doctors,make-up artists,law,own their own businesses,or studying in university….Bullshit!! I have studied GoDate this whole time.You will recieve the same word for word letters from different women.You will recieve multiples of the same exact letters over time from the same women.The scammers simply dont keep track of your personal sharing in your letters.You will ask them certain questions,and never get an answer.You will answer their questions or respond to their asks for advice(always asking you questions so you will spend money replying).Notice how all these models ask you for a reply………CAN YOU SAY ROBOTS?????. They will not remember what you wrote them 2 days ago because they are juggling hundreds of men and letters.Administration is not able to keep up with this.You could text your “girl” that you dont like her saying she is only with you,but constantly everyday on video chats all night long.They will reply you”Do you think your Government will protect your citizens?”And nothing else.If you question her honesty and catch her in the many lies you will hear…THEY DONT EVEN CARE!!.They will never admit to anything.These are all fake women.If you ask them why they say they love you,but chat for hours with Drunken,horny,lonely American men all night…you will get a reply “What is the meaning of love to you?How do you define it my love”…AND LITTLE ELSE.All of the letters you are receiving from these “video chat girls” are Agency Computer Generated Letters(FAKE!!!).Trust me guys…you are much better off to be lonely for awhile,then to think you found love and get a broken heart.SCAM,SCAM,SCAM,TOTAL 100% SSSSCCCCAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mustafa Tahir says:

    Yes this site is a scammed site for sure, i received from two different women sending the same story, its a total copy paste. You put up a straight forward question you will never get the answers, as though it’s being ignored.

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