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  • Latest: Shows you the newest profiles on the site.
  • Rankings: Shows the most popular profiles.
  • Online: Shows who's online now
  • Search: Search for women according to gender, age, country, region, location. Search based on profiles that have photos, video and even if they are verified to be a real person.
  • Contents: See the latest images, webcams and videos.
  • Community:  Check out groups, events, the online forum and chat rooms.
  • Website: Get access to news, support and contact.

Overview is a dating website that is very popular in Poland. They do have an English-speaking versions of the site, as well as German, Russian and Czechoslovakian. The number one question on our mind when reviewing a dating site is we ask is the site a real dating site or another scam to add to the list of frauds to stay away from. Or undercover investigation is available below for you to read. If we found any proof or evidence of fraud, fake profiles, automated bots or any other deceptive marketing tricks it will all be outlined with proof in our review.

No Proof Of Wrong Doing

Always at the forefront of our mind is if the site is going to be a scam. In the case of we created an account, logged into the members area and let our profile sit for a few days. The reason we our profile sit for a few days then come back is to see if we received any messages from anyone and to check If we've gotten any emails from anybody.

Usually if a dating site is a scam it doesn't take very long to start getting inundated with large amounts of unwanted phony emails from bots. We're happy to report in the case of Date Zone we receive 0 email messages, not a single one. Also no instant messages were received on the site at all. If we did start getting messages and instant messages then that would probably be a red flag that the site may be using automated bots to send people fake communications (emails and instant messages). We are happy to report none of that happened on the site.

Another thing we look out for is fictitious profiles. If a  dating site is a scam not only are they using automated software bots to send people phony emails but they will also be creating phony profile pages. Using reverse image software technology we weren't able to identify any fictitious profile Pages. We also took the time to read the terms and conditions page and nothing was stated that the website is involved in fabricating profile pages that are bogus. All of this leads us to conclude that the website is not involved in fabricating or using made up profiles.

If Date Zone isn't using made up profiles or sending people fictitious email guess what from our perspective the site is a legitimate place to meet real people. If we can't find any proof of a scam then there is no scam to be found.

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Final Decision:

All of our information and due diligence that we've done on leads us to believe it's a legitimate dating service. If anyone has any information that shows its a scam we would love to see it.


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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Anna sue says:

    Y am I getting this stuff

  • Tom says:

    I love this Polish dating site, datezone. Because it is not a scam, they have many function that could be improved though.. like filtering messages only to see the messages of girls, bcs my girlfriend made an account there to find another girl, and it was impossible to filter the girls between all the messages of the guys. But very good site! 

    Here I found someone writing a review about datezone in polish

  • Jason says:

    Check this review about datezone.

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