Is A Scam? Read Our Investigation To learn What We Think

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  • $1.00 for a 2 day trial membership to the web site.
  • $34.95 for a 1 month membership to the web site.
  • $34.95 for a 1 month membership to the web site.
  • $11.65 for a  6 month membership to the web site.
  • $119.95 for an 18 month membership to the web site.

The Profile We Created Is Empty But Still We Receive Emails

We took a screenshot of our profile page on This is just to show you that the profile we created for this investigation was left completely empty. We purposely didn't upload any photographs, we purposely didn't fill in our profile. As you can see its virtually empty and no photographs whatsoever. Still we received emails from interested women. Why would women be interested in contacting our profile when they know absolutely nothing about us. What reason would these women have in communicating with our profile? It makes absolutely no sense to us.

If you put the shoe on the other foot would you contact any girl who had no information in their profile and more importantly had no photographs in their profile? It makes absolutely no sense to us whatsoever. What do you think? Does it make sense to you that you would receive emails from attractive looking girls even though your profile was empty? For all these women know we could be a 65 year old, fat bald guy with lesions all over his face!

empty profile

Upgrade To Read Emails From Women On The Site

As you can see from the evidence below we received two emails so far in a short span of 20 minutes of being on the site, this is without having any information in our profile and having no photographs in our profile. When we tried to read the email messages we were asked to upgrade and purchase a membership in order to chat and communicate with other people on the site this could possibly be one of the reasons why we're receiving these email. Could it be that the website wants us to upgrade?


(3 emails from good looking girls, even though our profile is empty.)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 709 Washington Ave Miami Beach Florida 33139 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,,,

Contact Information :

  • Phone: toll free number 1-855-443-5464 or outside USA +1-310-526-2151 1-855-443-5464
  • Addresses: 705 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Contact Page:

Final Decision:

Listen, we've done hundreds of reviews on dating sites. So, anytime we start receiving email messages from interested women who don't know what we look like and don't know anything about us because our profile is empty it's always a red flag to us. It makes absolutely no sense to us that any woman would be contacting us. And on top of that the fact that you need to upgrade to read those email messages is another red flag to us. You can take that statement anyway you want but from our past experiences other sites that function in the same formality have always led to us determining they were a scam. You can make up our own judgment regarding this website.

If you want to you can always register as a member on and see how it goes for you. Did you do you receive email messages even though your profile is empty? What do you think about that? Leave us comments below, we want to know!

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 Comments 14 comments

  • Kugblenu Nicholas says:

                     FUNS AND DELAY WEBSITE

    One have sufered in search of heart to heart through dating website. But all i know is flirch medias are set-up to help poeple meet there neeed or what they want (heart desire)

      Or if i may ask, are these medias set-up for funs? Some may also says credit card but still.

     I write to comment that if this mediasare to help its customers then am pleading to them stop this higly and expensive joks. I then end here with my small serious expirences. And also waiting to have my sweet test of woman from your media without delay. Live is evry short poeple are here to play many are times.

    Thank you.

  • […] investigation. We have already established that this website is connected to numerous scams such as,,, SwipeBang,com, and This ongoing […]

  • lport says:

    I signed up for freebangbuddies this morning and as you stated I was getting emails and IM's almost immediately.Something didn't seem right so I emailed them the question.If this site is free than why the credit card.They stated to verify age.After work I logged on again.something wasn't right so I searched the two from my hometown and they weren't in my search.What tipped me off was the search results I would get.They all said about the same thing and most were from the same town.Quite rare.Plus the site must of meant York PA  not can they get away with this?

  • Daniel says:

    Ok I messed up and read this review after up grading. So how do I get out of it 

  • J says:

    Has anyone ever had this site create its own profile for you randomly and email u the info to it?


    • Admin says:

      Yes, they use that trick to get peole to join the site.

    • Jesse says:

      This is literally why I was searching the internet. They used my email to make an account and tried to get me to "verify the account"

      • Nick says:

        this happened to me the other night too. 4AM asleep in bed and they took my email and created me an account, sending me a password and asking to confirm .

  • Brian says:

    I foolishly signed up for on a one month deal for £35. I read that I had a 14 day grace period to cancel my subscription and get a full refund. 

    Well, everything was great, got chatting with "a lady" ( who knows really )who wasn't far from my town. Tried to set up a time to meet and she had all the excuses. Then one night out of the blue she messaged me saying she wanted @ucking right now !!! Well I had been drinking so couldn't take her up on her offer, she then said well let's try for the weekend. Great I though, weekend comes and she says Subday afternoon. I ask where to meet her and she says I will let you know on the day. Well Seunday came around and I messaged her and no response . It was only then I realised that Sunday was the end of my grace period on the money back option !!!!! Bastards. 

    I have heard nothing from said lady and received no other messages from any members since !!!! COMPLETE SCAM.

    im writing this to inform anyone of this dodgy site . Hopefully someone will learn from my mistake. 

    Good luck folks



  • Tim Thompson says:

    Any real sites run by  honest people?

  • John Wherry says:

    This should be taught in HighSchool, part of general education. I have b een a "victim" ot this partly to have a little bit of fun as I knew it was a fraud but needed to find out at to what extent. My first clue was the demographics. A small town of less than a hundred people that has over 110 female creatures flaunting their tits was the first red flag. The second was the interior of the houses. The third was the number of "wives" wanting to cheet on their husbands exposing their faces and naked bodies to boot, like how well would that go over in divorce court. The forth was the unwillingness to never meet.  The fith was the desire for pointless sex chat fantasy to make one have to buy more tokens, for more sex chat, to buy more tokens for more sex chat , to buy……. I thank you for the service and expose` that you have provided. Maturesforfuck, fat flirt, flirt all have "hidden" charges were they bill your accout for each online chat like a text message. The are always promoting webcam models and some of the female creatures also troll there to generate business for their own sites. Milf Addicts and Milf Aholics are upfront about buying more tokens. I do have a screen shot to forward to you folks showing a female creature, same pic identical, from two different cities from two different countries/states. I have also noticed the same female creature wearing different clothes, different hair styles but same mole around the nipple, same breast sag as well. 

    One more scam I hope you can address is "adult verification." Some models will want to date but they cannot because you have not "been verified." It is "free" except your credit card is charged and the way out of it is to cancel the account and contest the billing with the credit card issurer instantly. Most of the scammers prefer the use of a prepaid debit/credit card as they are more difficult to get a resolution with. I hope you can address this issue and forewarn us men folk. This is something that in not in the fine print of any website documentation. The sites also forwarn against dating out side the suggested practices noted in the fine print.

    All total I suppose I have "invested" in my education about $400-$500 dollars most of which was to satisfy my curosity. 

    Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work and if you want the screen shots let me know. I close with 


    John Wherry 


    PS Check into that adult verification scam

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