Is Still Misleading Men Into Buying Credits? Read This Updated Review

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If you’re here looking for information on whether is a place to find real Asian women that you can meet and possibly marry then this information is for you.

On the Asian Charm site they talk about something called Risk Notice where they discuss that they “may share revenue with female users”. The bottom line is that this website is still misleading people. The website in our opinion isn’t legitimate, if you want to know the full gist of why Asian Charm isn’t real please read this review that we did. It explains everything in crystal clear detail. You can see real reviews from pissed-off members, examples of fake profiles and so forth. Take the time to read the review.

In regards to the Risk Notice page where they discuss sharing revenue with female users, what they don’t tell you is the female members are actually dating profiles that they purchased from a third-party what they refer to as suppliers. The owners of this site are in the business of making money any way they can. If they have to mislead you or lie to you then they will.

The “suppliers” who supply the female profiles are paid a percentage of whatever you spend on their website. As you can see there’s a conflict of interest here because these suppliers actually control and operate these dating profiles.

They basically admit that these female members are paid to communicate with you. If you start getting flooded with emails be aware that the reason you’re getting so many emails is because every time you send or reply to a message you have to pay for it (and they make a cut off the money). The people running these female profiles receive financial compensation. They’re essentially paid to chat with you and string you along pretending to be interested in you.

If you have any information or any experience with please leave a comment below, we appreciate any input positive or negative.

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  • Rod says:

    Makes a lot of sense I wish I would have read this $500 ago! Im usually pretty good at discerning true or fake. Must be losing my edge im old nithing to look at and I have all 700 women telling me they love me and cant wait to get married! Well fuck me.

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