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This Detailed Investigation About IFlirts Exposes Their Fraud

If you’re seeking a legitimate review on then this deep analysis is for you. We joined IFlirts to see if the site was a legitimate hookup site or if it is a scam. Below we’ve included all the evidence, including screenshots as well as any verbiage taken directly from their website that proves this website is a con.

We want to show you and explain why the site is not legitimate. On the on the bottom part of the homepage they actually admit it and it states:

“You will have the opportunity to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual virtual entertainment World although real meetings with them are not possible”

(screenshot from the homepage where they admit using virtual online profiles)

They state that you can chat with “virtual online profiles”, when something is virtual it means it’s not real.

The definition of “virtual” is as follows: not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.

They also admit it’s a virtual entertainment world meaning I Flirts is not a legitimate dating website. It all makes sense when something is virtual it means that it’s not real and they specifically state “real meetings with these virtual online profiles is not possible”. You can never meet these virtual profiles in person.

Inundated With 80 Messages

We joined this website a few weeks ago and we have received 80 messages already! Always remember the website has already admitted that they have virtual profiles on their virtual website and you cannot have real meetings with these virtual profiles.

Why would we get 80 different messages when we don’t even have a photograph in the profile we created for this investigation? You need to understand that all of these messages are completely computer-generated. No real women are sending messages to our account on IFlirts. The truth is they don’t want you to know that they’re using computer software bots that have the ability to mimic real users. What they do is they send computer-generated messages to any male members who join the website. When you join this website you will get inundated with message after message after message but it’s all fictitious. All the messages that we received were being sent from the virtual profiles run by operators of the website. The reason they send their male members so many different messages is to mislead you into believing these are real women who want to meet up with you. But in order to reply to any messages you will need to upgrade and pay. They want your money and that is always their goal.

Paying To Chat With Bots

You have to purchase “coins” in order to chat with these fictitious women.  It would be fine if legitimate women were sending me real messages but the problem of course is the messages aren’t real. The women sending me messages are fictitious.

(screenshot from the terms page where they admit to using professional animators aka paid employees. )

The terms and conditions page is where you can find even more proof of wrong doing. They’re telling us they have professional animators (employees of the site) which are people who are paid to chat with you and hide behind the virtual profiles. People think that real women want to hook up with you but once again it says “real meetings are not possible with these operators, users can only send them messages within the portal”. Once again proving you cannot meet real women on this site. The paid employees aka operators are in control of the fake virtual profiles. And they admit that you cannot meet up with these operators for real life encounters.

Our Profile Page Was Blank But Were Were Still Bombared With Messages

(screenshot of our blank profile that received 80 messages so far.,)

We just want to give you more proof that this website is in fact a fraud. Our profile page is empty, we didn’t put any personal information on the profile page but we were still inundated with over 80 messages. There is no chance in hell that this is a legitimate website.

If you’ve ever joined a legitimate website you know that men are the ones that have to chase the women. Even if you put a picture on your profile you’re not going to get many messages from any women unless you look like Brad Pitt. But on fake websites you don’t have to put any information and you don’t even have to upload any photographs and you’ll still get inundated with tons of messages. This is because the goal with is to get you to buy coins so they can make as much money as possible off of your ignorance.

Final Decision

Now you know the truth about and why it’s not a real place to interact with and find real females. What you’re looking at with is a completely illegitimate phony dating service. It’s not a real place to find real women, at every level this website is completely bogus. Sites like I Flirts make millions of dollars by duping unsuspecting lonely men into purchasing coins to interact with non-existent fake women who are operated by paid employees of the website.

Connections To Other Fake Hookup Sites

IFlirts is associated with other fictitious hookup sites including, and

How To Contact Them To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Online Form:
Address: AppsPartner B.V. Looskade 20 6041LE Roermond, Netherlands

Watch the video review on IFlirts below

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