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  • $4.24 to get access by purchasing a 3 day trial.
  • $27.99 to get access by purchasing a one month subscription.
  • $56.97 to get access by purchasing a 3 month subscription.
  • $95.94 to get access by purchasing a 6 month subscription.


  • Emails: You can send / receive emails.
  • Messages: You can send / receive instant message.
  • Contact Online Chatters:
  • Activity: Take a look at who winked at you, and browsed your profile.
  • Match Feed: Shows info on your matches.

Overview Is the target of today's investigation. We don't take anything at face value and every time we do an investigation we register on the site to see if we can uncover any wrong wrong doings or fraudulent marketing tactics being used on consumers. Below we have laid out our whole investigation including any evidence that we found on the site of fraudulent marketing tactics. Please read the full review below.

Our Blank Profile Didn't Stop Us From Getting 8 Emails & 10 Instant Messages

What would you think if you join a dating site didn't fill out your profile information, didn't upload any photographs of yourself but somehow you started getting a bunch of emails from lots of different women? That's the exact scenario that happened to us when we registered on Somehow, miraculously we were the center of attention. Even though we didn't have any pictures and no personal information as you can see in the screenshot below.
What we took away from investigating this site is that there is absolutely no real females emailing us or sending us instant messages. We're pointing out that our profile is blank just as evidence and proof to show that this isn't a legitimate site. In all honesty there should be no one contacting us because they don't know anything about us. The profile page we created was empty and there's no photographs on our profile page. Why then would any women want to contact us? The answer of course is that none of these women are real and any emails and instant messages are coming from computer software bots. We will explain more of this further down in this investigative report.
empty profile page

(Screen shot of the empty profile we created, no photos, no information on it.)

Computer Generated Emails Sent To Members To Trick Them Into Upgrading

Below we took a screenshot of the emails sent to us on The first thing you need to realize that we found out was that this site is using software bots camouflaged as real users. A software bot is a computer program that can do automated tasks such as sending emails to people. On this website computer bots are being used systematically to send computer-generated email messages that to the untrained eye appeared to be coming from legitimate females who are members on the site. This is completely false and you should take note any emails that we received are not legit. In fact a couple of the subject lines from totally different female members were exactly the same (see evidence below).


There is a method to the madness, doesn't just send automated emails for the hell of it. The number one reason to send automated emails is to get you to try to reply back at which time you will be asked to upgrade your membership from a free membership to a paid subscription. It's all about the money and using automated bots to trick people works very well because the majority of the public has no idea that these type of computer systems are being deployed on fraudulent dating services such as this one.

(screen shot showing 15 instant messages NOT from local girls but from automated bots.)

10 Instant Messages Used To Trick Us Into Upgrading

Instant messages work the same way as the emails. The same exact computer bot systems that are designed to send automated email messages can be created to send instant messages that are automatically generated as well. There is no human involvement in the email in the instant messages we are receiving. These instant messages are completely fabricated with pre composed responses. Don't get fooled just because they sound like they're real, everything is done through computer programming to make it look legit even though it's completely fictitious. And once again the reason behind the automated instant messages is to entice people to try to communicate back to the bot programs at which time you will have to upgrade your free membership to a paid one. It's a very elaborate scheme that works very well lining the pockets of the shysters behind They make a boatload of money using these deceptive marketing tactics on their own members.

(Computers are sending us instant messages not humans.)

5 Notifications Designed To Fool Us Into Buying A Paid Membership

We received a bunch of notifications on some of the notifications notify you when someone has a browse your profile and when someone sends you a "wink". Fortunately all of this is rigged as well. There is absolutely no one viewing your profile and sending us "winks". These computer software robots are at the center of all types of communication on the site from sending you fictitious emails, bogus instant messages and also phony notifications. It's all part of their elaborate scheme to deceive people.

(Screenshot of the bogus notifications we received on Meet Me Sexy.)

Made Up Profiles Using Profile Photos Copied / Taken From Other Sites

The profiles on this site are phony as a $3 bill. None of this is real. This whole site is built to look like a legit place to meet women. And of course the female profiles are are fake as silicone breasts on a stripper. This is all phony. And we have proof of at least where  some of the photos for their made up profiles are being taken from. We have listed the various links to where the exact profile photos can be found on other sites proving that these photos are not of real female members looking to hook up.

(Fake profile using stolen photo)


(Fake profile using stolen photo)

(Fake profile using stolen photo of Daniela Ospina)


The Proof Of Their Deception Is Detailed on Their Terms Page

They don't hide the fact that they use profiles created by the staff, but they do hide it in their terms where 99% of people won't look. They thought by hiding it on their terms page where most people won't look they can do two things, #1 it would stop law enforcement from going after them because they are telling the members who joined this site exactly what's going on. Since, you need to agree to the terms and conditions before you can join then it's on you to read the terms and conditions. That's what the owners of this site think. We however are not lawyers we don't know the laws to the extent that it is in regards to this situation. But we think if they have it in the terms and conditions we don't think that they are legally allowed to create fictitious profiles and then use automated computer bots to manipulate and trick people so they purchase paid memberships. To us that is a case of fraud,they are breaking the law that's the way we see it!

  • We may, from time to time, create profiles which are created, maintained and managed by our employees ("Staff Profiles").
  • To boost interaction between our members and in order to notify them of newly registered matches and any activity of that new user (i.e. registration, photo upload etc.) we may, from time to time, use an automatic pop up notification system and other communication channels e.g. inbox or instant messages to send Activity Alerts to you. Activity Alerts will be marked in your inbox with a specific icon, and some auto generated Activity Alerts may require an upgraded Paid Membership in order to see the content of message and reply to it.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 75 Broad Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY, 10004, US
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Trying to find real women on this site is like finding a needle in the haystack. It takes sifting through thousands of pretend profiles to find one real person to interact with. Is it really worth that much trouble? We strongly suggest you read our review twice if you are considering joining this site. It should become evident by this point that MeetMeSexy isn't a legitimate dating service.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 14 comments

  • Paul Hobson says:

    I was of the opinion, this site was a scam in some form. Many of the "conversations" i had, lead to my being sent a links to other sites, which straight away asked for credit card details. 

    When i contacted the customer service, with the view to cancelling my renewal subscription, because of the scamming. I was told the remainder of my subscription would be changed to a sister site. Where the females had been verified as real and my subscription would run from there. It took me several attempts to convey the message that i did not want to have any form of renewal subscription. 

    • Admin says:

      Thye try to keep you on a recurring membership.. Good for you for cancelling

    • Darlene says:

      It is we need everybody I can't get to expose these people my fucked up husband working on internet but won't Tell me nothing,let me tell I have search this stuff for a year I found on a bunch a file picture the use on different sites the set up what it supposed to ask you I'm happy to u believe this with all this Java and everything hidden it just takes people money and it all scripted  look up gunor Moses they had that name following me on plus Google,then I found it on a file that is fake people even on match .com let's expose them join me———email– [email protected]


  • Gregory says:

    I cancelled, and they would not let me cancel out I had to cancel out my credit card.

  • Anonymous says:

    Im glad I did a google search on meetmesexy before I subscribed. I was excited but then alarmed when I had over 100 notifications in the first hour. Especially considering Im on the east coast looking up woman on the westcoast and signed up as a user on the westcoast…im moving there. Anyway it was 8am here so there was something wrong with the idea of all these horny woman being up at 6Am on monday morning

  • Dean gunstone says:

    I gave my email address out. I was asked to verify my account. I told the woman I can't do it now. 

    Then I received a message from administration saying if I don't verify my account I will be charged $365 dollars and not allowed back on the site. 

    I started verifying and they wanted bank details.that's where I stopped. 

    • Admin says:

      Did you lose the $365? You should report this incident to the FBI, FTC so they can go after these criminals. It’s not the first time they have tried to rob people.

  • Ian says:

    Iamnaughty.Com and benaughty are fraudulent. I have got my bank onto them. I want my money back. I will get it!

  • Stu says:

    Are there any legit dating sites out there at all?, even tinder i heard has alot of bots on it now.

  • annonymous says:

     I just wanna say your right this site is 100 per cent fake, and because of it I had to cancell my credit card, because I was afraid they would try to keep billing me. I took the 3 day trial offer for 4 dollars, but after being on the site for 2 days I realized I had been had. Man I feel dumb, anyway I call to make sure they hadn't billed me for anymore than the 4 dollars, and then imediately cancelled my credit card so they couldn't charge another cent.  I am just wondering how they do the conversations, the girls all say the same thing about wanting to please me. I guess it's an autobot or something.

  • Condy says:

    Oh okay

  • Joe says:

    They tried to charge my card like 100 dollars and my bank stopped my card without me even knowing.. I got the three day membership for like 3 dollars and they charged me like 35. Scam

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