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  • $29.95 to purchase a 1 month membership.
  • $14.95 to purchase a 3 month membership to the site.
  • $95.40 to purchase a 1 year membership to the site.
  • $199.95 to purchase a lifetime membership to the site.


  • Feed: See the latest of what is going on.
  • Members: Check out members located in your area.
  • Live Girls: Watch live girls on the web cams for a fee.
  • Photos: Check out photographs of members.
  • Videos: Check out videos of members of the site.
  • Blog Spots: Check out other members blogs.
  • Pin Boards: The same exact thing as Interest for adult images.
  • Mail Box: Check out emails and receive emails.
  • Friends Requests: See who wants to be your friend through the friends request page.
  • Who Viewed Me: You can see who has viewed your profile.

Agree To "Cupids" Before You Gain Access To The Site

Even before you gain access to the site you need to agree to the use and nature of "Cupids". "Cupids" to make a long story short are fake dating profiles that the website has created that are used to trick you into believing that you are communicating with a real girl when the truth is it is a completely automated email sent from a fake girl who is not a member of the site. We will get into "Cupids" further in this review. Unfortunately most people do not read the fine print and jump in head first without actually understanding what "Cupids" are, and this is the center of the deception and the fraud that this site perpetuates on its members.


Fictitious Emails

All the emails we receive from supposedly interested women had a letter "C" with a square around them. You can see this is evidence circled in red below. The letter "C" signifies a "Cupid" which we have discussed stating that those are actually fake women, they are not real legitimate members looking to meet men. This website along with countless other dating sites uses sophisticated software programs that can send automated email messages to free members. These fictitious emails are used to trick you into believing you're being contacted by a real girl but if you try to read the email messages you are asked to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription. Within 15 minutes we already had 4 fake emails and they are continuing to pour in as we write this investigation. Not one real legitimate girl send us emails, they were all "Cupids".

Automated emails

Fictitious Chat Messages

Along the same lines as the automated email messages this site also use fictitious chat messages to trick you into upgrading to a premium monthly subscription. You can see an example (see evidence below) of one chat message we receive from "Melissa Schmidt". But in order to read her chat message we need to get a premium account. Unfortunately there is really no point in purchasing a premium account since "Melissa" is not a real person and the message she is supposedly sending is completely automated.

Unfortunately many men will fall for this deception because they have no clue that computer software programs can actually send out fake emails and they probably wouldn't fathom that a business would actually be involved in creating fake dating profiles to trick them into purchasing paid monthly memberships. But that is exactly what is going on here.


Fictitious Girls

Unfortunately the large majority of the girls on this site are not real members. Most of their images have either been bought or stolen from adult image provider or adult image sites and then they have created profiles with those photos. We have included two examples of fake female members of who's images are actually found on adult image sites. One was actually a webcam model and the other was found on multiple adult web sites. What you're looking at in actuality is not a real dating site but a phony dating site using images of attractive looking girls to trick you into upgrading.

fake girl

(this photo was also found on other sites one of them being


(this photo was also found on other sites listed below)


Fake Friends Requests

Not surprisingly any friends requests you receive are also completely automated and fake. The girls in the friends request are all fake. We have included just two examples (see evidence below) from the friends request that we have received. If you look at both examples circled in red is a letter C that signifies that that particular profile is a "Cupid" which means they are completely fake and have been created by

The reason they send out fake friends request is because they want you to try and then communicate back to the girls at which time you are asked to upgrade. It's all about money and they need to trick you into upgrading so they can make money off you. Also something else to note is that the reason they have so many fake girls on the site is that this site doesn't have any real women on it so in order to make it seem as if the site has thousands of hot looking girls looking to get laid they need to create fake female dating profiles.

fake friends requests


Terms & Conditions Admits To Fake Women

Probably the most damning evidence for is that they actually admit to the use of fake dating profiles like we explained. They admit they are automatically created for marketing and so forth. We have included the most important parts of the terms and conditions section 1 below for you to read. This was taken directly from the website and has not being altered.

  1. Company Generated Cupid Profiles (marked withcupid ) are created automatically.
  2. The Company Generated Cupid Profiles encourage conversation between members by making introductions or recommendations or just by chatting with Users, for entertainment purposes. From time to time, and in our sole and absolute discretion, Company Generated Cupid Profiles may be introduced with a designated symbol, which is the sign on every item of interaction of such a profile.
  3. You acknowledge and agree that some of the profiles posted on the Website that you may communicate with as a Registered User may be fictitious.
  4. The messages they send are computer generated. Messages from the user profiles we create attempt to simulate communications so that should you become a paid Member you are encouraged to participate in more conversation and to increase interaction among fellow paid Members.
  5. The user profiles we create are not intended to resemble or mimic any actual persons.
  6. We may create several different user profiles that we attach to a given picture. You understand and acknowledge that we create these profiles and that these profiles are not based on or associated with any Registered User or Member of our Service or any other real person.
  7. You also acknowledge and agree that the descriptions, pictures and information included in such profiles are provided primarily for your amusement and to assist you navigate and learn about our Website.
  8. Any one of these user profiles may message with multiple Registered Users at the same or substantially the same times just like our Registered Users and Members.
  9. We will, send automatic electronic communications to Users to stimulate conversation between members.
  10. Additionally, we will utilize our automated system profiles to communicate with Users to enhance our Users' entertainment experience.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 800 Petrolia Road, Unit 8, Toronto, ON, M3J-3K4, CA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: NS-1410.AWSDNS-48.ORG, NS-1669.AWSDNS-16.CO.UK, NS-263.AWSDNS-32.COM, NS-567.AWSDNS-06.NET

Contact Information :

  • Phone: +41 (0) 91 60 464 86
  • Addresses: Cargo Media AG Untere, Rebgasse 22, 4058 Basel, Switzerland
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Unfortunately meeting a real person on this site is slim to none. With the site actually admitting they use "Cupids" aka fake females, automated email messages and so forth there really is no opportunity to interact with legitimate females on this site.

Search For Women

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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