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In this article I’ll be discussing about a website called and why this dating site is a scam.  This site was created to make you think that it’s legitimate but it’s not.

HotDailyFlirts has all the buttons, all the nice graphics and so forth but at the end of the day can you actually meet up with the members on this site or is it a scam? It’s a scam!

This website actually admits in a few places that the site uses fake profiles. On the front page of Hot Daily Flirts they admit the site is designed for “pleasure and entertainment”. They go onto say that “fictional entertainers profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible”. See the screenshot below for proof that they use fake dating profiles.

What Does Fictional Entertainer Profiles Mean?

They’re telling you their website uses “fictional entertainer profiles”.  When something is fictional it means it’s not real, it’s fake!

They’re telling you that they’re using fake profiles and there’s a heart icon on those fake profiles. They also tell us “physical contact”, physically meeting with these profiles isn’t possible because of course they’re not real people. These profiles have been created by the employees of

The whole website has been made solely to trick you into purchasing credits. The websites owners can make a lot of money off of tricking people into giving up their credit card information! It’s all about money in the end.

Before you can create an account they want you to agree to the terms and conditions and they want me to agree to “the use of fictional entertainer profiles marked with a heart icon with which physical contact is not possible”. I need to agree to the use of fake dating profiles? Yes!

They’re telling you that the website basically is a scam not in so many words but when they’re talking about fictional profiles that means a profile is not real meaning it’s fake and you can’t physically meet up with these fake profiles meaning of course the site is a scam. They don’t actually have real people on this fake hookup site.

When I logged into the members areas I already had two different messages waiting for me even though I joined the site 2 minutes before that. How the hell is It even possible that 2 women have messaged me?  It doesn’t make any sense and the reason it doesn’t make sense is because I’m receiving fake messages from fake profiles.

This bogus site uses computer programs called chatbots to send people fake messages so when you join the website you get all these emails but if you want to reply you need to purchase credits. It’s all about money!

I’ve done hundreds of dating reviews on tons of different adult dating sites and it’s the same scam over and over again. They send you fake messages, if you want to read the messages or reply to them you have to upgrade. They’re using artificial intelligence in their software programs, they can make it look like a girl is contacting you even though it’s completely fake (that’s exactly what’s happening here). It’s not rocket science to see this is a fraud especially when they admit to creating fictional profiles on the website

This website is in fact a fraud there are no real women on here. The website has been created solely to trick you into upgrading, don’t fall for the scam it doesn’t matter what the women look like the whole thing has been created to mislead you into upgrading and purchasing credits like I’ve said many times.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below. If you’re interested in searching for real local females in your community then check out the information right below the sentence.

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 Comments 30 comments

  • Ronnie J Harper says:

    How stupid can a guy be?! I’m talking about myself here. I’m a victim of these scams. After paying enough money to pay a whole army of high priced call girls I realized I was being took. Well I’ve learned my lesson but I’m still alone and still wanting to be with someone. How do I get my money back and where is a real sex dating site where I can actually meet someone?

    • Thomas bayer says:

      Well buddie, I’m with you, a bunch of scam artist, their women are far too pretty to be manless, and so many of them…fucking bullshit, would you like to ride with me, I’m going to look for a woman on the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON!!!!

  • David Travis says: is a rip-off. I was only on it a few days and it didn’t take long to see that its a scam. The women’s profiles sound really good and they put up some really sexy pictures! You start talking to the lady and they lead you in to feeling that hey we are going to meet up and have a good time! Then once you start asking about meeting that is when you start getting the excuses. I would have figured that it was just that they thought the chemistry wasn’t right if it was just one or two ladies but when it turns out to be six that’s a pattern! They all wanted to keep talking, but on the site where you have to keep buying credits! I’m leaving this comment to inform any guys that are thinking about joining this site because you want to meet someone, then don’t join because you won’t meet any of the women! If you want to join to just spend money and talk dirty to some women then this could be the site for you!

    • BaldLover79 says:

      I mean I give them credit for creativity, the somewhat personal messages, etc. But it so clear its fake, its not even close.

  • kenneth says:

    yes it was not good they tell you they want to fuck but it never happens so i would not recumend this site to any one it fraud and useless they are especailly fraud in meeting you they are just telling you what you want to here these women are the biggest liars ive ever seen in my lifetime

    • Gilbert Ortiz says:

      Absolutely right this site is a fraud I just cancelled my account. A top waste of time and money.

      • Kelly says:

        Well I agree this is the biggest rip off I’ve ever seen I wasted 3 months of my time and $1400 out the door because I believed this there’s gotta be a way Is to get at these guys for fraud big time

  • Rodney Munch says:

    Hey you’re totally right man the same thing happened to me however I got pissed off enough and threatened to shut their business down I’m an attorney and I know how to do it so well I know how to try to do it at least the problem is there’s all the little buttons we clicked on and agreed to mess us up because we’re horny dudes and we want to meet some hot girls! So you’re not alone man and I’ll keep you updated if you want on what their reply is going to be I send them a very angry attorney letter this has to stop you know what I mean anyhow sorry to keep you reading have a good night bye

  • Jeffery says:

    I am glad that I found out about this in the last 48 hours. I was so curious as I tried to use my card to get some simple credits period each time my card was rejected. Today I called the bank and they said that this site shows signs of fraud or being transacted out of the country. I am glad I didn’t even send them dollar one. Shame on these people for playing with the emotions of us lonely and horny guys.

  • Vito gurino says:

    Hot flirts is a scam! All those women on there are not real! That site got me for about 500 before I realized it was a scam! Fucking thieves! And u can’t do shit about them either cause they are in the neitherlands! It is horrible how these sites fuck with a man’s emotions! I mean some of these bitches told me they just wanted to fuck! But always a different answer when I called there bluff n gave them my email and cell number! Older ones younger Asians! Etc! So don’t get taken men! Like I did!

  • George Quance says:

    It gets even worse. A site called redirects to this site. So they are advertising two different names for exactly the same site.

    I find it entertaining to read the profiles on this site (and others like it) but do not buy credits or memberships for any of them. You can use these kind of sites to look at semi-nude to fully nude chicks for free, as long as you don’t spend any money on them. And ignore the pleas and recriminations from “members” who nag you to return their messages.

  • Kelly Coonen says:

    I have been on for 4 months and I have well over a thousand dollars spent on here. This fraud site. Because have not had one time where I got meet up with somebody. I am on every day the message they send first is naughty talk but that get text them than it all goes down hill. If I don’t get some kind of refund put back on my card. I will go to get legal a action. Because this bullshit so please get back to me. Thank you for your help.

  • Loren Burson says:

    I want to get all reviews on BravoDate. Com

  • David says:

    Don’t go on at all guys. The pictures are fake and very grainy. They use chat people from the Neithlands. They don’t meet up with u at all. They just talk to you. They are liers from the Neithlands. And they will repeat the sentence to that what I found out too. I am pissed off at them too. Guys shut them down.

  • Brian says:

    Thanks to all of your messages. This helps me out

    • Wm Johnson says:

      The site is a scam. I met someone who Ithough was interesting but needed to purchase more credits to continue our conversation but instead my credit card was used to purchase $198 worth of “things”. The bank fortunately notified me and I cancelled card without incurring a loss. Lesson learned!

  • Kelly says:

    I had the same problem there’s gotta be a way that we can get these guys because they are stealing tons of money from people and I was dumb enough to fall forward for 3 months

  • Mike says:

    I did not buy any credits, and block this site. When I tried messaging, the site wanted me to buy credits, and the credits are expensive, and it has to be done with a credit card. I don’t trust anything on the internet. I googled reviews on the site and found this page, and a few other reviews, and found out that the profiles are fake robot profiles designed to suck money out of people. Do your due diligence whenever you come across anything that you are not familiar with. use tools like google, and scamadvisor.

  • David says:

    Guys do not apply to hotdailyflirts. Totally a scam. Whoever runs this site ha stolen womans social media accounts to get there sexy naked photos and they chat with you. I figured it out. After awhile flirting , i had read many profiles and women would suck you in by say all they want is NSA/ FWB no strings attached, friends with benefits. So i decided to rewrite my profile messages. Guess what guys, the site removed my profile messages 5 times as i also wrote what woman wrote on therr profile messages. I wrote the type of guy i am and then wrote, what woman some of the women wrote, im not here to read about your personal story. Im herr only for NSA/FWB only. We can tell eachother when we’re together. Im mot herr to chitchat. Only here for a great time have sensual sex etc. etc. Well the site removed my profile messages ,5 times. 5 times i rewrote that message took it down. So guys I hop e you understand and dump this site and look for a real site you can trust and get what your looking for. Us guys need to stick together. Enjoy when you find her.

  • Darnell Morgan says:

    What i’ve experienced was once i was able to purchase credits, the women were either bots or sex cam girls advertising themselves. A waste of time & money.

  • John Maten says:

    Thank you very much.

  • Dana says:

    How do I get back in to the site I don’t see a long in button will you tell me want is wrong

  • A .M says:

    stop email me not intrusted .

  • Sagu says:

    I have been a member for over a year. I have never spent one penny on chat credits. I have received over 15,000 messages from beautiful women. Every single one has a heart by her name so she is untouchable. I have never made any kind of contact with anyone. But the nude photos they send in their messages are worth reading the message.

  • Rich says:

    I have personally met up with 2different woman on HDF. I agree though the majority of them are fake

    • John says:

      Most say they live very near to my house I wrote telling in my profile to go to the only bar in town on friday night but I never see anyone and they never recognize me

  • Michael says:

    The photos of these women apparently are taken at European locations. They aren’t coming to your town.

  • Michael says:

    Photos of these women seem to be taken at European locations.

  • One pissed off Citizen says:

    There is hundreds of these sites guys if not thousands. i used one long enough to be talked to by one of the “owners” and they told me that the site was a front to sort the dangerous customers from the good ones and if i paid for their license for 160 dollars and my pic for said electronic license id get to meet the real girls. At which point i called him on it being a shakedown and he told me to prove it. After a long and drawn out verbal battle i canceled the card and site and have searched and searched and read all the terms and agreements for a month or so to come to the conclusion that this is never going to get solved without a person or company with a website or software that exposes every and all sites as they are put up and or when viewed ect. ect. or a law be made. god, another law.

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