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In this article I’ll be discussing about a website called and why this dating site is a scam.  This site was created to make you think that it’s legitimate but it’s not.

HotDailyFlirts has all the buttons, all the nice graphics and so forth but at the end of the day can you actually meet up with the members on this site or is it a scam? It’s a scam!

This website actually admits in a few places that the site uses fake profiles. On the front page of Hot Daily Flirts they admit the site is designed for “pleasure and entertainment”. They go onto say that “fictional entertainers profiles marked with a heart icon are for entertainment purposes only, physical contact with these profiles is not possible”. See the screenshot below for proof that they use fake dating profiles.

What Does Fictional Entertainer Profiles Mean?

They’re telling you their website uses “fictional entertainer profiles”.  When something is fictional it means it’s not real, it’s fake!

They’re telling you that they’re using fake profiles and there’s a heart icon on those fake profiles. They also tell us “physical contact”, physically meeting with these profiles isn’t possible because of course they’re not real people. These profiles have been created by the employees of

The whole website has been made solely to trick you into purchasing credits. The websites owners can make a lot of money off of tricking people into giving up their credit card information! It’s all about money in the end.

Before you can create an account they want you to agree to the terms and conditions and they want me to agree to “the use of fictional entertainer profiles marked with a heart icon with which physical contact is not possible”. I need to agree to the use of fake dating profiles? Yes!

They’re telling you that the website basically is a scam not in so many words but when they’re talking about fictional profiles that means a profile is not real meaning it’s fake and you can’t physically meet up with these fake profiles meaning of course the site is a scam. They don’t actually have real people on this fake hookup site.

When I logged into the members areas I already had two different messages waiting for me even though I joined the site 2 minutes before that. How the hell is It even possible that 2 women have messaged me?  It doesn’t make any sense and the reason it doesn’t make sense is because I’m receiving fake messages from fake profiles.

This bogus site uses computer programs called chatbots to send people fake messages so when you join the website you get all these emails but if you want to reply you need to purchase credits. It’s all about money!

I’ve done hundreds of dating reviews on tons of different adult dating sites and it’s the same scam over and over again. They send you fake messages, if you want to read the messages or reply to them you have to upgrade. They’re using artificial intelligence in their software programs, they can make it look like a girl is contacting you even though it’s completely fake (that’s exactly what’s happening here). It’s not rocket science to see this is a fraud especially when they admit to creating fictional profiles on the website

This website is in fact a fraud there are no real women on here. The website has been created solely to trick you into upgrading, don’t fall for the scam it doesn’t matter what the women look like the whole thing has been created to mislead you into upgrading and purchasing credits like I’ve said many times.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment below. If you’re interested in searching for real local females in your community then check out the information right below the sentence.

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 Comments 4 comments

  • Ronnie J Harper says:

    How stupid can a guy be?! I’m talking about myself here. I’m a victim of these scams. After paying enough money to pay a whole army of high priced call girls I realized I was being took. Well I’ve learned my lesson but I’m still alone and still wanting to be with someone. How do I get my money back and where is a real sex dating site where I can actually meet someone?

  • David Travis says: is a rip-off. I was only on it a few days and it didn’t take long to see that its a scam. The women’s profiles sound really good and they put up some really sexy pictures! You start talking to the lady and they lead you in to feeling that hey we are going to meet up and have a good time! Then once you start asking about meeting that is when you start getting the excuses. I would have figured that it was just that they thought the chemistry wasn’t right if it was just one or two ladies but when it turns out to be six that’s a pattern! They all wanted to keep talking, but on the site where you have to keep buying credits! I’m leaving this comment to inform any guys that are thinking about joining this site because you want to meet someone, then don’t join because you won’t meet any of the women! If you want to join to just spend money and talk dirty to some women then this could be the site for you!

  • kenneth says:

    yes it was not good they tell you they want to fuck but it never happens so i would not recumend this site to any one it fraud and useless they are especailly fraud in meeting you they are just telling you what you want to here these women are the biggest liars ive ever seen in my lifetime

  • Rodney Munch says:

    Hey you’re totally right man the same thing happened to me however I got pissed off enough and threatened to shut their business down I’m an attorney and I know how to do it so well I know how to try to do it at least the problem is there’s all the little buttons we clicked on and agreed to mess us up because we’re horny dudes and we want to meet some hot girls! So you’re not alone man and I’ll keep you updated if you want on what their reply is going to be I send them a very angry attorney letter this has to stop you know what I mean anyhow sorry to keep you reading have a good night bye

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