Review: You Can’t Hookup On It’s A Phony Dating Site

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Hookpers Uses AI Bots To Mislead You is not a real place to interact with any real people whatsoever. The site is essentially a scam even though it looks legitimate and this review explains why. After you register on Hookupers you will be able to login to the members area of the website and then you’ll be inundated with chat messages from all these different attractive looking women. But all of this is not real, it’s all a bunch of garbage. The dating profiles are actually fake profiles that use images of hot looking women but they are not actual members of the site. The owners of snag images from all sorts of sites on the internet or they might be purchase images of attractive looking women, and from there they then create fictitious profiles using the images of the attractive women. This is done so when you log on to their website you will think there’s tons of hot girls seeking casual encounters. Then you will start getting inundated with message after message from the various women on the website. You have to ask yourself what’s going on here? And I am here to tell you it’s all fake.

On my profile page that I did for this review I had no pictures but still surprisingly I  got messages from women who want to get to know me better which is beyond ridiculous. If you’ve been on any other dating site you’ll realize that this is not how other websites work. Usually the men are the ones chasing the women but on Hookupers it’s the opposite. That’s because Hookupers is a scam, these are not real women sending me messages, it’s all bogus. Then why are they sending me messages? It’s because if I want to reply to the messages I need to buy a membership, that’s what it’s all about.

The Terms & Conditions Tell The Truth

They want to make money off of your gullibility, it’s all just a scam and I can prove it. If you visit the terms and conditions and reads section 13.2 of the terms (under customer service and submissions) they state that

“we may from time-to-time create profiles that are created maintained and managed by our employees the purpose of these profiles has been able to ensure the services are operating properly”

This is all a bunch of nonsense. The real reason they’re creating fake profiles is because they want to make it appear as if the website is full of hot girls (which it isn’t).

Also on Section 9.5 of the terms and conditions under “interactions on website” it states:

“for the purpose of provision of service to you via the website during the hours of the attendance we may register an artificial intelligence driven profiles of numbers that you may continue using website and chatting with other members uninterruptedly when the number of active members is decreasing.”

What does that all mean?

It means that they use fake profiles AKA artificial intelligence so that when there’s no one on the site you’ll still be getting chat messages. Why would anybody want to purchase a membership to chat with artificial intelligent bot? The answer is nobody would if they knew the truth. That’s why the hide all their dirty tricks in the terms and conditions page of their website. Now you know the truth about Hookupers. I strongly suggest that you act accordingly and don’t waste your time and more importantly don’t give these people your credit card information. These are nothing but criminals running a scam on thousands of people on the internet.

How To Contact Them To Cancel Your Account Etc:

E-mail: [email protected]
28 Queens Road, 20th Floor, Central Tower, Central, Hong Kong

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • harry says:

    yes a fake site ,the women on it from leinster done even know howmany countys are in lenster or that dublin is in lenster and when asked where in lenster on the map they said it was at the botton

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