FuckDate-Tonight.com Advertising on Adult Sites Promoting MarriedSeniorDating.com

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Website Details:

FuckDate-Tonight.com home page


FuckDate-Tonight.com is marketing itself on a variety of adult video sites. When you click on a link it takes you to a phony questionnaire where would you can answer the questionnaire any way you want. After you answer all the questions you are congratulated and then redirected to a dating site called MarriedSeniorDating.com. This is all fake and is just a marketing gimmick, everyone gets congratulated and receives access to MarriedSeniorDating.com. They want people to join MarriedSeniorDating.com, that's the whole point of gettign you to go to the home page of MarriedSeniorDating.com.

Why Does FuckDate-Tonight.com Promote MarriedSeniorDating.com?

You may be wondering why FuckDate-Tonight.com is promoting the dating site called MarriedSeniorDating.com. The reason they promote this site is they get paid to do so. It's a financial partnership in which if you purchase a membership on MarriedSeniorDating.com then the owners of FuckDate-Tonight.com will make a commission. They are the marketing arm of the site. Their job is to promote the site any way they can, and for this they will receive financial compensation.

Why Does FuckDate-Tonight.com Promote MarriedSeniorDating.com?

From what we were able to dig up on MarriedSeniorDating.com it looks as if they provide certain people with free profiles on the site, they don't have to pay for the profiles they create on the site. The people who get the free profiles are instructed to "promote member involvement and participation". This means that these certain individuals are used to get free members to pay for dating memberships on the site. It's unclear to the extent and what types of tactics they use to get people to upgrade because they don't specify this in the terms and conditions of the site. So, we are left wondering exactly how they promote member involvement in the site through these certain individuals.

Other sites we have reviewed specifically detail the use of fake profiles and automated communications such as fake emails and fictitious instant messages that are used to lure members into buying paid subscriptions. With MarriedSeniorDating.com we are unclear as to how they promote more participation in the site. But we suggest that you keep your guard up if you plan on using this service.

The Terms & Conditions Explain It All

Here is the terms and conditions paragraph that discusses how they give certain people free profiles to promote the site.

The Company may communicate with you in a variety or different manners, including direct emails to you or through messages posted through the Site. Company may also endeavor to enhance the user experience by providing certain individuals with free profiles and other compensation for entertainment purposes and to promote member involvement and participation. Such communications are solely for the purpose of online communication and the individuals behind such profiles will never be encouraged nor in anyway rewarded for having any contact with any member outside of the Site.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 865 SW 78th Ave Suite A100 Plantation FL 33324 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns1.newnameserver.com, ns2.newnameserver.com

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-954-689-8339
  • Address: 865 SW 78th Ave Suite A100 Plantation FL 33324 USA
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

FuckDate-Tonight.com is working with MarriedSeniorDating.com to get more people to purchase memberships on their site. As of this point we are unsure as too how much of a scam this site is but please be cautious if you plan of using it.

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