Review Analysis: Busted Using AI Bots & Fake Dating Profiles

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This is my review on a dating site called I just want to point out all the reasons that this website is fake and I will break it down piece by piece.  On the front page it says “by submitting this form you’re over 18,  and you agree that your profile is used with the Icebreaker system in order to initiate conversations”.

What Is An Ice Breaker System?

By looking at the terms and conditions page it says that “Icebreaker messages may be computer generated or customized by us”. This means that when someone is messaging you it’s computer generated, it means you’re receiving a message that’s not been sent from a real person, it’s been sent from a computer software program. That’s something you need to understand if you’re using this website. Many people get misled into thinking when they join a website like FuckBookMobile that the messages they get are from actual women who want to hook up with you. That is absolutely not the case of what’s going on here. This website uses deceptive tricks to make it appear as if real women are contacting you but in reality you’re actually getting instant messages from a computer program. Obviously there’s a very big difference between getting a message from a computer program or a real girl and something you definitely need to be aware of.

I noticed that I already received two different messages waiting for me after being on the site for 30 seconds! This is another way, another tell tale sign that a website is fake. On real dating sites you’re not going to get messages within 30 seconds of joining a site but on bogus websites like Fuck Book Mobile you’ll get lots of messages and it doesn’t take any time at all.

It’s all a massive illusion that tries to pull the wool over your eyes and mislead you into purchasing a membership so they can make money off.

After being on the for 3 minutes now I’ve already got 4 messages from4  women (fake women) wanting to be my friend. I also had females sending me flirty chat messages,  and of course I received friends requests. All of it is bogus!

Blank Profile But I Still Get Messages

My dating profile was empty. There were no photographs on my profile page but that didn’t stop me from getting inundated with chat messages and friends requests.

Why are these women sending me messages when they don’t even know what I look like? FYI on real dating sites you have a tough time chasing women because the girls are legit. But on fictitious dating sites the women are pursuing the men.  It’s easy to spot because what women would contact a guy who doesn’t have any photographs in his profile, it’s absolutely absurd.

And another thing is why would so many women want to contact me because at this point I’ve only been on the website for like 4-5 minutes and I’ve already got 5 messages waiting for me!

Something else to note is that this website is associated to another scam dating site that we exposed way back in October 2014 called, and

Pretend dating services like Fuck Book Mobile prey on lonely men who are looking for casual sex. They know that guys that are seeking short term casual hookups are very easy to scam. As soon as you think you’re getting messages from attractive-looking ladies you will be more than willing to bite the bullet and buy a $30 membership. That’s why you need to think with your big head, not your little head or you will get in trouble every single time!

If you do have any questions, or if you have a comment leave it below the video.

Where To Find Real Women?

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  • Robert Stewart says:

    Thanks for the heads up.wish you would publish a complete list of all the scam pages you’ve found,it would be helpful to many. Thanks again.

  • Chat Worker says:

    The only thing I can really add that the reviewer didn’t is that a lot of these sites should be thought of and treated like the old 1 900 dirty talk lines. That’s all the majority of them are, there’s never the chance of meeting up with anyone on 99% of them.

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