Is Still Conning People, See How They Do It With Proof

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We already did a review on a few months ago. Were doing this video just to bring some more light and keep the heat on this scam site. We want to save you from getting ripped off and we do that by writing articles, posting videos and posting links on Twitter etc. We need to get the word out about this website, it's not real and we did a review that discusses everything we did.

We joined the site and we have all the proof that you would ever need to show you that this website is a scam. Directly on the front page they tell us that their site is a is using fictitious profiles. In the review we also show you all the different profiles that are using fake pictures. We also talked about the 455 fake emails that we received. If you want get up to speed and understand what this site is about to click on this link. This way you can understand and see for yourself exactly why the site is a scam.

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Please share this quick video on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and read our full written review.

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