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  • $3.37 for a 3 day trial paid membership.
  • $17.49 for a 1 month paid membership.
  • $35.97 for a 3 month paid membership.
  • $59.94 for a 6 month paid membership.


  • Friends: Add friends to your friends list.
  • Activity: See emails messages, winks from women, women who has viewed your profile.
  • Match Feed: This shows you nearby member matches.
  • Chat Rooms: Interact with other members via the online chat rooms.
  • Forum: The forum has all sorts of topics such as "sex discussion", adult erotic stories and much more.
  • Like Gallery: You can vote on what members are hot or not through the "Like Gallery".

Overview has been around since 2013 and is still going strong. The question for us is always this. Is this a real dating service that you can interact and meet real women or is it just a facade created to make you think you can hookup with hot girls? There is a big difference between the two. We dug deep to find the truth, our investigation is here for you to read.

Our Profile Was Blank But Women Still Contacted Us

When we do any investigation on a dating service we sign up just like a regular person would. This enables us to detail our experience from a regular web users point of view.  For all the reviews we do we always make sure to leave our dating profile completely blank. Completely blank means that we never upload any photos to our member profile and we never fill out the personal information. You can look at the evidence below of the screen (evindece of blank profile circled in red) shot we took of our own profile proving it is indeed blank. This is done for a specific reason. The reasoning is this. Why would any other member want to contact someone who has a blank profile page? But as always we still received many emails, winks etc even though our profile was 100% empty (besides age and location). How is it possible that all these girls are interested in us? The answer is there are no real women interested in us, it's all fake.

Using very sophisticated software called bots this site along with hundreds of other dating sites are utilizing automated computer bots that have been designed to act like real humans. These bots can perform a variety of tasks such as emailing people, viewing their profiles, sending winks to other other members and much more. The rest of our investigation goes deeper showing the emails and winks we got.

(Screen shot of our empty dating profile.)

13 Email Messages Sent By Computer Bots

We have already explained and shown you that we are using an empty profile for our review of Now we will discuss the emails we received and continue to receive from computer bots. The reason we say it is probably bots because like we mentioned above our member profile is empty! Who would want to email someone who has an empty profile? The women have absolutely no idea what we look like since we never uploaded any photographs to our dating profile. So why would they email us? And on top of that we never included any personal info. Are the women on that desperate that they will email any man that they know nothing about? That doesn't seem very likely does it? What does seem very likely is that is using automated bots to make it appear as if real women are interesting in getting to know us. Why would they do that? Well from our experience with investigating dating sites these kind of hookup sites for the most part attract a very small amount of women to the site. A ratio of 1 woman for every 100 men. A dating site can't function if it's all one sided (all men, no women). So that is where the computer bots come in. The bots perform all type of tasks including sending computer generated emails to their members. Without the bots we most likely receive no emails at all. 

And of course if you try to read any fake emails from the computer bots you have to upgrade (see evidence below). That's why they send computer generated email messages. The site's administrators use the bots to make money from gullible men. If you don't realize that you're receiving fake messages the chance of you buying a membership to read and respond to the emails from the fake women is going to high.

(Screen shot showing we received 13 email messages and counting.)

(Screen shot showing that we needed to upgrade to read messages from most likely a bot.)

Automated "Winks" Used To Get People To Upgrade

If you look at the evidence we have provided below you can see we received 16 notifications (winks, friends requests,people browsing you) these are all automated. Once again what girl would send us winks when our member profile has no photos in it? It makes absolutely no sense until you figure they are using bots to make it seems like real women are winking at you and browsing your profile. And the reason they send these fake computer generated notifications is to get people to upgrade and buy a membership. It's all about money. would have very low financial success if they were to stop using bots to send out fake "winks" etc, because no one would be upgrading.

(Screen shot of the "winks" and various women who have "browsed our profile".)

Fake Women Called "Primary Profiles"

This site admits to creating made up member profiles and they call those fictitious profiles "Primary Profiles". On their terms page they admit that "Primary Profiles" could employees that are paid to interact with you. They could also be an affiliate of Massinteractive Services Limited (their parent company) or it could even be an automated bot. They call their bots "automated system character" but it means the same thing, These are not real female profiles. It's quite shocking to learn that they create profiles and they actually have employees that run these fake women called "Primary Profiles". You can read the original terms from 2013 for right here. 

They even state that "Any information included in a PP does not refer to any real person…".  This is just more evidence proving that "Primary Profiles" are 100% phony, as fake as a $3 dollar bill!

Read What They Say About How They Operate In Their Own Words

From their own words and directly from their own documents they themselves admit that they use a number of shady marketing tactics from creating user profiles called "Primary Profiles", send computer generated messages to their members and also stating the profiles they create are for YOUR amusement. These are very telling statements and give you a sense of how the administrators of view their own web site. They definitely don't view their site as a genuine dating service. 

It seems like the terms and conditions for was changed compared to the March 2, 2013 terms and conditions section 8.6 . We found the original terms and conditions using which keeps a copy of every web page online and takes a new screen shot and stores it on their servers every few months. In the original terms they discuss all sort of fascinating tid bits like how they use something called "Primary Profiles" ("PP") they describe as an "automated character" (bot). They also state that "any information included in a "PP" does not refer to any real person". The new terms leaves out all this important and revealing information like the fake females "Primary Profiles" ("PP") that they use.

  • 8.6 Massinteractive Services Limited, at its own discretion, may induce or let you be addressed by one or more Primary Profiles ("PP", "PPs") as one of its "Primary Profile" special characteristics.
  • A Primary Profile may correspond to an Massinteractive Services Limited employee or an Massinteractive Services Limited affiliate or an automated system character developed by Massinteractive Services Limited.
  • Any information included in a PP does not refer to any real person, and is added to the Website for enjoyment and Users' entertainment only.
  • PPs are created specifically to diverse and improve your online experience by, for instance, engaging in conversations with other…
  • Any contact between you and PP is aimed at entertainment and enjoyment only. Any point included in this section doesn't’t intend to provoke any right to, or expectation of, any interaction between Users and PPs.
  •   By accepting these terms, you thus authorize Massinteractive Services Limited to use or allow one or more PPs to interact with you by means of the Massinteractive Services Limited Services.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Trident Chambers P.O. Box 146, Road Town, Tortola, VG
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers:,

Contact Information :

Final Decision: clearly outlines the agenda of their "dating site" in their original terms and conditions for 2013. You have all the information to make an informed decision, regarding joining their site or not. All the evidence shows what they're really up to.

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  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • Mister G says:

    You are 100% correct with your information about all these phony sites!  I've been doing alittle research myself and noticint a few things amongst these sites that tells me that they have b.s. going on.!  Just requested a refund from th site Loveaholics!  there should be a CLASS ACTION lawsuit started against every single phony dating site out here!t These people for defrauding Men!  Men spend there money at these sites with the expectation and anticipation of meeting or becoming acquainted with a REAL PERSON…NOT SO DAMN bot!

  • david ingram says:

    i have been scam with 1 of them dateing sites you mentioned the bull shit the lady come out with unbeliveable been put to this site in stead of a refund and read commnots that its a scam not happy at  all

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    • Tim Speck says:

      They all are bullshit sites i dont think your even talking to a person most say the same bullshit they should be sued for fraud.

    • Dave says:

      All these sites won't stop pooping up it's causing new girl friend to leave me they won't stop the notifications when you log out or even try to block 

  • Dave says:

    I am asking them for password to cancel my subscription but to no avail.had to empty my bank account to stop them from fucking me over.


  • Craig Cooper says:

    Thank you. Only spent the 3 day trial for two of their sites. Do you recommend legitimate ones?

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