Find Out If Has Cleaned Up Their Act OR If They Still Scam People

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We did a review of back in October of 2017. Today we’re shining the light back on Black Crush. We revisited the website in 2019 to see if anything had changed. We wanted to know if the website was still scamming people or did they clean up their act and try to make a legitimate dating service. Unfortunately upon a quick glance of the website nothing has change whatsoever. This website is still scamming people. BlackCrush is still creating fake female dating profiles. The site is also still admitting they’re using automated computer bots to send people who join their fake website bogus instant messages and phony email messages. If you join their site you will still be bombarded with emails and instant messages that all require you to upgrade a buy a membership in order to read the contents in the faux messages. This is the exact same scenario that we came across back in 2017.

So unfortunately we can’t give you any good news about Black Crush they’re still operating in the same deceptive manner they were a couple of years ago and nothing has changed whatsoever. Hopefully you found this information before you got ripped off on their dating platform.

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