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This is a review on a website called The reason for this report is to give you a heads up as to what’s really going on with this site.

(screenshot evidence showing that they use virtual profiles.)

In the lower portion of the homepage it states:

“you will have the opportunity to chat with virtual online profiles in our virtual entertainment world, although real meetings with them are not possible”

What does that exactly mean? They’re telling us that we can chat with fake dating profiles that are virtual. Virtual profiles are not legitimate, they’re fake. FYI these profiles have been created by the owners of XtremeChat.

And they say that real-life meetings aren’t possible with these virtual profiles. Of course not, because how can you go on a date with a fictitious profile?

If you can’t meet the virtual online profiles in person then that tells us that of course these aren’t real women.

The website staff is responsible for creating these bogus virtual profile pages and then uploading images to the website making it look like there are lots of girls looking for extreme encounters when it’s not the case.

Emails Flooding My Inbox But Are They Real?

(screenshot evidence showing the 83 bogus emails we received.)

As you can see from the screenshot above in my email inbox I have 88 messages waiting for me. That might seem fantastic but we’re dealing with a scam. All this tells me is that I received 83 fake email messages.

The reason they send people these phony messages is because if you try to reply to the messages you have to purchase coins.This is what it’s all about, making money. will do absolutely everything they can to get your credit card information. The number one tactic is to send men who join their website computer-generated email messages. The men who join don’t realize that they’re interacting with a computer software program. They will try to reply to these messages not realizing that you have to pay and since they don’t realize the messages are fake they will end up purchasing coins to reply to the messages they received.

We’ve reviewed all kinds of different dating sites and dating apps like Tinder etc and we’ve never received so many email messages, why is it? The answer of course is that it’s all fake they’re using email messages to get me to buy coins that’s all.

This is a huge fraud a massive scam that targets lonely men and misleads them into believing that these women are contacting them via email want to hookup with them.

(screenshot showing the blank profile we used for this review.)

Above is a screenshot of the dating profile page created for this investigative report. Only 26% of it is filled out we didn’t upload any photographs. None of the information in the about me section was filled out but miraculously we still received 83 email messages. This only proves even further that this website is not real, it’s a scam from start to finish.

What woman in her right mind would contact a random guy who she knows nothing about, and doesn’t even know what he looks like? And then why would a 83 random females contact a man who has absolutely no information in his profile?

No real women would do this, but computer bots and paid employees would definitely send email messages to us.

Examples Of Fake Profiles With Evidence

We’ve included examples of some of the fake profiles and where they’re grabbing their pictures from.

link to where you will find this photo on an image site (

link to where you will find this photo on an image site (

These women have not created dating profiles on Extreme Chat.The images have been taken or copied from other websites and then used to create fictitious dating profiles.

We would have to assume that all of the profiles are fabricated and have been created by the staff to make it appear as if there are thousands of local women on Extreme Chat.

Final Decision

Do not trust they have shown us more than enough proof proving they cannot be trusted. This website is nothing more than a money sucking operation, sucking money out of your wallet. Please don’t trust this website with your credit card, it’s not safe.

How To Contact Customer Service To Cancel Your Account Etc:

Email: none
Address: Abacus online Global k.f.t, Miklos u.13 VIII/42, 1033 Budapest, Hungary
Customer Phone Number: none
Support page & online form:

Watch the video review on Extreme Chat below

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  • brian malcolm hales says:

    im one that has been duped by site i made the mistale of ginng my bak details i lost£ 1500and try as they might bank couldnt recover my moneyenough saidand im a single man living alone

    • Admin says:

      Sorry to hear about what has happened to you. is a complete scam that preys on lonley men seeking women such as yourself. 🙏

  • Phillip haller says:

    Thanks for letting me know that it’s a scam I have deleted my account on there and am never going on it ever again

  • Tara says:

    Hi , I just wanted to know can this site make a fake account using your email address and then send you all emails saying you have this person wanting to hook up ?

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