Explosive Review With Proof Why RegionFlirts.com Is A Fraudulent Scam

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Website Details:


  • 10 credits costs $23.99 and lets you send up to 10 emails.
  • 25 credits costs $54.99 and lets you send up to 25 emails.
  • 50 credits costs $98.99 and lets you send up to 50 emails.
  • 100 credits costs $179.99 and lets you send up to 100 emails.
  • 200 credits costs $349.99and lets you send up to 200 emails.


If you've been paying attention to the media you've probably heard of the term fake news. This is the kind of article that's supposed to look legitimate but in fact it's phony information created to persuade you to believe that something is real when it's not. Long before the term fake news became popular we were writing articles about fake dating sites. These are dating services that look real to the untrained eye but are in fact completely fake. Today we're looking into RegionFlirts.com and we have an avalanche of evidence showing why Region Flirts is fake in this investigation.

We are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exposing fictitious dating sites. The first clue that let us to believe that RegionFlirts was phony was its connection to a dating site we've already exposed for being fake call RegionMatch.com. Both sites are graphically similar, the layout as well as all the features and the functionality of the website are literally identical. Keep reading below as we break down all the evidence we have showing and proving exactly the reason why it's completely bogus.

The 1st Piece Of Evidence Showing The Fakeness Of RegionFlirts

Plastered right on the front page of the website they have a massive notice that you can't miss. You can take a look at the evidence that we provided below. The notice states the following, that "you as a user acknowledged that the website includes fantasy profiles that are created and operated by the site that communicate with you for promotional purposes." They also admit that "the individuals appearing in photos on the fantasy profiles are not actual members of the website".

All of this information in the notice was written by the owners of the website warning you that their website is fictitious. This is on the front page of the site before you create your account, before you log in to the members area of the website! They're telling you straight up that their website is a scam. This is the first piece of evidence showing you point blank the phoniness of this fake dating website.

** For the record the website openly confesses that they create bogus dating profiles!

(screenshot showing that the site admits they operate a bogus dating service.)

We've include another screenshot from the notice that outlines the real purpose of this fake website. They tell us that the purpose of this website is "to enable erotic chat conversations between fictitious profiles and users and therefore partly contains fictitious profiles. Physical meetings are impossible with these fictitious profiles." This information was found on the front page of the website. This shows and proves without any shadow of a doubt that region forge.Com was created strictly to scam people. They had no intention of building a legitimate dating service, they just want you to think it's legitimate but they know obviously credits on their website.

2nd Piece Of Evidence: Hundreds Of Fake Emails Used As A Tool To Dupe You Into Buying Credits

When we logged into the members area shortly thereafter we received a flurry of emails coming from all types of attractive women (all of which are fake). The emails have accumulated up to 891 email messages. You can take a look at the screenshot below that we took of our email inbox showing circled in red the 891 email messages we got from Region Flirts.

If we were to reply to all of those emails they would cost us over $1,400. What we forgot to tell you is that these messages aren't legitimate. These are not real emails that have been written by horny women on RegionFlirts.com. The emails are phony, they're a fraud and they're used to deceive you into purchasing credits to reply back to the emails. They sent us over 800 email messages all of which are bogus!

What you need to know is that all of this is fully automated using computer software programs. There aren't any humans writing us email messages, we're interacting with computers that are mimicking and pretend to be real human beings to trick us into purchasing worthless credits on a scam dating service.

They utilize these fictitious emails in conjunction with phony dating profiles that they're responsible for creating. They've told us this with a notice that is plastered on the front page of the website. They state that the website "includes fantasy profiles that may communicate with you". When they say communicate with you they mean emailing pretend messages to you.

(Screenshot from the members area showing that we received over 99 email messages all of which are phony.)

(This is a screenshot of our email inbox showing we received 891 emails from fake female members.)

3rd Piece Of Evidence: They Admit To Creating Fictional Dating Profile Pages

On the bottom of every single page of this website in light gray text they state that "profiles are partly fictional physical arrangements with these profiles are not possible." What this means is that they are using fictitious dating profiles and meeting these phony profiles in real life physically is impossible because obviously they don't exist in a real life environment.

(Screenshot showing that they admit that you cannot physically meet the fake profiles that they create.)

The Terms And Conditions, Even More Proof Of A Scam

Below we've included excerpts taken from the terms and conditions page of the website that offer even more evidence and more proof of wrongdoing and outright fraudulent behavior. In the terms and conditions page they confess their true intentions of building this website. They admit that RegionFlirts.com has not been created to establish real dates or real-life meetings in person. This information was found in section 5.2 and 5.3 of the terms page. You can click on this link to visit the terms and conditions page.

  • 5.2. regionf lirts.com has entertainment as its goal, it is explicitly not the purpose of regionf lirts.com to establish dates
    or meetings in person.
    5.3. Advanced Digital Services B.V. explicitly reserves the right to send calls on regionf lirts.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

The evidence we have provded shows and proves the total fakeness of this website and it's truly overwhelming. It's there for anyone to see, and it's all found directly on their own website in their own writings. This is indisputable evidence that proves 100% that RegionFlirts.com is a scam through and through.

Search For Females:

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

 Comments 7 comments

  • Martin Stahl says:

    Another fake dating site that is a waste of time and money. Using stolen photos of models and amateur porn stars to swindle lonely and or sexually frustrated men out of their hard-earned money. 

  • […] for being frauds. This long list of phony sites includes FlirtyMoms.com, SecretMilfClub.com, RegionFlirts.com, RegionMatch.com, UKSexFlirts.com and many, many others. This was our first indication that this […]

  • […] Probably the first piece of evidence we found that made us question how real this website is that it is connected to a dating site that we just investigated less than a week ago. A website called FlirtDistrict.com is a fake dating service and from our due diligence we were able to find out that both websites are actually hosted on the same server. On top of that it's almost identical looking. The only thing that ever changes is the colors and a few small graphics. But both websites look the same, they function the same, there are essentially the same. And the fact that they're hosted on the same servers means that they are owned by the same Corporation called Graham Web Services located in the Netherlands. Other sites associated to FlirtingLocal.com include GoFlirtAround.com, and RegionFlirts.com. […]

  • Gerard Brown says:

    Fucken oath—how to we ban these scam artist from Australia?

  • bruce jamieson says:

    as a lonely older gentleman that spent $2000 on a fake woman has me so pissed off that I did not see it earlier just puts me in fantasy land and there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

  • Fred Sneller says:

    Not only is it a fraud, but it is obvious I don’t see how it is fooling anyone. Just random pictures, usually just one and fake email messages. Sorry for anyone that it is deceived, but when you have to pay just to chat….

  • Guy says:

    Totally fake

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