Is A Rip Off, This Scam Report Exposes The Lies

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Website Details: home page


  • $8.90 for a 3 day trial subscription.


  • $11.46 for a 2 day trial membership.
  • $49.95 for a 2 month membership.
  • $69.90 for an 3 month membership.


  • $40.21 for a 1 month membership.


  • Messages: Send and reply to email messages here.
  • Quickie: A "scientific matching making service"
  • SMS/Text: You can see women who have provided their info so you can text them.
  • Newest: View the newest members.
  • Friends Network: See your friends in this section.
  • Favorites: You can add members to your favorites list here.

Fictitious Girls & Fake Profiles is supposed to be a dating site to meet BBW women. Unfortunately this dating site is basically a corrupt scam, it has nothing to do with dating and everything to do with ripping you off. The ridiculous thing is that CurvyBBW operates as a regular dating site but the real problem is the site has no real women on it. It has all the functions of a dating site but no real women. You're probably thinking well if the dating site has no real women on it then who are all the women on the site?  Well those profiles are unfortunately created by the dating site, they are actually fabricating fictitious dating profiles and making them appear as real women looking to meet men. The truth is the complete opposite with few real women and hundreds if not thousands of fake girls on the site. The funny thing is that this site has a name for the fake girls they create and they call them "Dating Ambassadors"

We were digging through the terms and conditions to see if we could find any dirt on these people and they admit to fabricating fictional women as admitted here: "You also understand and agree there are profiles posted on the Site that reflect fictional persons or automated characters through our dating "Ambassadors" program."

Emails From Ambassadors

When it comes to emails the majority of emails we received and probably the majority of the emails you have received are all fake. All the emails are sent using "Ambassadors". This is another word for a fake person sending you emails it doesn't really exist as a member on the dating site. Once again the use of "Ambassadors" to send automated emails is not our opinion but is a stated fact that you can find directly on their website in the terms and conditions located here in section 11"You acknowledge and agree that an Ambassador may contact You via email, SMS text and instant messaging, and that a message You transmit to an Ambassador may be replied to with one or more personal or standardized responses."

They also admit to sending SMS text messages as well as instant messages using "Ambassadors", which is nothing more than a word for a fake person. The end goal of all these email communications and fake text messages is to get you interested in the person sending you the emails or text messages because if you try to respond back you need to pay for a membership. So the bottom line here is that they want you to pay and buy a monthly membership and that's what it's all about. Even though there are very few real women on the site they still make thousands of dollars per day scamming and deceiving people into upgrading to a paid membership that leads absolutely nowhere.

This is what the site says about this, "You acknowledge and agree that an Ambassador may contact You via email, SMS text and instant messaging, and that a message You transmit to an Ambassador may be replied to with one or more personal or standardized responses."

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1-866-883-4978 or Local: 1-925-264-3473
  • Email: Use their support web site

Final Decision:

Stay clear of any dating sites that admit to creating fake dating profiles. This falls into that category. Any dating site that needs to resort to the fabrication of fake women to entice people to buy a membership is clearly a scam and should not be trusted or used.

Search For Real Local BBW Girls

Check these honest sites if you want to look for legitimate BBW women.

 Comments 7 comments

  • Richard Clewis says:

    Well I have tried to meet these supposed hot and sexy girls off of and it is a SCAM.  No girls then I called them/per thscreen no one verified I was right. One big scam. Now I can't even get them on the computer to cancel.

    my profile name is clewy64. help please. Richard Clewis


    • Dante says:

      U gotta also watch this site cause they are credit scammers also these sites have scammed at least 2000 from my bank account so whatcha out they use all there sites to londer there cash and will jack your shit 

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  • Todd Ross says:

    I have the same problem. I paid 30 dollars and had for1 day now i can't even pull them up. I want a refund. My user name is Hardworking70. Todd Ross.

  • Jason says:

    I joined up without paying anything (basic account) and I was getting messages, chats and flirts from women when I had no photos or details on my profile. It was blank lol. 

    Theres nothing going on where I live so it was pretty obvious that all these women who were supposedly in my area were all fake profiles. Avoid. 

  • nothcie says:

    It's a scam!

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