Busted! BonedMilfs.com Is Part Of An Agenda To Defraud You As Explained In This Review

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Today we're looking at a website called BonedMilfs.com. With almost every review we've ever done they always turn out to be fake and scams. With all our investigations we don't just claim a website is a scam unless we have substantial proof to back up our claims. In this investigation of BonedMilfs you're going to find more than enough information that shows you the truth of what they try hard to hide from the general public. Read the full review below.

Bogus Questions Used As Part Of Their Marketing Tactics

Below we've included a screenshot taken from BonedMilfs. They have a set of questions when you visit their site that they want you to answer. In this particular situation we needed to answer 4 different questions. But as we found out it really doesn't matter how you answer the questions, you always gain access to the dating site at the end of the questionnaire. This is because the questions are nothing more than a deceptive marketing tactic. In the screenshot below they ask us to maintain the identity of these women a secret. Logically if you want to gain access to the dating site you should answer yes I will agree to maintain the identity of the secret women. But what we did was we answered the question no and we answered all questions that should have been answered yes with a no. At the end of the questionnaire we were thanked and then redirected to the dating service which is called AffairAlert.com which is nothing more than a scam.

(Screenshot of fake questions that you are supposed to answer to gain access to the dating service.)

At The Ends Of The Questions They Redirect You Over To The Dating Scam

At the end of the questionnaire you need to click on the continue button which then redirects you over to the fake dating site that that they are promoting. There's a reason why all of this is going on. These are two separate entities the people who own BonedMilfs.com is one party and the fake dating services which in this particular situation is AffairAlert.com is another entity. These two separate parties are working together to make money by deceiving you into buying a monthly membership on the Affair Alert website.

(A screenshot of the thank-you paragraph which then read directly over to the dating scam.)

At The Ends Of The Questions They Redirect You Over To The Dating Scam

If you're confused about what's going on here let us be a little more clear. The owners of BonedMilfs.com is the site that you first visit. From there you go through there fake questionnaire at the end of it you click continue and then you are sent on your way to whatever fake dating site that the owners of BonedMilfs are promoting at that present moment. When we visited BonedMilfs.com and went through the questionnaire we got sent to a dating site called AffairAlert.com. We know all about Affair Alert, it was one of the first dating sites we reviewed over 4 years ago. To make a long story short AffairAlert.com is a scam, no question about it. Our extensive investigation uncovered more than enough evidence to prove they are 100% fake.

Affair Alert Admits To Using Fake Profiles!

Below we've included a screenshot taken from the Affair Alert website. If you look at the text circled in red its states "by creating a profile and 18 + agree to the terms and use of fantasy cuties who may contact me for entertainment purposes". A Fantasy Cutie according to section #4  of the terms and conditions page of Affair Alert is a fictitious profile that has been created by their own staff. These are phony profiles that are not real members of the website!

(Screenshot taken from the front page of AffairAlert where they admit to fake profiles.)

The reason that the owners of BonedMilfs are sending people over to AffairAlert.com is because they receive financial compensation every time a new person joins Affair Alert and pays a monthly membership. Both parties are working together to promote a fraudulent dating service so they can make bag loads of loot while scamming thousands of people in the process.  If you want to learn why AffairAlert.com is a scam you can click on this link to read our full review from 2014 which still holds true today. It's very eye-opening if you haven't come across a dating scams before.

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  • Address Of Host: 1200 12Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98144, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:
  • Name Servers: ns-1161.awsdns-17.org, ns-1769.awsdns-29.co.uk, ns-445.awsdns-55.com, ns-750.awsdns-29.net

Contact Information :

  • Phone: None available.
  • Addresses: None available.
  • Email: None available.
  • Web Page: None available.

Final Decision:

It was very easy to show you that BonedMilfs.com shouldn't be trusted. Based on their partnership with fictitious dating sites like AffairAlert.com why would anyone ever visit their website. They're not looking out for your best interest. They are strictly there to deceive you and dupe you into purchasing a monthly subscription.

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