’s Staff Is Using Dishonest Tricks On Their Members

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  • $29.99 for a one month subscription to the dating service.
  • $59.85 for a 3 month subscription to the dating service.
  • $89.70 for a 6 month subscription to the dating service.


  • Home: Get access to the whole site from this page.
  • Search: Search for members by city, state, age, gender, if they have photos, and more.
  • Messages: Read and send email messages in this section.
  • Activity: See who's viewed your profile, sent you flirts, other members who have hot listed you and also who has rated you.
  • Gallery: See photos of the most popular member photographs on the site.
  • Live Sex: See girls nude on live cam.
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The center of today's investigation is We joined the site to evaluate the features but most importantly to determine if the site was an authentic dating service and not a scam. Take the time to read our analysis to find out if this dating service is a credible place to meet real people or not.

Emails From Bots Disguised As Real Female Members Emailing Us

If we didn't do over 200 investigations on various adult dating sites then we could have easily be taken in by this website. But anytime you start getting email messages minutes after you join a dating site it's a huge red flag. Dating sites like and the sites we recommend don't operate in this manner (because they are legit) but countless other sites that we have researched and exposed on on have done just that. Once again if you start receiving email messages from women right after you join a dating site watch out. These type of websites use sophisticated software programs called  "bots" ( a software application that runs automated tasks) that are designed to send out email messages that appear to be coming from real female members on Booty Matches. But be forewarned that it's a computer software program designed to mimic and simulate real females. You can take a look at the evidence below showing various email messages we have received thus far.
Emails From Bots
(Email messages from bots used to impersonate female members.)

Notifications From Software Bots

You can take a look at the various notifications we have received in the screen shot below that we have provided as evidence. So far we have received 4 views, 5 women have sent us a flirt, we have received 4 friends requests, 6 women have "hot listed" us and 7 women have rated us. This is all happening while our profile is void of any photographs so they don't know what we look like. Also any personal information is void so they don't know anything about us. So why would we be receiving winks, flirts, friends requests and views if they have absolutely no idea what we look like and they don't know anything about us? Unless these are automated bots sending us flirts and friends requests. That is truly the only logical reason anyone would be sending a friend request or flirt or anything for that matter to an empty profile.


An Empty Member Profile Yet We Still Receive Messages on

On a real dating site like Plenty of Fish (or our recommended sites) when you create a profile, you upload photos of yourself and fill in your personal profile information so then people can use the search options to find you. But for this investigation we made sure to leave our profile empty. Empty means not uploading any photographs or videos to our profile and leaving all personal information in the profile empty. As we already outlined we received numerous email messages from all types of different women. Does this seem legitimate to you? It makes absolutely no sense unless you understand the underlying reason why we're receiving the messages. And that reason is of course that computer software programs are being created and disguised as women interested in our profile. And unfortunately most people wouldn't even fathom the idea of a dating site using such an elaborate software to trick them, but that's exactly what is going on here. The use the sophisticated bot systems camouflaged as real females is being purposely used to entice you and push you into buying a paid subscription to their dating service. That's the only reason we are receiving email messages when we have an empty dating profile on BootyMatches. What other logical reason could there be for all the emails? 

Do you honestly think that there are women that desperate to email guys that don't have any pictures on their profile? You can make your own judgment we're just putting the evidence out there, it's entirely up to you what you think.
(Screen shot of our blank member profile page.)

The Terms And Conditions Reveals Their Deceptive Intentions

This is our last piece of evidence and most incriminating. In their own terms page they talk about employing staff members who are used to "encourage member involvement". Below is the paragraph from the terms and conditions page that talks about using staff to contact members of their dating service.

  • Additionally, from time to time the Service will employ staff to encourage member involvement, participation, and for entertainment purposes. All staff users are indicated as such in their profiles. staff are not compensated to have any contact with members other than through email, private message or instant message dialog.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: Strawinskylaan 601, 1077 XX Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information:

Final Decision:

This concludes our review of  If you don't believe what we have written please be our guest and join their site but make sure to leave  your profile blank so you can evaluate it properly. Then please leave a review of your experiences in the comment section, we would love to see if your results differ from ours.

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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