Review: Isn’t Legit & We Have All The Proof

 Nov, 01 - 2022   8 comments   ReviewsScams Is A Full Blown Fraud isn’t a real dating site and this review explains why. The website looks like it has real women on it, the site design gives the impression of a legitimate dating service but at the end of the day if you can’t actually meet women on the website it’s not a legitimate dating website!

The Terms Proves It’s A Scam

When you take into account that the website openly admits that their website isn’t real then the only conclusion we can make is that BookOfSext is not a real place to find real women. On the terms and conditions page they explain why the website is not real. In section 1 of the terms and conditions page it states the following:

“We use fictitious profiles to stimulate interaction and conversations among users like stated in our disclaimer”

Right there they’re admitting that they use fake profiles. Then in section 2.3 of the website it’s states:

“you acknowledge that most of the profiles on the website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible.”

They admit that most of the profiles on the website are fictitious! Fictitious means fake so they’re openly admitting right on their terms and conditions page that this website uses fake profiles and that most of the profiles are infact fake!

In Section 8 under “digital fantasy service”. They have an FAQ section and one of the questions is:

Will I really hook up using this website?

Then they state that:

“The website is a digital fantasy service for adults the profiles are for the entertainment of our users.”

Once again they are openly admitting that it’s not a dating site, it’s a digital fantasy service. meaning of course that Book Of Sext is not real.

In Section 8. 2

Does the website use fictitious profiles?

They admit “yes we use fictitious profiles”. The fact that the owners of the website openly admit on their own terms page that they use fictitious dating profile pages is shocking and hard to fathom. How are websites like this able to operate with impunity making hundreds of thousands of dollars preying on people who are simply looking to meet one another.

They go on to state that:

“you acknowledge the information text and pictures contained in the digital fantasies  profiles do not pertain to any actual person. Digital fantasy profiles may contact users through computer-generated messages to encourage further or broader participation in the website services”

This means that they use fake messages to mislead you into upgrading. Once again all of this information is found directly on the terms and conditions terms / agreement page. This is the website themselves telling you that they are running a fictitious dating service! You should take what they tell you and not use their website unless you like to chat with non-existent women. is a full-blown fraud and the website owners openly admit to it, there’s nothing else to say. This is a closed case of fraud and deception. Law enforcement should be looking at this website and doing an investigation into their fraudulent operation! Stay as far away as you can from Book Of Sext.

In Section 8. 2.a they admit using bots & paid employees to string you along:

Initial messages from our DF service may be automatically generated with no human involvement, and third-party contractors hired
or contracted by us may generate messages or correspondence from then on.

They’re telling us that they use automated computer boTs to send us messages that are created automatically, there’s no real people sending us messages. There is no hot girl sending you a sexy message wanting to hook up with you. What’s really going on is they’re paying people to pretend to be interested in you. First off they use automated bots programs to send computer-generated messages to you. After that they have an army of people who act as if they’re interested in any male members who join the Book Of Sext website.

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Final Decison is a complete fraud that calls itself a digital fantasy chat service not  a dating site. They use a credit based system (buy credits to reply to messages) which you will easily burn through because of the amount of fictitious messages that users receive when they join the site. The worst part is that you will never be able to hook up with any of the women on the website because they’re all fake and the website specifically states real-life meetings are not possible. This website is completely useless to use.

How To Contact Them To Cancel Your Account Etc:

E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Mountain Top Digital A.G. Postplatz 1, 6301, Zug, Switzerland

If you have any questions or comments please leave your comment and your own personal review and experiences with Book Of Sext below. If you’re interested in looking for real local women in your area then check out the information right below the video.

Where Do You Meet Real Local Women?

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File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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  • anthony russell says:

    how do i cancel? my account

  • Steve says:

    I tried to buy credits and gave my cc info but the card was rejected. Is it possible they charged my card and not shown credits?

  • Ricky Raymond says:

    Why do you guys change my email with put more numbers on it then you would lock me out of the site I can’t log back in this is the fifth time now you’ve done that to me and I’ve lost at least $400 in credits between messages disappearing off the screen and when you lock me out I lose credit and I’ve sent you guys messages and all kinds of screenshots to show how bad you ripped me off so I have 42 credits I send one message the next day I get on I got 21 credits left what were the other 21 goFrozen 10-15 will come up missing as I’m talking to three different girls you guys have scammed me out of minimum of $400 in the last like six or eight months I’ve been on here

    • Ricky Raymond says:

      This is like a 15 now that you guys have blocked me or locked me out of the excite for what reason I have no idea I have spent probably about $2,000 on this site and I’ve been ripped off at least $400 out of that and why is my email being changed on your end I did not change the email you know I had to redo my password to login what you guys said you sent me an activation code I did not get no activation code so I I’m stuck again that I cannot log in and I’m supposed to be meeting women and this is the fifth time now you guys have done this at the time that I’m going to meet women face to face you guys block me out so I cannot meet them I am going to be getting hold of better Business bureau down on this time because the other night you guys ripped me off over 20 credits I watch them disappear as I use them and then some of my messages you were taking too credits at one time and then and them credit my message disappeared never came back and what gives you the right to change my email and put more numbers on it I am not happy I was supposed to meet women tonight and you guys got me locked out at the site again every time I’m going to meet a woman you guys pull this I have sent you guys numerous screenshots of how you been ripping me off and your page says within 2 days somebody will get back in contact with me well I got at least 40 50 I sent to you guys and I have never heard a word back nothing I’m in my emails I want to know why you guys are scamming me because I’m spending so much money on here cuz like I said I am going to better Business bureau this is the fifth time now you pull this on me and I would like an explanation why you guys are black in the and changing my stuff so I’m left out of your site I believe that is illegal for you to change my email like that you guys pulling this on me I lost four beautiful women I ran into two of them in a grocery store and they’re still on the site but their picture does not show up on my screen I went through every person in your book page by Page at least four times they still are not there as of the other day may God go use my buddies phone they’re on his phone so why are you guys doing this to me changing my emails changing my password I want an explanation of why how and who did this I want names of the people that’s involved on this if you think Judy said to find me a call and contact me make sure you leave a message and a telephone number and time that I can call back and talk to a human being and I want! How this happened five times can’t tell me it was just a fluke mistake it’s every time I go to meet women when we have stuff set up yet address to be able to go get them and you guys locked me out of the site like you did today and you have ripped me off well over $400 in credits you can even talk to these women that I’ve been talking to I have told him how bad you guys have ripped me off and how many times you block me out of the site like you did today again I still cannot log in you guys said you sent me an activate what what do I got to activate another account why is this being shut down so you can still have more credits from you again cuz every time you do that I lose credit then I log back in you know it’s me no I’m not happy I am supposed to meet a couple ladies tonight and I can’t log in to find out where to meet him at what a site you have

  • BigBlackSnake20 says:

    You right My brother

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