Is Still Continuing To Scam People With Their Bogus Dating Site

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We just wanted to give you a heads-up of an ongoing scam that we've already done an investigation on called This website is not a dating service and should not be treated as such. It is strictly a scam to get your credit card information via their fake age verification fraud. We've already done an extensive investigation into Bang Locals that you can read here. Please understand even though we report on these scams it doesn't mean they go away immediately sometimes they never go away so it's your duty to stay informed on the most current scams at Target online dating users.

You can watch the video below where we explain a little bit about our review. And below the video you can click on the link to be taken directly to our full investigation of

 Comments 59 comments

  • krystel says:

    How do i stop them sexually assaulting me? Who can i have charged!?!

  • krystel says:

    How do i stop from sexually assaulting me? Every day i'm sworn at and flashed at by a bunch of 'desperate' deviots. It's me who's the flippjng victim here :-/ !!!


    • Steve says:

      I have info on this for you … Would you like me to help you with this??? I made them pay big time! Haha!   -Steve.   I can give you my email, or you can give me yours…..reply back….!

    • Jeffrey says:

      All I want to do is hook up for sex w/ no strings attached, but when I supposidely had 99+ messages in one day I mean really? Glad I didnt pay anything…

      • Deano Bambino says:

        Sure until money shows up on it then they will try hard to steal for money. These folks are a bunch a thieves from Africa and the EU;I was getting 2500 day.

  • Joe says:

    I cancelled my bank card to stop them taking money from me after I foolishly signed up will that be end of it

  • Robin Lee says:

    Every day pops up on the right side of my screen.  How do I get rid of their pop-ups?  They don't even have a record of my email addresses because I did an UNsubscribe to the TWO possible email addresses, but they said they don't have either.  HOW DO I GET RID OF THE BANGLOCALS.COM POP-UPS ?  It's embarrassing when my friends see my screen?


    • Deano Bambino says:

      Your attempt to unsubscribe apparently doesn’t mean they didn’t take note of the email address you gave them.

  • Steve says:

    I was draw in by a lady e mailing me she even sent me my r mail user name and a little math like 2+8 equals 10 and my first and last name. She sent naked pics too any the link that sent me to..Bang I was a fool and I used my Visa bank Debit card. So I must call and get my card Frozen!!

    • Deano says:

      No you simpky tell the bank to refuse any charges under the websites billing nane and to out a watch on the account and not to approve any charges for any purchases until they contact you and personally.

    • Deano says:

      You sure it was a lady? I’ll bet itc was a man posing as a lady. The quickest way to get one to run is to say “Lets have video chat”.

  • Steve says:

    It was about getting together with this lady.

  • frank Zilinger says:

    well same bs every one else got interested in a pay back.? We are all smart enough to put our heads to get her and come up with a plan




  • Gary says:


      Please remove my e-mail address from all information being sent to me.  One concern is the pictures of women that pop-up on my computer screen.  My grandson uses my computer periodically and this kind of information is not

    warranted!  Please remove "all pertinet" information!  Please do this ASAP!  Thanks for your time and considerations.



    • Ross says:

      I was foolish enough to charge my card $2 for a trial subscribe. I canceled immediately, but. Banglocsls got my card and almost $100 later I found out. It seems some government agency could stop these scums. If it based in the US, BAang violates the RICO law.

      • Deano says:

        You can too. Change your email address, change you r
        other information like a new email account and different email.

      • Deano Bambino says:

        And there’s your sign. Europe. aka Britain. I’d wager there aren’t any women in the company euros that “she” wasnt a woman but instead a man.

    • Deano says:

      That’s not going to work. You want it to stop? Cancel your email address and contact your service provider asking for a new IP Address. Explain the circumstances and see just how quickly the emails stop coming .

  • Bull Dog says:

    I am getting emails women sending me emails I have never subscribe to anyone for this kind of stuff can someone please help .I am so not into this kind of thing .How the hell do they even get my email .please can sum one help as I even tried to follow the link but can not find a way to stop it .Has some one hacked me or something. Please help

  • Jeff Henrikson says:

    A girl got me going and I put my debit card in but it has no money on it. Am I safe or no?

  • henryk koseda says:

    i joined bang locals looking for a woman to meet I was asked by this girl to meet her in person I need a dating id card so I asked her where I can get one and how much she gave a me a link to contact the site master of the site and he said it will cost 320 euros a month so i declined and now the woman wont meet me in person unless i get this card what i am really asking do i need to get one and is it legit or a scam

    • Deano Bambino says:

      And there’s your sign. Europe. Britain no doubt and I’d wager that 320 euros that “she” wasnt a woman but instead a man.

  • Nick says:

    I found out the hard way that Banglocals and Fling are the same company. Fling is also a scam now. I signed up for fling and the verifacation emails came from Banglocals and when I hit the forgot password on fling the reset and verification email came from Banglocals. The notifications and emails I received on both sites are all the exact same from the same people or profiles and same usernames on them and identical 100% on both sites. Do not listen to these reviews of Fling claiming it is legit they are false.

  • Israel says:

    Please …I called but I was told that I am not allowed to call the number
    I sent an email and I got replied stating that my message was rejected as scam
    What the hell!!!
    What do I do please?

  • Robert Fohrmeister says:

    Bang refuses to reply to the questions from the Florida State Attorney and the US Justice Department. WHY?

  • Eric says:

    My credit card company gave me this number 866-348-0834 to call. Give them a transaction amount and a date and they can tell you what the charge is from and will cancel the subscription for you so you don’t get charged anymore

    • Tim says:

      Is this an age verification site that uses games adults may play

      • Deano says:

        Age verification is bogus. In the USA you can’t have a credit card in your name until you prove to the card company that you are 18+. This doesn’t stop kids who are underage using someone else’s card who is 18+.

  • Marlin Bob says:

    How do I get my money back

    • Admin says:

      Call your bank and tell them what happened, they should be able to get your money back.

      • Deano says:

        Sorry that won’t work. See the “Terms” contract. This is where they stay above the part of being illegal. They rely on impulse buying. How many people actually click on the word “terms” on the card info page BEFORE giving the infirmation via internet??? Rarely anyone.

    • Deano says:

      You won’t unless you can demonstrate to the card company or bank that you did not give them your card info. In this day and age goid luck.

  • Sterling Anderson says:

    So what do we do about this?

    • Deano says:

      Likely nothing you can do. If you didn’t read the “terms” agreement before giving them your info you wouldn’t know your first day is free but every 30 days after that costs you 39.99.

  • Mack says:

    She was never going to meet you bud..

    • Deano says:

      Do you think she really was a she? There’s info out there on the web proving many of these scammers are from either Brittain or Africa.

  • Debra Guenterberg says:

    My husband was a sex addict and after he killed himself on April 2, 2020 I saw on our bank records bang.locals was taking $49.95 a month out of our account. These sites are scammers and sick people get sucked in and scammed.

  • Jay says:

    Whatever happened to common sense? When in doubt Google “Is a scam?” Then use an alias and a junker email to sign up even if Google can’t point you to scam alerts. Look up the site and company name on see if there is complaints. If you are bound and determined to risk signing up for sketchy sites, be smart. Get a prepaid refillable Visa debit (not mastercard) and don’t add more than a few bucks. Stopping payment don’t help once they have your deets they can bill you from anywhere for anything at anytime. You can get charges reversed but it still freezes funds until that happen. Could take a month or longer even to clear one fraud charge, so imagine 25 charges and your only card maxed out until all charges are investigated and funds refunded. Get a new card if you got suckered. No legit sites use credit card age verification anymore. Too many kids have credit cards for that to work. One last thing… A dating card? If some chick you don’t recognize emails you and acts like you know her… DELETE THE FUCKING EMAIL DUMBASS! A dating card?

  • Mark mcleod says:

    Please cancel my account immediately your taking money from me with my concent my bank is fully aware and the fraud department I dealing with it

  • marcia maze says:

    Please remove me i did not joing this.

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