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I did a quick video review of a dating service called The purpose behind this video is to exposed this site for being a dating scam, and a fake casual dating website. It’s not real and some of the information is found right in front of your eyes. On the front page of Baboooms it says the “purpose of this website is to enable chat conversations between fictitious profiles and users and therefore partly contains fictitious profiles, physical meetings are not possible with these fictitious profiles”.

In that little section they’re telling us point blank that the purpose of the website is to enable conversations between fake profiles and real users and physically meeting with these fake profiles is not possible.

What they don’t tell you is that they’re the ones responsible and behind creating the fake profiles. They build fake profiles using photographs of attractive women and, they use a fake age, made up location and everything else in the profile is totally BS. It’s just a scam, the reason they want you to join their website is so you’ll purchase credits to chat with the bogus profiles.

Don’t get infatuated with the profiles on this website because none of them are real. All of the profile pages specifically female profiles have been systematically built and created to ensnare you into their fraud.

How To Spot Fake Profiles

It’s not too difficult to learn how to identify fake dating profile pages. If the women look too good to be true they probably are. What we mean is if the girls look very attractive as a rule of thumb they are most likely not real women that have joined the site seeking casual hookups.

What they do is when you join the site you will start receiving fake messages, and if you want to reply to those messages (that you think are actually real women) you will need to buy credits. In the end it’s all about money.

The people who operate this website have hundreds of other fictitious dating services that they crank out on a regular basis. Keeping on top of these fraudulent casual dating sites is a job in itself. They have hundreds of different dating sites which makes it basically impossible to police.

Baboooms Was Created To Scam You

For the record Baboooms was created and intended right from the start to make money by deceiving people. The website gives the impression of being a real hookup site but the stark reality is that nothing on the website is real. This site is bursting at the seams with fictitious profiles, automated chat bots and fake messages.  What you’re looking at is an illusion.

Unfortunately there’s thousands of different fake websites just like We’ve been able to write reviews on hundreds of them but there are hundreds more still waiting in the wings for us to expose. Our advice to you is always keep your guard up and understand that unfortunately most of online dating sites are not real.

Something else to know is that you are greatly urged to always read through the terms and conditions page. As boring as the terms and conditions are this is where the fake websites admit to creating fictitious profiles using chatbots.

For instance in the terms and conditions page they admit to creating bogus profiles that you cannot physically meet up with. These are “self create profiles” that they are responsible for creating. This information is found in section 5.3 of the terms and agreement page.

The video explains everything in detail. It shows you all the evidence and proof that is a scam and not legitimate whatsoever.

⭐️⭐️⭐️Check out these real hookup sites

If you want to know which dating sites are real and they’re only are a few casual hookup sites that are real you can visit this page. If you don’t know has over 400 different reviews of all kinds of casual dating sites.

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