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 Jul, 15 - 2019   no comments   ReviewsTips formerly known as is the website we're going to be discussing today. The reason they've changed the domain name to. .ch is because the owners of Erotic Monkey don't want to have to worry about being locked up for any type of criminal charges. You may recall, their owners were arrested and their website was seized by the FBI. Well Eroticmonkey.Ch doesn't want to worry about that situation so what they've done is switched to .ch which is the domain TLD country code for Switzerland.  Other sites using. CH instead of .com, include which has switched over to, and many others.

 The reason they switched to. ch is because they think that they will be out of the jurisdiction of the United States. Therefore they think that they will be immune from any American laws. We're not lawyers, we don't know if they can evade any prosecution (if they were targeted by law enforcement) but who would to be caught in the crosshairs of American law enforcement. That's why we're here to give you alternatives, so you can stay away from all of that in the first place!

In this video I discuss alternatives to using providers on their site. We personally have nothing against but we're trying to save you time, money and grief as a result of using these provider websites. There are many different drawbacks to using them that we will layout for you. Some of the drawbacks to using provider sites include law enforcement which has a primary goal of shutting down all of these providers sites. They are also involved in sting operations that can get you arrested, thrown in jail and a criminal record if you are prosecuted. Another problem that we've seen is bait and switch where the women that post ads are using pictures of when they were younger and more attractive. When you end up seeing them in person they barely resemble the person in the photo. Also we've heard of criminals posting their own fake ads so they can rip you off. They post fake personal ads and lure you to an address and then rob you of all your money. And unfortunately you can't really go back to the police and tell them you were ripped off because you yourself are involved in something that's illegal. Another problem is that it can get very expensive depending on the quality of the provider that you're choosing and how many times you use that provider on a weekly or monthly basis. When you combine all of these things don't you wish there was a better way to get laid? Well there is, it's called online dating! Now please understand I'm not referring to regular online dating sites that are used for long term relationships. I'm talking about short-term hook up sites where women join because they want the same thing you do. They want a casual hookup and to have some no strings attached encounters. Nothing long-term, no commitments, you don't have to be there boyfriend. They are there for one reason, the exact same reason that you are, to get laid!

👉 If that's something that you're willing to check out and review, then you can go check them out here. These websites offer a free basic account and from there you can start looking around and seeing if it interests you.

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