WellHello.com Is Still Misleading People, Nothing Has Changed 3 Years Later

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Originally we investigated and reviewedWellHello.com in September of 2014. Now in April 2017 it looks like nothing has changed. WellHello is still running the same operation as they were three years ago. Probably the only thing that has changed is the amount of victims that have fallen prey to this con job. Millions more dollars have line the pockets of the owners of WellHello.com while thousands more consumers have been duped into paying for a worthless monthly subscription to this bogus dating service.

Nothing has changed, our original review is still valid three years later because this site is still using the same dirty tricks as they were three years ago. You can read our original review and why WellHello should not be trusted by clicking this link. If you have any information or have purchased a membership on this site or if you have any comments whatsoever please leave a comment below.

Unfortunately these kind of dating sites are still operating with impunity. No federal agencies such as the FTC are doing too much about the epidemic of fake dating services plaguing the online dating industry. Even with our extensive reviews nothing seems to change. More people are becoming aware of it but government officials have not taking any steps to stop the proliferation og fictitious dating sites.

**If you would like to watch our short video explaining why this dating service is fictitious please click on the image below to start the video.

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