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This site states that life time memberships are free but they ask for your credit card information to "verify you are over 18 years old".

  • MegaHookup-GOLD at $49.95 a month until you cancel.
  • at $39.61 a month until you cancel.
  • at $28.87 a month until you cancel.


  • My Profile: Add and remove images and videos and other account settings.
  • My Connections: See who have you have added to you connections list.
  • Notifications: You can see all your notifications here such as instant message requests, emails and who viewed your profile.
  • Mailbox: You can read emails in this section.
  • Online Now: Check who is "online now".
  • ScoreBoard: See who has the highest score (most popular) on the site.
  • XXX Videos: You can view porn videos through this section. 
  • Live Cams: Watch completely naked women live through this section of the site.
  • Search: Search for girls according to the age, location, country and zip code.

It's Not Free After All

As soon as we created a free account on the site we were redirected to another page. On this page they asked for credit card information. They stated that a  valid credit card was required strictly for age verification to activate a free account on the site. Upon viewing the web page closer we realized that the credit card would actually be charged even though they said it would not be. You actually end up getting charged to three different websites. These web sites include Megahookup-Gold which would have charged us $49.95 a month. On top of that you also get charged to at $39.61 a month until you cancel and lastly you also get charged to another adult site called that will charge you $28.87 per month. The evidence is show below.

fraudulent charges

Phony Video Chat Messages

Once you get into the actual members area of it's very hard not to notice all the instant messages and video chat messages that you will receive. We noticed about 10 to 15 chat requests and 3 video messages from various local women who were interested in communicating with us. When we did try to communicate back to these women a message appeared stating "to communicate with other members you have to upgrade your membership, click here." When we did click on the link it sent us to the upgrade page where we were asked to pull out a credit card. And it went through the exact same BS as described in paragraph 1 where we described how they asked us to give them our credit card info for "age verification purposes", which is all lies.


Hot Girls Everywhere But They Are All Fake

Not surprisingly pretty much every single girl on this site is fake. When we say fake we mean that these women are not actual members of If you actually look around and look at the female profiles on the site a large majority of them are very young attractive looking women who are exposing their breasts. Logic would tell you that attractive looking girls like this have no reason to be on a site like this exposing themselves to meet men. so what's really going on here? This site we know for a fact is fabricating fake female profiles. It's not surprising that most men cannot see past the boobs and attractive looking young ladies and they think you have a chance of meeting these women. But of course the truth is that you can never ever meet these women in real life for the simple fact that they are not legitimate members of the site. Their images and the profiles are completely fraudulent and are strictly used to make it appear as if the site is full of horny girls. actually discusses the use of fake profiles in their terms and conditions. In section 10 they specifically admit to using fictitious profiles, paid models and bots. They also admit that any pictures, information and text contained in these profiles does not pertain to any actual person, but they are included specifically for "entertainment purposes only". If a website admits to the fraud there is not much of a case for hiding behind any claims that the site is legitimate. This site is a complete scam and its not even worth registering for free on, never mind actually paying for any sort of membership.

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 30077 Agoura Court, First Floor Agoura Hills CA 91301 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

When a website clearly describes exactly how they deceive people then we would suggest that is a red flag do not use their services. This site admits to fraudulent behavior and specifically details how they do it directly on the website. With all the evidence against them it is recommended not to use this service to meet any women because 99% of the girls on this site are completely fake.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

Search For Real Females

If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating sites.

*Please leave a review and describe your personal experiences with this site.

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 Comments 80 comments

  • matt says:

    how do i fget my money back


  • sergio says:

    Hey i gave them all of my credit card info, but i then call to cancel the service am i okay, or should i worry?

    • Admin says:

      Just call your bank to double everything is cancelled and no charges are sneaking trough, yoy never know with these crooks!

  • Melissa says:

    um how do i get them to remove a profile using my pic that i never set up????

  • scott says:

    hi the site i will refer to is  the same thing you described has happened there.tried to upgrade to gold but they refused to accept my credit card details maybe that is a blessing!! however have tried to find details of how to cancel and cant find anything.sorry for being so stupid but i need to cancel this crap!!  if it is not the site rpping you off it is so called members telling me they want to meet but i have to go and get security id!!  i lost 600 dollars doing this   .sorry for me being stupid but that is what has happened to me .adcice on this would be very grateful  thank you!! regards scott

  • Trevor Ward says:

    I was genuinely hoping for a dating site. Followed instructions to register. It was guarenteed to be 100% FREE!!! No sooner had I entered my banking details, I received notification from my bank that my account had been debited by almost R600 ZAR!!!! This is downright theft and fraudulent!!! I demand to have my money re-embersed immediately. MegaHookup is nothing but a thieving scandulous bunch of thieves. Pay back my money!!!!

    • Admin says:

      Trevor Ward,

      we know a scam that’s why did a review exposing them for being a scam… Thanks for the comment.

      • troy S says:

        Please help ive sent an email should i still ring my bank

      • randy says:

        Called my bank and they went ahead canceled my debit card and mailin me a new one

      • John says:

         my name is John I joined megahookup 5 months ago if you knows when you log in and they ask and they go to the credit card page look on the left on the right hand side and you'll see a small box that's checked and checked that box and you will never be charged nothing if you leave that box is checked you will be charged for three sites like I said I have been on the site five months have never been charged nothing I forget my password every now and then after notified customer service or customer support my email then I'll get I got it I got your number saved now call your password get back on the site and 5 months there I have not met one single person now there's two other things going on with the site 1 you get outside and you'll be talking to people most of people that have faked that have pictures the ones that don't have pictures you'll get there even though I'm telling you to contact him at this email address but there's two problems with this 1 you're running to where your start email they're so nice and letting you know you're on Hangout chit-chatting with him when you find out you're from another country Ghana Africa Nelly's people will see you all these naked pictures and then after two or three days they'll give you the same thing what you need money for a mic for the computer for they can video chat with you or something about a about a family member or anything but it's always about money now I found a website dealing with Ghana Africa the website it's spelled Delphi and you go to frequently asked questions then it will pull up over 8000 people and their pictures and what scams are running now the other thing is on the site you also get an email in your email box from this person they give you the email so you start email next thing you know they're sending you all these badass pictures of them nude legs spread wide open dr. Assho all this stuff then they talking about the roommate's gone over 25 years old never had kids all these little storage didn't I tell you to go to Craigslist to get verified your credit card will not be charged at all read your terms and conditions on any site and soon as you enter that credit card you charge 4995 what is a credit card give you the website but you can't access the girl that you've been talking to you and get her phone number and all this like he said you keep hitting his name hitting the phone with him and whatever and you don't get nothing for each pair that you try to access every time they do it you're here for $49.95 it's not a monthly charge it's all a scam just thought I'd open your eyes

  • Chris Okano says:

    The site is useless; you'll never meet anyone in person.
    It's only a ploy to sell web cam videos and some guys book about
    how to attract women.  Everyone makes money at your expense.

    • Kjetil says:

      All I wanted to see was a web cam video and after I paid, nothing not even a pic of a nude and the cam girls didn't strip, there's plenty of chicks fully dressed to see for free, or even nude, but a professional stripper web cam or in person gets me in the right mood for my Honey when she comes over, they are useless 

      • John says:

        I agree with you on the webcam I got this new one called live cams you get to watch for a little while but it took him two or three hours to find and pull the bra but you never actually the seeing any kind of actually actually sliding in and out you want free porno I'll tell you go to this site it's called Sun there's no viruses or nothing every once in awhile as you're on the website you'll have this thing pop up and say you got so many viruses download this. all you do is go to your thing with your tab shows how many tabs you got open and hit the top hit that and then all the pages u have open at one time then X on the virus b******* page and go back to your porn like I said it's a bs link still think it a great porn site 100 free pops up and says you have viruses and all this you better shut down in 2 days or 20 minutes or whatever just hit the thing where we got all the pages on your on your tabs and just X on it will delete that page and go back to sun best website I've ever had I search put your fetish and what you want them in great have great day

  • Does Not Matter says:

    This site is total bullshit and a complete scam. I did not ever sign up for this bullshit but the unsolicited emails continue to show up even after opting out on multiple occasions over months of time! 

  • parameshwaran says:

    i have debit card only how i get membership

  • Kjetil says:

    It's only money, but I could see trying to get it back just because people like that basically misuse our money system in this way, it does have the butterfly effect that messes up the system, trust and fair trade go out the window and we become, well everything we hoped never to become, evil, suspicious, liers, but don't worry no matter how much money they collect they still have to live live with themselves and that sucks worse then any blue balls you'll ever get, I was curious like you because not only do I love strippers and dances and just plain woman I am interested to see what would cause a person to deceive another for a piece of paper that honest folks use to for fair trade, maybe if they carry our money around they can  pretend there one of US. They show me a stripper and then say pay to see the rest, sounds good me, maybe she can help with the blue balls, 100.00 bucks, cheep considering after I fill my little plane with gas  and stuff my pockets with as many 20s for tips for young ladies that enjoy making an adult man feel they way only a great stripper can, Then I have to fly 100 miles to Vegas, I figured I'd see what they can do. Before I paid I got countless e-mails and live chicks or female bots on web cam that wanted to strip, it looked like fun, but after I paid, no more chicks or even a skin flick or a pic of a nude, unless ofcorse I paid more, hilarious scam, i just think for that kind of money they could have done a little better, no effort at all on there part. Tonight I'm stuffing my pockets with 50s and show the real strippers (that take it all off) how much I aprciate an honest business transaction.

  • richard Monette says:

     having followed the dating sites considerably,I have drawn much the same conclusion……couple exceptions  . A hell of a lot of those  young ladies  are from Ontario and they always claim to be on "holiday'also I have found the same girls on 8 or 9 different sites .  Now then, several have told me ojf some modeling scam that they are involved in a and selling the "suckers ' on the sites is some sort of compolsory "due's   Actually I think is  a very well established Organized crime. and to furtherdrive home that fact.      I also knowg that a great many of thoe girls are Housed  in only 2 locations around the city One such location is on 100 ave  and 101st          THE other is a somewhat decaying  Solano building just qwest ofv 124st   and they hang out at  Original Joe's rest.  I don't  where yoiu guys are writing in from but here in edmonton Can    its bad

    whats worse than some horndogs losing some money is  they are teaching  18-24 yrs to be conning  lyeing thieves

  • Jim says:

    Thank you for the review. I did create a profile just to look around and I couldl tell it was all fake, now I am trying to remove my profile, thankfully I didnt give them too much, just want to delete my email from their system

  • mark king says:

    I almost caved until I read the terms.It’s a scam; a cleverly written terms of service which justifies it’s’ ddeceit.It’s so lame that one can envision some semi educated thug sitting in some shabby room stealing money from men.Some of us guys, but not all, need to use our brains in order to guard our heart.We men want or need closeness more than women do and thief’s know this can be a vulnerable spot.

  • kevin says:

    I noticed the box that said I would be charged and purposely removed the check mark on it. I used a debit card that had less than a dollar on it, because I figured it was a rip-off. Not surprisingly, my credit card was declined, though the upgrade was supposed to be "free". I also had no profile, or picture, yet got many, many messages, which was my first sign this was a rip-off. 

  • Trickster says:

    Same as Kevin, figured it's "free", what the hey, so I went ahead and filled it out. It asked for a credit card to verify and I unchecked the box to upgrade for $49.95.  Only had 57 cents, so what the hey. Next I see a $49.95 pending on the bank account, lmfao. And to add on to how fake it was, two people had "viewed my profile" 3 hours before I made it. Ok, avoided all that, but now do I worry about the pending $49.95? I emailed as the admin had said before for account termination, but I have to contact the bank for the pending charge, right?

  • sam says:

    what does this bit mean from their email? "Please note that a pre-authorization was made per the Terms & Conditions. This is not a charge and will automatically be released typically within 14 business days. For an exact date or more information, please contact your bank or credit card company."

  • Geoff Carter says:

    ehy is there no phone number so we can tell the police of the scam with out a phone number we cant do any think to stop these scamers


  • Alex says:

    I second what Sam says. Does the 'pre autherization' mean they will refund the money? Took £50 out of my account! 

  • Alex says:

    Can I get my money back or not? 

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  • johan says:

    Thanks for info, witch sites are not a scam.What about (meetwives, xcheaters ,steamy dates, x pickuo ext.) are they all a scam?

  • mike says:

    I stupidly signed up for it and they hit me for 50 right off the bat, read the comments here and sent them emails asking to cancel account and to receive their support number, is that going to be enough?

    • Admin says:

      that should be good, check your credit card statement to make sure they still aren’t billing you though just to make sure.

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  • Bill says:

    The best thing to do is call your bank and ask for a new card with a new account number so even if they try nothing happens and you and your money is safe. There are a lot of sites like this, I have a yahoo E-Mail that I use to mess with them so they can send all the E-Mails they wnat and I could care less lol

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  • jake says:

    is there anyone how to bypass the verification on that site? coz its asking for my I.D

  • Jason King says:

    I signed up using fake account instead of real account and no billing wat so evr.

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  • louise says:

    I came accross megahookup by accident through a spam email I went to look and found 2 pic of my partner on the site listed as a fearured vip mem all his details was correct down to his  zip code he swears its not him I asked for bank statments which state global personal have taken 2 payments from his bank account and now the account with his pic on megahookup has disappeared can they really steal his identity and charge him money it makes no sense to me did he get duped ? And denied to me

    • Matt says:

      Something like this actually happened to my mother. About a year ago we got our bill and somehow somebody got a hold of her credit card information and used it to call 2 or 3 different Escort Services. We still don't know thay got a hold of her information seeing how my mother never leaves her purse or wallet anywhere when out of the house.

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  • Gytis says:

    i was stupid for registering for this website , and added my credit card info and they charged me 50£ and ive only noticed the following day that they charged me i cancelled my membership and asked for my money back and ive got message from them *Thank you for your email. Your subscription is cancelled. Please note that a pre-authorization was made per the Terms & Conditions. This is not a charge and will automatically be released typically within 14 business days. For an exact date or more information, please contact your bank or credit card company. * will i still get my money back?

  • Billy says:

    Thanks for putting this up!!

  • Chuks says:

    Please help me whoever is in charge I registered and put my bank card but after 20 minute I cancel and they send me a message saying my account is cancel will I still get charge

  • Rtc says:

    Got ripped off, I've cancelled but does this cancel the vibe video and video erotic? Really stuck and feel stupid 

  • hannahelper says:

    ill help you guys just email me at hannadixon41 on gmail ok

  • Lewis says:

    So do I cancel everything indivdually e.g mega hookup , Vibe video and video erotic or is the one email to megahookup enough ?

    • Admin says:

      You should look at the emails you have received from them. Were not 100% sure since we never gave their our card info.

  • Scott g says:

    So y the fuck is this on google play store then if it a scam. Should've been shut down if all these people are being scammed and the police would've looked into this

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