SweetDiscreet.com Is Operating A Scam

 May, 19 - 2014   32 comments   Scams

Website Details:

SweetDiscreet.com home page


  • $9.98 for a 2 day trial subscription.
  • $34.99 for a 1 month membership.
  • $68.97 for a 3 month membership.
  • $69.90 for an 3 month membership.


  • Messages: Send and reply to email messages here.
  • Connections: See your connection list here.
  • Search: Find people based on their username, age, location, if they have photos, relationship status, ethnicity and body type.
  • Faves: Add people you like on your fave list in this section.
  • Live Cams: See real women live on cam, this is a pay per minute service.

Fictitious Girls & Fake Profiles

In a few short minutes of registering on the website as a free member we were already receiving emails and favorites from female members on the site. This was happening even though our profile was empty, with no photographs and as little information as possible.   For our fraud investigations we create an empty profile because this will ensure that anyone actually contacting us is not going to be a real person but an automated robot designed to look like a real person. Realistically there's no reason anyone should be contacting us since there is no picture or any other information, so why are the contacting us? One fake girl who emailed us was "SweetAngela" (see evidence below) and when we tried to email her back we received the message shown below, "Upgrade now to email sweetdangela and millions of hot members on sweetdiscreet.com." That's pretty much sums it up right there, they use fake profiles to lure you into trying to communicate back with those members and when you try to do so your asked to upgrade. And of course by upgrading you need to pay for a membership. When you tried to communicate back to the women after you upgrade they do not respond because of course they are not actually real individuals seeking a date or hook up.

email upgrade

Receiving Emails From Robots

Like many illegitimate dating sites SweetDiscreet.com uses computer software programs to send email messages to free members.   These emails make it seem as if you are receiving messages from local women seeking good times. However the honest truth is that no one is actually sending you email communications at all. Emails are sent with no human involvement whatsoever, the bottom line is there is no real person sending you emails. They sent out these fictitious emails because if you try to read the messages and you try to communicate back you need to upgrade and buy a paid monthly membership. This is the same story for every single dating site we have exposed on DatingBusters.com.

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 954-944-9054 or 44 203 318 0106
  • Addresses: 113 Triq is-Sejjieh Swieqi, SWQ 3011 Malta
  • Email: Use their support page.

Final Decision:

SweetDiscreet.com needs ignorant men who have no realization that the site is full of fake profiles to make money. Now you have been told the truth about how this site operates. We suggest you look elsewhere to meet legitimate women.

 Comments 32 comments

  • Bill says:

    I agree with the review above.  It does not take long to figure out the emails are fake, and some of your activity on the site kicks off and algorythm that well pop up that someone has looked at your profile, sent you a message, our requested your backstage key. It is so funny how many messages I got asking for my backstage pass after I had already sent it to them.  99% fake profiles

  • Brian says:

    I also agree with the review.  You will recieve requests from girls of all ages.  Now being nearly 50, and having a girl half your age wanting to know you is a BIG ego boost, they are NOT real and should be avoided, and do not pay for anything!

  • Kevin says:

    i got sucked in this is a fucking fake fake scamming site! Avoid

  • Dan says:

    These guys are ABSOLUTELY correct…I got texts on my phone and texts on the dating..excuse me..fake dating site from scores of women that clearly state what they are looking for..for example..they say the man must be 18-35 and non smoker..must be 5'6-6'0. Well..I am a 51year old smoking 6'3  tall guy that got NUMEROUS texts being just the opposite of what they wanted yet kept coming…STAY AWAY..100% FAKE..

    • Cory says:

      How does one stop receiving the emails and texts? I've contacted their "support" email address requesting my profile removed to no avail. 

      • Admin says:

        ther should be an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email you receive (by law).

        • Pete says:

          Do i have to pay buy law as i was told she had a vip pass and i wudnt have to pay on the sites she sent me links to. It was to late when i click on but i rung the bank and had them hold payments? Is this fraud stated by the law? Unsure please help 

  • Bigcat says:

    any legitimate sites that u know of ?

  • LookingForRealWoman says:

    Yes it is a total fake site.  I took the women that hit on me and checked their photos with http://www.tineye.com and they were all fake after a month of checking i don't thint i remember any real woman. It included pictures of a girl  claiming to be a virgin and 19 years old hitting on me. I am in my 50s and put my cutoff age in the 30s. Her pictures had been first published in 2006 on a pornsite called jailbait. Of course in 2015 she would probably not be jailbait anymore but I am also sure that she is no longer a virgin if she even was one in 2006. Total fucking scam this site. Plus when you report the person as a scam nothing changes they still stay on the site even a week after reporting the user as a fake user. There is the only a choice of four choices that you can file a complaint under a user. Don't bother filing a complaint because your complaints only seem to go to a special robot otherwise called a shredder.  Only positive thing it might do is give old fat guys like me an ego boost that someone actually might like you. At least until you realize that the robots messages  don't make any sense and never answer any of your questions. All the  robots responses are probably written by a human or scammed off other dating sites. While the responses might seem real taken in isolation but the responses don't line up very well with the girl, her previous responses and definetly have nothing to do with your questions and any answers you gave earlier. It seems that the  artificial intelligence in these robots is exactly that artificial. These guys running this website have a long way to go before they ever pass a Turing Test. But they obviously don't care as you have already paid them. And surprisingly still in Dec 2015 they were still using the woman as SweetDangela as the first one that responded to me also. And she responded before I had written anything on my page or added any photos. I am sorry but I can't seem to think of any good reason to stay or join this website  Save yourself the money and let's stop paying webmasters that produce sites like this shit.

  • W22 says:

    This site also uses people fishing for individuals hunting for group parties.  You get contacted by a French girl who's email address is [email protected] and ends up luring you to sign up on their site that sponsor's the events.  After your initial sign up the then try to lure you to another site to sign up there and I imagine this process repeats again and again.  Be warned.  And also the above reviews are 100% correct, women on this site are 100% fake.


  • the porter says:

    ahh shit!  I just fell for this bullshit too! LOL  Can't belive this "[email protected]" bitch is still using the same email.  Had me sign up on 2 different websites so that I could go to an "orgy" Ha!  Anyway, CCBill gave me my money back for the first one "SweetDirscrete.com" but EPOCH wouldn't give me my $30 back for "sexwebcam.com" or some shit.  Guess I'll try googleing someones sketchy email address sooner next time…

    • billy joe says:

      That same thing happened to me to but I was contacted on skout dating site and told me about joining an orgy too. I had to speak to one of the moderators Alice Shelby 13 @ gmail.com. She referred me to the SD site . I did sign up but did not pay anything. I told her I could not do it. She offered to do it for me but I would have to give her all my information no way. She said you join the site costing 29 dollars and when you come to the orgy you pay another 29. They said they have doctors to check you for studs. She was even goi to be my partner. Sounded too goo to be true and it was. Thank god for these sites that you can check up on these SOB


  • the porter says:

    yes, i meant her email is " [email protected] "

  • LetsGetLaid2014 says:

    They tried to trick me into signing-up and upgrade to a silver 1 month plan too from a fake profile (LetsGetLaid2014) on another site, with that group sex/orgy sponsor thing.

    "She" now uses [email protected] with fake pictures of Leanna Decker you can google online.

    I signed-up for the first one (I was refunded) but resisted the second one.

    • Emlyn808 says:

      Now it is –  [email protected]. I was being drawn into this from a contact made on another site. I checked on your site to investigate the background of Sweet Discreet, after being told to join, in order to attend sex parties, as others above have mentioned. I was already a bit suspicious, when the prices I was being asked to pay, did not nearly add up to producing revenue to run a viable business!  Also, it was suggested to me that the site is part of 'Alt' sic. I have checked with Alt com, and these sites are nothing to do with them. I think,  these people are moles buried in legit sites. Nicole had been registered as a member for about 9 months, but no activity was noted, until contacting me via a site message. Needless to say, I shall be contacting Alt com in order to inform them of the activity. Thank you very much for your information on this page, and keep up the good work. I found it very useful. One more thought before I go. My experience tells me to avoid any dating site registered in Malta.

  • Emmanuel says:

    Haha same thing here…currently being lured to pay for an orgy by 'Kimberly Miller '?

  • Evan Gaviota says:

    Somebody tried to get me to sign up for sweetdiscreet.com too just now after making me go through a bullshit interview process for an orgy group.  When I sent the person who called themself "Ms. Kathleen" a copy of the link to this webpage full of bad reviews and scam warnings she told me all websites get bad reviews.  When I refused to pay for a gold or silver membership, she got made at me for "wasting" her "time" and she ghosted me.me,

  • Matt says:

    My account just got disabled on sweet discrete but I bought a subscription for 2 days is it going to continue to bill me after? I got scammed so hard omg

  • Jay says:

    here's another email address that will ask you to sign up for their "Orgy Sponor Site"

    [email protected] 

  • Aaron says:

    Thanks for the feedback gents,

    They are scouting for clients on ashleymadison.

  • Scott says:

    They sure are – I was contacted and they used [email protected] as the "coordinator" this time. Never answered any questions, initial fee to join the "orgy club" was $29.99, but wanted another $400 "at your first party." Luckily I decided to investigate once I was directed to the Sweet Discrete site. Thanks for saving this old guy from making a stupid mistake!

    • L. A. says:

      I really got hooked by This scam and [email protected]

      I could bury you with all the emails that passed between "Carla" and "THE GROUP".

      Needless to say I ran across the information to late to save me a BUNCH of moey.

      The photos where of a beatuiful young women and the Sad, Sob story that transpired between is had me believing I could actuall meet and be with "Carla".

      Everytime I fufilled a set of their requirements so we could meet, they came up with another HOOP that I had to jump through in order to meet her.

      Being old and lonely and in a non-fulfilling relationship, I was EXTREMLYvulnerable!



  • Andrey says:

    First, just facts. I was on the site for two months – Jan, Feb 2013. In Jan I received 261 messages , 292 faves, 306 flirts. 229 messages were from (supposedly) ladies between 20-40, faves 241, flirts 294. In Feb messages stopped because some technical reasons, I think. The site bastards advised to change e-mail address, I did not try. So, I considered 365 faves, 407 flirts; 316 from the mentioned age interval and 348 flirts accordingly. I enjoyed 80 naked albums, some of them up to 30 photos. I formed  harem collection, at least 7 wives are real beauties. I know for sure one person on the site was true whore. She approached me with her teen photos, later I found her on the site under name hottiekyla23, she was ready for anybody between 25-75.. I assume some persons  contacted me were women who viewed my sexual potential positive, but the chances to get aquainted, I mean e-mail address of a nice female are at zero level. Ready to tell more about harem even to send photos. 

  • PabloEscobar says:

    Thanks for Sharing guys i was becoming the Victem but saved because of you and saved couple of Bucks. Thanks

  • Not buyin it says:

    Add this one to the list of orgy "organizers". 18 girls and only 9 guys … imagine that BS.

    lisa andres <[email protected]>

  • Ken R says:

    this is the girl who emailed me


    Lissa C <[email protected]>

     first email

    Hi there πŸ™‚  Btw i'm Lissa. Nice to meet you. Well i'm looking for partner for our group events like swinger parties. 

    ​Let me know if your interested so i can send details here.​


    Attachments area

    second email

    Okay since your interested i'll be your Moderator. Let me give you an Introduction. Please read and understand.


    Our Organization is like the other normal swinger's group, but in order to participants you don't have to come with your partner instead you are going to choose your own partner before the Event or you can do it group sex. For you to know. We are an organization that holds Orgies 8 times a Month. Only members are allowed to join the fun. This is a serious organization and very discreet, although We are a Group that committed fun, Our top priority is being discreet and security of our members.


    Please answer all the question very clearly, we are dead serious about recruiting our members. 


    Now here are some questions:

    What day & time are you most likely to be free?

    Do you ever fantasize about having a threesome?

    What about having an Orgy with a group of people?


    Third email

    Lissa C

    10:35 AM (4 hours ago)


    to me

    Don't worry about it babe, most of the guy member is 40 above of age.  Okay since this will be your first time in our Group we can be partners for your first party.


    That's how moderators deal with the new guys. πŸ™‚
    We are of course a little choosy as we need everyone to be comfortable.
    We don't take drugs and we expect the same from you.
    Light social smokers are fine and a small amount of alcohol is not a problem if it helps the party along,
    but anyone deemed to act inappropriately will be politely asked to leave.


    Some more questions:


    What city are you in ?
    Do you take drugs?
    Do you drink too much?

    Fourth email


    Lissa C

    10:56 AM (4 hours ago)


    to me

    That's good πŸ™‚ I attached more pics


    . Hope i can get some of yours too.  

    ​Here's o​

    ur group's "Terms and Conditions", of course you must agree to those terms if you want to become a member. 




    ​- ​


    ​ -​



    These Terms and our Privacy Policy set forth the entire agreement between both parties and supersede prior proposals, agreements and representations, written or oral, between the parties with respect to the subject matter contained herein.


    We reserve the right to alter or modify these Terms, the Group or any provision, including rates, associated with the Group at any time. It is your responsibility to refer to these Terms from time to time so that you may be informed of any such changes.


    Upon your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms (signified by clicking submit on our application page), and pending our review of your application, you will be able to fully participate in the Group.



    TO BECOME A MEMBER: There (3) three requirements and to get your INVITATION  For Upcoming Events .


       1. You must Register and Subscribe/Upgrade Account to our "Orgy Sponsor Site" to get a Membership ID so you will be list on our upcoming events and to get Invitation.

       2. Fill up the Information Sheet completely and submit it.

       3. Practice Safe Sex




        We will take a medical before Event.

        You must be very discreet about everything in the Group. 

        No taking photos while in Event.

        Respect other boundaries.

        Only a member can attend to Event.

        Don't insult other Members, Moderators, Staffs etc.

        Filming is strictly prohibited.



    2 Attachments

    Last email


    Lissa C

    2:14 PM (1 hour ago)


    to me

    Okay babe, since you Agree, let's proceed to the First Step SPONSOR SITE to be on the list for the upcoming events. Just follow the Steps how to get a Membership, and i will forward your ID Number to the Head Organizer to get your Invitation and to be on the List.

    Steps –
    – Click the Link and Create Account
    – Verify your account to your Email
    – Activate it then go back to our Sponsor Site
    – Upgrade/Subscribe to Any 1 Month Silver or Gold Plan.
    – Once you receive your Order/ID Number, forward it.

    CLICK. http://OrgySponsorSiteMembership.com  

    It'll redirect you to our Sponsor Site. All you have to do is get your Membership/Subscription I.D number. That's it. You will be updated to all our Events.
    If you have questions regarding this please let me know.


    ​Okay babe i will explain it to you, why we need to get a Membership ID from our sponsor site to become a member. 

    This group

     is managed by our sponsors and for you to know




    the expenses inside the Hotel will be shouldered by the Orgy's Sponsors (Adult sites owners and Managers) 


    which where you fill up for REGISTRATION (so at the same time they can promote and endorse their websites).


    The sponsor site pays the expenses of the orgy event and it will give you a verified ID number that you will use as an Invitation number. Don't worry babe you can cancel your membership after 1 month. All you need to get there is your verified ID number and our sponsor site has 128 bit encrypted code for your credit  card protection. No one can see your credit card details.

    Here's my Membership before as proof i'm also a member of the group.​


    She also sent me three pictures of herself, but could not attact them



  • L.A. says:

    I got caught by this scam too!

    I fell for it hook,line and sinker!

    The pictures where of a beautifle young women and the sad, sob story that transpired was very beleivible.

    In order to meet and be with this women I needed to send MONEY!

    Everytime I fulfilled their requierments, the found another HOOP that I had to pay to jump through.

    Unfortunatly I did not find this information before I spent a LOT of money trying to get to meet and be with [email protected]

    I could bury you with all the emails between "CARLA", "THE GROUP" and myself!


  • PA Guy says:

    New name…..Casy Hudson – [email protected] and it was thru Ashley Madison. I bit on the scam and went all the way to get the member # on SweetDiscreet.com and submit my info. They asked $300 to be sent to the Phillipines via Western Union and they want cash. That is when things just did not sit right with me. Right now I am out $70.00 I googled and found this thread. It is definitely a scam. AVOID AT ALL COST!!!!! Since I provided some info on myself, I hope it does not come back to haunt me.

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