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  • $4.47 for a 3 day trial subscription
  • $34.99 for a 1 month subscription.
  • $59.97 for an 3 month subscription.
  • $95.94 for an 6 month subscription.


  • Messaged Me: Find and check who sent you a message.
  • Browsed Me: Find and check who has checked out your profile.
  • Winked At Me: Find and check who sent you a wink.
  • My Friends: Look at who is on your friends list.
  • Activity Feed: See all the activity on this page.
  • Chat Rooms:  Self explanatory.


This site is associated with JDI Dating Ltd, a notorious dating network that runs sites such as which have scammed thousands of people. We created our membership to investigate this site. The results of that investigation are shown below.

Fictitious Chat Messages

We created our account yesterday on and didn't do anything for about 15 hours. When we came back this morning we had 5 email messages. Every single girl who sent us a message had a nude profile pic. This raise the red flag for us since we have done many reviews on dating sites that try to deceive and scam people. Upon further investigation it became very clear that these were in fact not real members of the site but were fake women. The emails were sent use bots, short for robots which is a term used when something is automated. This site uses robots to send out email messages that are 100% completely automated with no humans actually sending messages to you. Upon investigating even further we came to the conclusion after reading the terms and conditions that these women sending us these fake messages were in fact call "Virtual Cupids". A virtual cupid is basically a fake female profile that has been created by the dating site. As evidence we have included a few different screen shots first of the emails that we received and secondary we clicked on the email messages. You can see circled in red is a small logo called "VC" which is an abbreviation for "Virtual Cupid".  This basically signifies that that profile connected to the the email message is completely fictitious and has been created by the dating site.




Another scam this site uses is fake chat messages. You may notice when you are logged into the members area that you will receive chat messages from attractive looking local women. This is all part of the "Virtual Cupid" deception. There is actually no one sending you a chat request, it is all done through computer software that enables the site to send out fake instant messages and make it appear as if local women are trying to contact you. As evidence we have included two different chat requests that we received (shown below). When we tried to reply back to the women sending us a chat request we were sent to the upgrade page. This is the same scam over and over and over again. Many scam dating sites use fake chat messages because unsuspecting male members do not realize that these are completely fake. When a chat message pop ups male members will try to reply to the message, they click the link and then they are sent to the upgrade page to pay in order to chat back to the girl. The problem is as always that these chat messages are completely fake and no one is sending you a chat message. It's just a scam created to make money off of your ignorance.



Virtual Cupids

We mentioned the use of "Virtual Cupids". What actually is "Virtual Cupid"? A  "Virtual Cupid" is a fake dating profile with photographs and all the personal information you would see in a legitimate dating profile. However, this profile aka "Virtual Cupid" has been fabricated by RealXXXAction. According to the site the reason they create fake dating profiles is to promote user member and subscriber activity and participation in all of their services. This means that they create fake profiles to lure you and trick you into purchasing a paid monthly subscription. This could also all be verified by fact by reading the terms and conditions in section 9 where they specifically discuss the used in creation of "Virtual Cupids". We have included a "Virtual Cupid" profile with the VC logo that identifies it as a fake profile. The funny thing is that most female profiles on this site have the VC logo which means they are fake.


Terms & Conditions Copied From The Site

"…acknowledge that some of the profiles and Members displayed to them may be fabricated to promote user, Member and/or Subscriber activity and participation in all the Services. The VC services may include the posting of information, pictures and communication to the user, Member and/or Subscriber's profile. Please note that every VC profile can be identified by a "VC" symbol in the upper right hand corner.

By accepting these Terms, you further acknowledge and agree that any information or pictures displayed to you via a VC's profile does not relate to an actual person but has been provided for the above mentioned purposes."

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 215 W. Ohio St. 5Th Floor, Chicago, IL, 60654, US
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 800-839-6430
  • Addresses: 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH.
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

Any site that admits to creating fake dating profiles should not be used. Do not use this site if you want to meet real women.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

Search For Real Milfs

You can check these honest sites if you want to look for legit girls.

 Comments 11 comments

  • Ricko says:

    Everything you have written is true to the letter. I am in Australia and the same women you have shown are the same women who contacted me, Virtual Cupids.

    What woke me up to the scam was the areas these VC's were supposedly from, I had never heard of the places in my state so I did a search, sure enough, the places existed, some with a population of 278.

    A population of 278 people with 6 hot women in that area posting, I don't think so. 

    Wake up people, realxxxaction is a scam. If you have already paid, contact your bank and block these people from taking your money, they will take it out of your account month after month because you agreed to let them.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Ricko,

      Thanks for leaving a comment about your experiences with It is a scam and should not be trusted at all!

      • Ricko says:

        One more thing people, I went to my Bank today to put a stop on the payments, not that simple I'm afraid.

        I had to cancel my card altogether and get a new one with new numbers on the card. I will have to wait 5 to 7 days for the new card.

        Why? because the company who takes your money are not registered with a company ID so the bank cannot block them in a conventional way.

  • Ricko says:

    My pleasure Admin. I hope more people read this and comment. I'm just glad you made this available.

    They only got 2 payments out of me at $24 AUD but I had cancelled my subscription. I thought.

    I joined POF and am meeting a women next monday 9/6/14 and that didn't cost me a cracker.

  • Ricko says:

    Update: I received an email stating that for me to cancell ny subscription I should reply to this email stating my intentions, I made it clear that I wanted to cancell all any subscrptions with realxxxaction NOW!

    I hope people are reading this…

    This is the reply I received

    Thank you for your email. 

    To be able to make this site even better we would appreciate your feedback as to why you are thinking of leaving? Perhaps there is something we can assist you with?

    Please note: No action will be taken on your account until we receive a reply to this email. Therefore your account will continue to be billed until we hear back from you.

    Best regards,

    Customer Care Team 

    Ticket Details

    Ticket ID: VRG-442-92127
    Department: Sales
    Type: Issue

  • Ricko says:

    I can see what's happening here, we will be playing a game of email tennis for a while.

    I will keep replying trying to close my account, They can't access my account now but they don't know that..

    Any other sites these people are associated with should be avoided at all costs (pun intended)

  • Charles Cord says:

    Total scam I live in a small rural locality in Central Victoria, and lost count of the vc hotties that are supposed to be in the area and if there were any, trust me out here every one in the area would know about them – the bush telegraph is alive and well here and is terrifying accurate and knows everything about everybody! They say there is no such thing as a free lunch – I should have remembered that before letting myself be sucked in and giving the con merchants my money. Well once bitten, twice shy, if they want money I will have nothing to do with them in future! Older but wiser as they say!

  • Ricko says:

    My 3rd attempt to cancel my subscription came back as ok cancelled. I don't believe them, you need to cancel your card Charles, they have your number and will keep crediting your account. 

  • Ricko says:

    Hope you don't mind Admin if I put up a real Dating site that is working for me.

    Plenty of Fish I have eight women I am currently talking to, Charles join there, I live in Country SA and this is an ok site.


  • Ricko says:

    [#VRG-442-92127]: Subscription‏


    Ken NMS45







    To: [email protected]





    Thought I had better add my 3rd reply to close my account.

    They say I have access until the 4th of July, I will under no circumstances go on their site, this may re-activate the account

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for your email. 

    We are sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your account but fully understand your reasons for doing so.

    I have now cancelled your account so there shall be no further charges from us.

    You will now have until the 4th of July 2014 to use the account, after which date your membership will just expire and you will no longer have access to the site.

    Best regards,

    Customer Care Team 

    Ticket Details

    Ticket ID: VRG-442-92127
    Department: Sales
    Type: Issue

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