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  • $101.04 for a 12 month paid subscription.
  • $70.02 for a 6 month paid subscription.
  • $48.63 for a 3 month paid subscription.
  • $22.72 for a 1 month paid subscription.


  • Search: Search for women based on location, age, ethnicity and user name. You can also search based on only members who have photos in their profiles.
  • Messages: Read messages sent from interested women here.
  • Activity:
  • Profile: You can edit your profile here including adding photos,
  • Bonus: You cannot use this section until you upgrade.
  • Live Cams: See live cams through this section which redirects to

Receiving Emails From Hot Girls!

Some sites really stand out as being scams such as Once you know what to look for it's really easy to identify a dating site as being a scam. For instance if you take a look at this site you will notice that we took a screenshot of the four emails we  received (in under 2 hours of being on the site). Now something you need to realize is that the dating profile we created for this research is completely empty and that includes not having any photographs in it. Realistically why would you contact a girl who had no photographs in their dating profile? Well in our case, our profile for this investigation was left completely empty purposely so we could identify the site as being a scam very quickly. Given that there should be no real reason for any women on the site to contact us, why are we receiving these email messages? If you try to communicate back to any of the emails that you received you are sent to the upgrade page to buy a paid membership. That is what it's all about, no interested women are sending us emails, it's strictly a scam created to trick you into paying for a service that doesn't even exist.


A Girl Is Checking You Out

Another trick is that this site uses is computer software programs called bots. A bot is an abbreviation for robot which is the definition given to the software programs that are used throughout the site to send you automated emails and also send you "activity received" notifications as you can see below. These bots are used to make it appear as if women are interested in communicating with you. But in reality it's all a scam no one is checking you out, no one is contacting you and so forth. It all boils down to the same scam over and over again which is to trick you into thinking that local women are actually interested in trying to contact you so you will upgrade and buy a paid membership so you can hook up with these women. The truth however is that there are no real women on the and it is strictly a scam created to line the pockets of the people who own the website.

chat message

chat bot

Are There Are Real Women Here?

  Not surprisingly like we mentioned above this site is in the business of creating fake women, this includes the whole profile from photographs to fake personal information. All of this has been 100% completely fabricated by Boneaholic. The reason we know this for a 100% fact is that there is corroborating evidence right in the terms and conditions of the site. They specifically state that "By accepting these Terms, all users, Members and/or Subscribers fully understand, accept and agree to the deployment of this service, and acknowledge that some of the profiles and Members displayed to them may be fabricated to promote user, Member and/or Subscriber activity and participation in all the Services. The VC services may include the posting of information, pictures and communication to the user, Member and/or Subscriber's profile. By accepting these Terms, you further acknowledge and agree that any information or pictures displayed to you via a VC's profile does not relate to an actual person but has been provided for the above mentioned purposes."

We have even included more evidence below of screenshots of two females that supposedly emailed us. The first profile is "EasyRider34" and as you there is a red circle around the VC logo which is an abbreviation for "Virtual Cupid" which is the definition of a fictitious dating profile. The next image is CheekyCoco, she has a red circle around the VC logo as well which once again stands for "Virtual Cupid". If you go back to the terms and conditions (section 9) you will understand that there are no real women they are fictitious characters created by the site.

We suggest that you read the terms and conditions to really understand the criminal activity that happens on this site continuously. Hundreds of men every single day purchase a paid membership only to realize that they have been ripped off, don't be one of them!

Virtual Cupid


Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host: 621 W. Randolph 3rd Floor Chicago IL 60661 USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

  • Phone: 1 (888) 649-9178
  • Addresses: 3rd Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH
  • Email: [email protected]

Final Decision:

This site like every other site that we have exposed for scamming should be avoided at all costs. When a dating site actually admits to creating fake dating profiles and resorting to other fraudulent tactics in order to get you to purchase a paid membership you should run the other way. This site is nothing more than a fraud disguised as a dating site.

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  • steve says:

    ok, it got me, can i get my money back?

  • John says:


    I signed up with them; got as well within ten minutes request {Winks] from blood-young woman half my age [ I am above 50 ], some with very explicit photos; like on some moderate porn-sites. All close to where I live : goes by Postal-Codes- hence your Bot- Theory! What at first only annoyed me was: "Gifts received" I wondered which woman would send a gift in form of a Icon to a prospective partner? Might be wrong with that One!  Looked like someone had to pay suposed for such!  Got my doupts when haircolour in photos didn't corespond with profiles! Finally when I tried to contacd + answer by e-mail ; I relized that it was a one-way go nowhere ! Paying for someting as such basic feature is definetly not on my list. Lucky I didn't went for a "Upgrade". This morning after a frosty night I had the brilliant Idea to Google about my nagging concerns Thank you, helped solving it!

                                                                   yours John 

    • Admin says:

      Hi John,


      Thanks for leaving a comment to back up our review and evidence that is a scam with fake girls everywhere. Glad you never got ripped offed.

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