Our Investigation Explains Why IDateAsia.com Is Most Likely A Fictitious Dating Service

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Website Details:

IDateAsia.com Review


  • $399.00 for a pack of 100 credits
  • $299.00 for a pack of 60 credits.
  • $96.00 for a pack of 16 credits.
  • $52.00 for a pack of 8 credits.
  • $7.00 for a pack of 3 credits.


IDateAsia.com is connected to at least 3 sites that we've already reviewed. The list includes ChLove.com, LatamDate.com, and CharmDate.com. All 4 of these sites are owned by the same dating network QPidNetwork.com. Reviews of three of those sites came back negative. You can read each of those reviews by clicking on the links above. Please read the full investigation into IDateAsia.com below.

The Low Down On IDateAsia.com, Is It Legitimate?

When doing our investigation into IDateAsia.com the first thing we did was go to Google and start looking for reviews on the site. This gave us great information into what people were thinking about the site. We have taken various screenshots showing negative reviews written by disgruntled members.

The first screenshot states that I Date Asia was "the biggest scam ever, never put a penny there". This reviewer said he received over 800 emails the first three days that he was on IDateAsia.com.

He stated that he changed his attractive-looking profile picture to a "photo of the ugliest person he could find on Google, 300 pound 5 foot tall person" and he said "the same beautiful ladies send him emails saying he had a nice profile picture". This just proved to him that the website was not operating legitimately and in reality the women on the site could care less what you look like. Most likely the emails are automatically generated and no one is actually viewing his profile page. We found the same thing when we reviewed sister websites of IDateAsia.com.

The main problem with this site is that it doesn't run on a monthly membership business model. You need to pay to read and send every single email. From our investigation sending an email cost you $4 and also reading any emails will cost you $4 as well. So if you receive 800 emails that will cost you $3,200 to read those emails! This is why anyone who registers on the site will receive hundreds of emails. They want you to upgrade to read emails on their credit-based system. They make thousands of dollars off of unknowing web users.

IDateAsia.com biggest scam
(Screen shot of any member who joined this dating service.)

Another review we found from an angry member (see evidence below) stated that from their "actual experience and dealing with the site that the positive reviews are not factual" (they aren't real). This particular person actually went to Vietnam to meet some of the women in person, he stayed in Vietnam for two and a half months and never had an actual meeting with anyone on the site. The women always came up with various excuses as to why they couldn't meet up with him. We have listened to this type of complaint in the past. You can read the whole review below and see for yourself if the guy is lying or if he's actually telling you the truth. We believe he's telling the truth.  What reason would he have for lying about something such as this.

IDateAsia.com bad review
(Screen shot above stating that the "positive reviews online are not factual".)

The screen shot below was from another angry DateAsia.com member. The reviewer said that it's a legal scam to get you to purchase credits. This particular person spend $200 in about 5 minutes until he realized it was a scam. He paid $16 to send each email message! The more credits you buy the cheaper it is but the cheapest we found was $4 per email. This particular person spend $16 per email message, incredible!

The real problem here is do you really know who you're communicating with? All you're looking at is a glossy photo of an attractive looking girl but is that actually the person sending you e-mails back and forth? Many reviews we have read also question the possibility of fraudulent activity behind the scenes. You have no clue who's sending you email messages. It's easy for I Date Asia to hire people to send and reply to emails, posing as the person in the female profile.

scam to purchase credits
(This member wrote that IDateAsia.com is "A legal scam getting you to purchase credits".)

Hosting Server Info:

  • Address Of Host:  410 Terry Ave N. Seattle, WA, 98109, USA
  • IP Address Of Server:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

Our opinion: We don't trust this dating service and we personally would never purchase credits on their site. How do we know that this is a legitimate dating service? Especially after all the reviews that we have read it would be foolish of us to trust them. Spending $4 per email to reply to Asian women is very expensive, especially if you don't know if they're real or not. It seems like a complete waste of money to us.

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