Has Hacked our Website And Is Stealing Our Content

 Jan, 06 - 2016   no comments   Scams

A web site called has hijacked our website (Dating This includes all of the blog posts, images as well as all other content of Dating This will be evidence proving that is in fact scraping content from Dating If you see this on that is 100% proof they have violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that protects online content from being copied illegally without the consent of the owners.

The fact that you can see this written on proves that they are scraping content from Dating There would be absolutely no reason for them to write this blog post. This proves that they are using some kind of automated scraper or hacking the database of Dating and whenever we write a blog post on Dating it appears on their website immediately. Their web host will be notified of this and it is very easy to see exactly what's going on here. One world dating is breaking the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)  by having this content on their website without permission from the owners of Dating And if you are the host that is hosting this content you are also responsible for DMCA violations. This content is stolen content from Dating and is appearing on your servers and is a direct violation of the DMCA laws.

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