Jump4Love.com aka J4L.com Are Operating A Deceitful Mail Order Bride Service

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Website Details:


This site uses a credit based system, not a monthly membership.

  • 750 Credits will cost you $299.00.
  • 500 Credits will cost you $199.00.
  • 350 Credits will cost you $140.00.
  • 250 Credits will cost you $112.00.
  • 120 Credits will cost you $60.00.
  • 60 Credits will cost you $33.00.
  • 20 Credits will cost you $12.00.


  • Video Chat: Watch and chat with female members of the website by using the video chat feature.
  • Ladies Gallery: The Ladies Gallery shows you profiles of the Russian and Ukrainian women who are members of the website.
  • Search: The Search page lets you search for women based on their user ID, the age you'd like to search for, the body type, marital status, eye color, hair color, country, religion and much more.
  • Romance Tours: Romance Tours enable you to travel to meet the women that you're chatting with on the website.


Today's investigation is focusing on a mail order bride site / international dating service called Jump4Love.com also known as J4L.com where you can interact and meet Russian and Ukraine women (at least that's what they claim). We've done many reviews on Russian and Ukrainian mail order bride sites, all of our investigations came up with the same conclusions for all of these different sites that they were scams and the woman were paid models. Is that what's happening with Jump4Love? Find out what's really going on by reading our review below.

Why Did We Received 123 Emails From Beautiful Russian & Ukraine Women

After being onJump4Love.com since April of 2018 we are now writing our review in late August of 2018. Below we've included a screenshot that shows we received 123 emails from 123 different Russian and Ukrainian females who are members of Jump4Love / J4L.com.If you've being on the Jump 4 Love website you've probably come across the same scenario where you start getting bombarded with hundreds of email messages from very beautiful Russians and Ukrainians.

The women on this website aren't just beautiful they literally look like supermodels. Not even one of the women emailing us was ugly, all of them were at least an 8 out of 10 if not more!

It's very strange, if not very suspicious that we're getting inundated with so many different email messages from women who have no need to chase after men. Why is it that all the women on the website are going out of their way to email us?

From our previous experience with Russian mail-order bride websites we have learned through experience (and common sense) that if you want to reply to any email messages you must upgrade and purchase credits. The more email messages you reply to the more credits you will need to buy. The result is more money for the website. Is that why we're receiving so many different messages because the website wants us to purchase credits? We don't have a concrete answer for you but if you have a little bit of common sense all you need to do yourself is ask yourself who would benefit the most if you purchased credits to reply to the 123 emails? The answer is of course the website would benefit because they're the ones who make all the money if you buy credits on their mail order bride service.

If you want to reply to one email it will cost you 7 credits. There are different credit packages, the biggest one is 750 credits for $299.00. If we purchased that package we could only reply to 107 out of the 123 email messages that we received. So it would cost us over $300 to reply to 123 emails.

 That's an incredible amount of money to pay, especially when most dating services work on a monthly subscription where you can reply to as many emails as possible. But on Jump4Love they want you to pay based on the amount of messages that you reply to. The more emails you respond to the more money you have to pay to reply to them. Is it really that far-fetched to think that the dating site might be sending people bogus emails so they have to purchase as many credits as possible? The end result is the website makes millions and millions of dollars sending people fake emails. We're not 100% sure if that's going on or not but it makes logical sense. 

(Screenshot of the 123 different email messages we received from Russian and Ukrainian women.)

Screenshot Of Our Empty Profile

Below we've included a screenshot of our profile page which is empty. We never uploaded any photos to our profile page and we've only completed 22% of our profile. So you need to ask yourself why would 123 different Russian and Ukrainian women email a guy who doesn't even have a single picture in his profile page?

 And once you take into account the fact that these women are strikingly beautiful it really doesn't make much sense at all. The only conclusion that we can come up with is that the women in the profiles aren't emailing us. And if they're emailing us they must be getting paid to do so. If you continue reading that's exactly what one of the reviews that we found online says.

(Screenshot of the empty profile page we used for this review.)

Romance Tours Are Another Money Grab That Will Leave You Poor

Jump 4 Love even offers romance tours where you can fly across the world to Russia and the Ukraine to meet the women that you're chatting with. Unfortunately from our research it seems like these romance tours are nothing but well-organized and highly expensive scams. Not only will it cost you roughly $5,000 to fly to the Ukraine. You also have to pay for translators, taking these women out on dates, hotels and so on. But at the end of all of this from what we've read none of the men that spent thousands of dollars, who took time off work and flew halfway around the world found the love of their life or a bride to bring back to the United States. All they were left with was empty pockets and their dreams destroyed! In the end romance tours are scams that you shouldn't take part in.

Real Reviews From Angry Web Users

Below we've included real written reviews from web users who have joined Jump4Love.com. We thought this would be great evidence to include and offer even more validity to our investigation. These are reviews written by regular people who joined the website and then have written about their experiences on online forusm etc.

The first review states that "this is one big scam after having sent 15 letters to a woman who is supposed to give you her information". So I did this three times and each time the woman had some excuse for not giving me her info and the woman kept sending the same letter over and over even having even after having talked to a woman for weeks I started to get her first letter again and again this site is one big scam designed to make menus as much money as possible. Stay away!!"

(Screenshot of a review from an angry member of J4L.com.)

 This reviewer gave the website of 1 out of 5 star rating. And said that "Jump4Love is a complete and total scam. The web chat is 90% video loops. They are not live webcams. The girls cannot and will not stand or wave or do anything that shows they are live or talking to you. It's all bogus. They're not even typing on a keyboard as you receive your reply. The girl corresponding with you is not the girl in the photos. It's all bull."

(Screenshot of a real review from an angry user.)

This reviewer gave Jump4Love a 1 out of 5 stars and says "it's a scam!. The site is just a scam. The girls you see in the video chat are only recorded videos. I sent many videos where I prove this but the site answered it's just an internet problem. I have reported many fake profiles also receiving rebates but unfortunately 99% of the profiles are false."

 This reviewer states that "all paid by letter sites are a scam and a giant fraud!. The business model only works by the local agencies paying the girls money for interacting. Peeing the agency's breach letter and chat minute only serve to knowingly encourage fraud. All of the women on the site are fake and already in relationships. They are paid by the agencies for every chat and letter in this is their motivation for being on the site. Jump4love is trying to hide the information about scammer whores and their boyfriends a lot better. The girls are instructed to clean their social media. This is active deception. This is a mafia controlled business with just one purpose to defraud you out of money."

(Screenshot of the bogus females members on the site.)

Hosting Server Info:

Contact Information :

Final Decision:

It really is entirely up to you what you do with your money but if you want to blow through $300 in a quick amount of time then by all means join this website and reply to all the emails that you get. Then you can leave a comment below and tell us how that worked out for you. We're sure it probably won't work out very well at all.

 We strongly suggest that you not purchase credits on this website. If you want to check out J4L do so BUT as a free user and make sure not to upload any picture on your profile page and sit back and see what happens. We can promise you that you'll still get inundated with large amounts of email messages from beautiful women.

File A Report

  • Contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint if you feel that you have been scammed or ripped off.

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